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Lower left side pain and discomfort



I'm always in pain, something wrong with me all the time, if it's not one thing, it's something else.

This time, 6-7 months of mild discomfort pain mainly in my lower left side, and moves around there.

I saw the doctor about it a month ago.

Had a physical exam, had a urine test because my bladder was weak. It was normal. I was given a blood test, which was also normal.

The doctor reassured me that if the blood tests come back normal, there's nothing serious.

But it's still there, especially when it gets painful or get cramps going down the groin.

Pooing, farting helps releive it for a bit.

I get mild constipation, brown to dark brown stools with lots of mucus.

No blood recently but had some in the past.

Could it be IBS?

I feel like I'm hypochondriac or something, I had CBT for anxiety and mild depression.

I feel like I'm a nuisance going there to the GP. Not sure if I should go back with this pain. It goes sonetimes and I am still able to do physical work.

I still get numbness and pain in my left leg now and then, which I had a check up for.

When it's there I cant get rid of it for months.

And get tension headaches, head pressure, back aches, neck aches sometimes,

And sinus issues acid reflux and muscle and joint pains, and they go tired.

There's something wrong with me all the time, and sometimes the feelings last so long it's hard to know if I need to see a doc or ignore it as just anxiety, or what to do.

Had chest pains before, had an x-ray ecg, normal, same with tooth ache which lasted 2 months.

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Have you had an ultrasound scan of your kidneys. I have had kidney stones and that’s what that sounds like it could be moving in there an ultrasound will detect it. And when you urinate is it a a strong stream or a slow stream. You need to see an Urologist and I would let them know what is going on so they get you in there ASAP. Even if it’s not you need to find out what it is and if it isn’t your kidneys you can mark that off your list.

I’m going to sound like your mother are you drinking enough water. And coffee and tea aren’t the ones to be drinking. Ok I’ll stop now but please you need to see a specialist.


Good luck.

JtimmyT in reply to ssdw1958

Hi, thanks for your advice.

It's gone very mild today.

No I haven't had an ultrasound, just the urine test and full blood test. Which I had before as well and were all normal.

I drink quite a lot of water, orange juice and ginger tea, so it does make me want to urinate frequently. If I hold it for long it's usually slow stream, other time it's strong stream.

ssdw1958 in reply to JtimmyT

Hi this is ssdw1958 I was just was wondering how you doing today 😀. I hope you got your questions answered and are having a good day 😀.

JtimmyT in reply to ssdw1958

Hi, I'm doing good, thanks for asking☺ I found that it has dissapeared now, and not so frequent. Sometimes I get it, but not often as before.

I've done some dietry changes like reducing sugary stuff and less milk.

Maybe it helps.

If it does come back though, I will make an appointment.

ssdw1958 in reply to JtimmyT

Good thinking keep an eye on how your body is doing your, your best Advocate. Or should I say your only one.

hi jimmy

so sorry to hear about your problems. I am not sure but you could be suffering from diverticulitis. In 2015 I had terrible pains on my left side, went to see Dr and he said I had a urine infection. The pain didn't go away and eventually I had to go to a&e and I had a perforated bowel. I think you should definitely go back to your gp and see what he has to say, they aren't always right. Be persistent it's your health. Let us know how things go x

ssdw1958 in reply to waggy2005

I do agree the more you bug them the more they will keep on trying to find out what is going on.

I think the pain in the lower left hand side of the abdomen sounds like diverticulitis. I was in so much pain late one evening that I went to A&E and was admitted. (I have several other problems too) This is an ongoing problem but severe flare ups are usually treated with antibiotics. Go back to your GP and try again. Hard as it is persistence is crucial.

Just wondering if the problems is to do with the colon and bowels... as you say you have mucus present, that would suggest something's not quite right. Don't panic! This could even be down to certain foods not agreeing with you or unhealthy bacteria in the bowel. Firstly, are you or could you be lactose intolerant, often a cause of ibs. Do you, for example eat yoghurt, especially the sweetened varieties.... sugar can feed bacteria.

If you're not lactose intolerant, try kefir instead of yoghurt . start with a little first thing before breakfast and if you are okay with it, increase the amount. If lactose is a problem, try coconut kefir... . You say the pain is in the left side... I had something similar and it affected the top of my left groin. What mine was, was caused by blockage caused by constipation. Without being graphic, my bowel movement were quite narrow, rather than being bulky. To cut a long story short, even after enemas, I still had the pain, so I took Diatemaceous Earth.. with lots of water. Boy, did I go... not diarrhea, just the amount. I did that several times and the pain disappeared, movements went back to normal.

Nowadays I make sure I have enough fluid, plenty of roughage in my diet and keep off things which I know will cause constipation....bread, rice, pasta. (cakes, pastries etc are now an occasional treat) as I don't have sugary foods.

That's what works for me... all you can do is try it.. the old saying ' you are what you eat ' is very true. Maybe you just need some dietary and lifestyle changes ( exercise) and you might find some of your other problems start to disappear.

Good luck.

JtimmyT in reply to saj01

Thanks for your advice, I'll give it a try, see what helps.

I don't know if I'm lactose intolerant, but could be, sometimes milk gives me a bad stomach other times it doesn't and helps with constipation.

I'm guessing those activia and Muller rice yogurts have sugar

saj01 in reply to JtimmyT

All milk products have natural sugars, even natural yoghurt and kefir.. if it's an added sugar it's normally in the list of ingredients. Activia contains a different bacteria than other yoghurts.... you can google it and have a read up on it. Don't know much about muller.. it's not a product I would buy.

There is lactose free milk, and nut milks too... most of which are more expensive than dairy milk. Switching might or might not improve things... some people are gluten intolerant as well!.. that's why keeping a food/ drink diary can help to identify food groups which upset your system.


I had to post to u coz u sound exactly same as me.

About a year ago i started getting weird pain in my left side and i had all the test and nothing!

I had lap and endo checks( if ur a man u may not have clue what goin on about lol) but after a year i eventually though hmmm i wander if this could b muscular, i went to a physio who specialise in pelvic floor and pn nerve and what do u know the pains nearly gone...

it had started with a nasty bout of constipation That had sat on my nerves and basically inflammed them and they wouldnt calm down.

It also gave me ibs symtoma which again is quite common.

I also decided to become healthy and gluten dairy yeast and alcohol free, lost two stone and feel much bette for it.

I still see the physio as if i have a bad day 💩wise it will set it all of again but i try to not let myself get like that

Just thinking ur could b muscular to ...

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