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Pain in my head

Hi there does any no about a pain in my head. When I sneeze or cough l get a pain in my head and also had a dull pain in my head for the past seven day had to take two anadin extra goes away for a while but when I cough or sneeze it comes back again does anyone no what this is I'm going to make appointment with my doctor this morning. Regards ian.

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Hi Ian you really need to get this checked ASAP.Please let me know what doc says best wishes



Hi there went to doctors this morning said it looks like I've got infection from the bad cold I had weeks ago on a course of antibiotics if no better in ten days to how back.


Glad you got it sorted

Hope antibiotics work for you


Thanks so do I. Regards


Don't exactly know, but is your pillow supporting your neck properly at night? Might be worth investing in a new one.


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