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This is ruining my lifestyle

i cant take it anymore... it all happened when i got back from a camping trip...

i was feeling fine minus the fact that i was tired, when i got back from the trip. waking up in the morning i had this weird pain in my back right under the right rib. at first i didnt notice it but it was definitely there when i started coughing. i told myself that it would go away if i got a bit more shut eye so i did.

woke up again started to force myself to cough to see if whether or not it would hurt and it didnt. so i thought it had gone away. I was a bit hungry and decided to make some food. this is when it went downhill fast. i was making the food and had to sneeze. at the same time i was sneezing i felt my back crack and this sharp pain shoot right thru the area as described above.

now i cant even sneeze, cough, or even laugh hard (this is killing me since i laugh alot). im not sure whats going on. ive been doing as much research as i possibly can but im coming up short. if anyone here has this same symptom, please tell me it goes away afterawhile because i can not definitely live with it.

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I seriously think you should see the doctor. At least find out what it is...ribs, lungs, ??? Take care - hope you get it sorted soooooon :)


Hi - just wondering if you actually live in Louisiana?


Like Lousiaiana says - My first port of call would be my GP to get a diagnosis.

Pat x


Yep, definitely a gp visit.


Get to the Gp ask for painkillers that work if the pain still there push for scans X-rays took me a year to get a MRI scan not had it yet I'm in the same boat as you it's awful it's taking over my life


Inform you doctor you have been on a camping trip and where you went.

There is the possibility you have had an insect bite which is leading to other complications.

Hope this helps

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Agree strongly with above. tick borne fevers are often overlooked.


Besides going to your GP and having xrays and possibly a mri it sounds like you may have trapped a nerve as a result of camping. It may now have been made worse due to sneezing. However, it could also be a strained muscle initially from camping and after sneezing it could have got worse to a a slight tear in the intercostal space of your ribs. There are many other things that could cause the pain you are experiencing so go to your GP and get a complete diagnosis. It's really difficult to give some one a definite answer to your pain as it's an individual thing. However, it does seem that camping and your initial pain are linked. Try not to jump to conclusions or trawl the Internet for answers mainly as you'll convince yourself that you'very got some horrible disease! !


The pain could arise from the lower back muscles or from the right kidney, for example

There are some typical differences between both

If the pain is from a stretched muscle, for example, palpating the area and twisting your torso would likely trigger pain, which would be likely very localized.

Pain from a kidney disorder is often associated with changes in urine frequency and color...Tapping over the kidney can trigger dull, not likely sharp pain.

Broken rib, inflammation of the lung membrane (pleurisy) or localized pneumonia can also cause pain triggered by coughing.

Agree with others, seeing a doctor would be a good idea.


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