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Sudden Pain in my Head

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A week and a half ago I woke up with a sudden stabbing pain on the back of my head, as if I'd hit it on something hard without realising. It was very sore but painkillers numbed the worst of the pain, however last Tuesday I was sat in bed and suddenly felt very dizzy, the pain from that spot felt like it was spreading from the sore spot down the left side of my head and then to he front, light suddenly really hurt my eyes and I had to lie down and shut my eyes for an hour. Whilst I feel better now I have had a mild but persistent headache since, also the sore patch - which no longer hurts - had no heat or swelling. Any advice about what the cause of this pain and dizziness could be? Could it just be a head injury I didn't know I had?

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Hi I don't want to alarm you but you could have had a small bleed on the brain. Please go & get it checked out ASAP. Thanks. Hope you're ok. Vanessa

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Aurelia96 in reply to QueenV

Thank you for your concern, I've debated going to the doctor for a while now and I think I'll have to give in an go after all

PLEASE go to a doctor could be aneurysm.

Thank you, this does seem to be the opinion of most people I talk to about this, looks like I need to make an appointment pronto!

Best if you get appt. with doc, could be a number of things that only test would show .

Temporal ArterIt is/Giant Cell Arteritis???

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