Sneezing and quick head pain?

I never really mentioned this to my doctor because it rarely happens but I should ask if anyone has these problems as well. Sometimes when I sneeze, laugh to hard, or bend over I tend to have head pain the the top on the right side of my head. I tried looking for answers but couldn't find anything. I was hoping everyone on here could help. I am going to talk to my doctor as soon as I can about it but won't be for awhile because she's so booked.

Thank you for reading.

I'm 18 by the way.

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  • Best to see doc if you're concerned.

  • Sounds like sinuses. Get to see the Dr when you can as they can offer treatment with the correct diagnoses. X

  • This sounds like a "cough headache". It is very painful, like explosions in the head when I did anything with a mild strain - even laughing. I went to the doctor eventually and after a couple of head scans to eliminate nasty things was diagnosed with a "cough headache". I was put on propranalol which has taken them away. If I don't take the pills it comes back. The doctor said they don't know why it comes but it usually goes - eventually. I am still waiting. Originally the doctor said it was tight shoulders and suggested physiotherapy. It isn't. It is a very painful condition. Hope this helps.

  • Does it feel like a wire pulling at that point? The reason I ask is I had similar and it all came down to a trapped nerve in my neck that when I moved my head in a particular way it upset the trapped nerve and gave me a precise pain in the same place every time. I ended up going to a chiropractor and it stopped.

  • I have it occasionally and its from a trapped nerve in my neck from slipped discs.

  • Sam iF I SNEEZE I'm in deep trouble as my whole head and face suffers to such a degree that I think I may pass out, all that sparks in my eyes and ears. have you been in a car accident or on a bike and had some problem when stopping suddenly anything that may have caused your head to snap back, because I've never been the same since my accident , so please even if it is something odd go to your Doctor and get good advice because it can linger there and then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose with strange ringing in ears for a start , please please don't leave it get it checked out as you have your whole life ahead of you, best Alex

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