Stabbing pain in head

A while back I noticed the left side of my head, temple area, was tender to touch. It felt bruised. As time went on I have had sharp stabbing pain around the same area. For the past few days this has been pretty constant, sometimes breath taking. Ibuprofen does not help. I have fybromyalgia and when I first noticed this pain I juat chalked it up to my fybromyalgia and this is where it has settled for now but this has gone on too long and I feel it is more than that. I know this isnt a migraine. I do have those but it has been a while. Any ideas as to what this could be? Thanks in advance!

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  • sounds like something to see your doctor about if it is a new symptom and hasn't gone away quickly.

  • I too have terrible head pains and really you must place yourself into the hands of firstly your GP and then an expert.There are many and varied reasons for these pains and only a medical professional can advise.Get yourself to the doctor,now!

  • Hi sarag06 and I agree with everyone else - you should see your GP asap. Just a quick question - have you ever had shingles?

  • No I have not had shingles. I finally sucked it up and went to Dr yesterday. He said shingles is possible but I have no rash as of yet. He believes I have Trigeminal Neuralgia. He put me on Lyrica to hopefully help the pain.

  • So pleased you went to your GP! I'm on Lyrica for chronic pain and find it works well in conjunction with the stonger stuff for when the pain becomes intolerable. I do hope they work for you, if not go back and ask your GP for a pain clinic referral.

  • Thank you! I have not thought about a pain clinic. Lortab does nothing for me but helps me get my house spotless lol so I don't take it. I started Lyrica on Monday. I took one 50mg Monday, Tuesday 2 a day, wed thurs and friday (today) 3 a day. I am still having pain and it has even went to my right side as well. I am calling Dr Monday. He may up my dosage and I am going to request an MRI. I just need to know at this point if it is something more. There has to be a reason I am having all these issues. I am way to young for this.

  • I hope all goes well at the Dr on Monday - BTW Lyrica does take time to get into your system, it's not an instant fix!

  • Thank you! Dr told me I should start feeling some releif by now so we'll see. Thanka again

  • I had a pain as you described,only a few times in the temple then it became more in the middle of my face .It was trigeminal neuralgia.I know there are 3 main branches that are affected in the face and one of them affects the temple.Maybe when you see your could query if he thought it might be nerve related pain as trigeminal neuralgia is.Hoping you get sorted soon,

  • Thanks. I actually finally sucked it up and went to Dr. He believes that is it. He put me on Lyrica so we'll see if that helps. Thanks for the info

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