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Undiagnosed chest pain


I'm a 23 year old female & have been dealing with constant (every single day) chest pain for over 3 years now. It started out of no where while I was out of town with a friend shopping..I was laying down in the hotel & all of a sudden I felt like I was having a heart attack. When to the ER and everything was normal so they sent me on my way. I then followed up with my regular doctor who ran tests: blood work multiple times, ekg, echo, stress test, heart monitor and X-rays. All of which were in the normal limits...so she began to think it was stress. I didn't believe it was stress because I didn't feel any more stressed or overwhelmed at the time but I realize stress has a weird impact on your body.

Fast forward to today. I am still dealing with this chest pain. It feels like a pressure/tightness that never goes away. I have difficulty breathing..almost like I'm not breathing right or not getting enough oxygen. I've also been dealing with a fast heartbeat at random times...in the 130-140 range. It makes it difficult to exercise, eat, drink because I can't catch my breath. The pain varies in intensity..some times it's possible for me to walk around a little more comfortably but other times I can't walk or do anything without feeling like I need to stop...I've tried Zoloft, citalopram, amitryptilyne, Prilosec, Zantac with no relief. I know all my tests have been normal but that I'm still experiencing the chest pain and it's extremely frustrating. It prevents me for going out and enjoying myself because it has taken over my life. I've also tried going to a psychologist with no relief...

I'm hoping someone can help me...

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I have also suffered this, has the doctors ever suggested servere panick attacks? I've always suffered panick and anxiety but just lately I've getin the chest pains really bad, pains down my arms and then I went all numb, the paramedics were called however my ecg was normal, wen doc done some tests the only thing cum bk was slight infection and that I was having panick attack, this still happens now, maybe you should speak to your doc again and maybe suggest this or look up panic attack systems that what I do wen I start getin th pains and you'll b suprised how much it helps, hope you get some answers soon & if you get some answers could u plz keep me updated, thanks! Get well soon love, xx

Hi, so sorry to hear your troubles, I guess you must be exhausted mentally as well as physically. In the longer term it sounds as though you need a cognitive analytical therapist. This type of counselling will help you to discover the emotional reasons for your undiagnosed pain as well as using cognitive behaviour therapy to deal with it in the here and now. If you can find a therapist with psycho-dynamic /CBT qualifications they should be able to help. Try BACP for one in your area. Your gp could refer you to the local CCG provider of counselling who might have a cbt therapist with the the necessary qualifications. In the short term, you might be helped by using the 'Headspace' app.

I hope this helps


Also have you tried breathing through a paper bag? I honestly didn't believe ppl wen they told me to do that I told everyone that would b a load of bul until I sufferd a really bad one a few nights ago and my uncle made me breath through one of those and it worked better than ever, sounds silly but worth giving it ago, xx

Hi Becky, have you requested an MRI scan?

What disease do you suffer from ? many in this class on this blog have vasculitis or arthritis etc or are diseases in the auto immune area. Anyway you will find in other responses if you fall into the vasculitis class the joints between the ribs become inflamed and the pain is terrible , its as if you have broken ribs . I have had it for 3 years or more due to the disease i have called churg struss syndrome. The treatment i am on is 2 panadol 3 times a day 2 in the morning first up and hopefully it stops any start of the pain then afternoon and evening if that holds it you have had a good day. Should the pain the break out then i have 2 by 5 mg each Endone , Once pain starts you got to hit it on the head otherwise it snowballs , After 40 stays in hospitals the Staff have bashed that theory into me. If that does not work ie endone the morphine is the only other option from my long years of experience and it may take 2 rounds or 3 but its the only way to bring it back under control. hopefully you do not need to go to that length and depending on your allergies and GP etc and how serious your condition is . It does sound like inflammation of the rib joints .

Hi beckyring

Sorry to read of your chest pain problems. I have had similar for many years with a fast heart rate and it's very painful , worrying and exhausting!. I wonder do you have an inflammatory illness like the previous corespondent was saying. I do and had tests like yours and been diagnosed with inflammation of lung lining as ct scan showed inflammation!. I take colchicine now, a strong anti inflammatory used to treat gout and never looked back!. It keeps the pain and tightness away and when it strikes badly I can up the dose to relieve it!. Hope you improve soon as it's a nightmare!.X

There is a nerve near I think the third rib. It complains a lot when pressure is applied to it. Worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor to work on any muscle micro cramps you may have.

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