Ok 2 and half months ago I had back pain .

Saw 3 docs to date.all different docs same surgery gave pain killers

I was in the bath hot up crunch in me back gave way.couldnt feel me lower legs for few mins.

Neighbour is a physio at hospital

She worked on me for 4 weeks privately as a favour .Said I needed x-ray or her a disc has moved.since I collapsed in bath to be honest 50 percent better

Went back to docs.

Told her.

Doc has reffered me back to hospital physio again.6 week wait .

Also on record co codemol doesn't work on me.

Told last doc that

She gave me co codemol and said exact words take it.

It's on system and I was tested it doesn't work

I have to go do 6 weeks of physio again .

And 6 week wait to get there

And got pills which don't work

Is it worth changing docs again.

I really don't have much luck.last GP overdosed me on antibiotics ended up in a E I was yellow .Another story

R they paid to keep you away from hospital

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  • Last doctor was doc number 4

  • Your probably gonna have to do some research on choosing a new more studied physician that has more compassion on his/her patients. They are all going thru strict rules over pain medications- but we MUST REMIND THEM LOUD AND CLEAR- extra phone calls even that we NEED SOMETHING FOR PAIN THAT IS ONGOING!!!!

  • My doc compassion

    No comment

    It just dawned on me r pills I'm on targeting certain type of pain.some suggested muse relaxent

  • I apologise but I'm not sure I'm

    understanding what your saying about a muse relaxant?

  • Sorry typing on phone I meant muscle releaxent

  • Physio is not going to be enough. You need to learn not to cause your problem. Find an Alexander technique teacher. They will teach you about how to prevent doing what you did to your back. It is also worth seeing a chiropractor.

    Xrays are pointless you need an MRI scan. MRI scans show tissue arrangements while xrays do not.

    If the leg muscles are too tight they will pull on the lower vertebrate. This can cause pressure on nerve roots resulting in loss of sensation. So it is worth stretching the leg muscles. Your friendly physio should know about this.

    Hope this helps.

  • Can you take Ibrobrufen ? I sympathise with the GP problem. How about getting another appt with GP and remind him/ her you can't take the co codemol. They may mention the prescription dose of Ibrobrufen which might tide you over till your appt .

  • Told me GP at point blank codomal doesn't work on me .She said take it

  • Bert

    Doctors are paid very healthy salaries, some earn every penny.

    Best Wishes


  • And some just give pill as there answer to thing took me 10 years to find an good gp

  • I understand your frustration and I can say from being on both sides of the fence that it is very difficult and annoying for all. Dr is probably unfortunately following protocol that has been put in place but NHS Trust (doesn't make it any less frustrating I know). Many trusts changed their referral systems within the last 18months as hospitals felt that GPs were making too many unnecessary referrals so implemented a middle person who assesses ALL referrals and approves or not etc. Hence physio and not automatically tests etc (many reasons why)...

    Medication wise is another story, you have the right to be part of your care and if you feel co-codamol isn't working, then you do not have to take the prescription. I would try to see the same GP each time, difficult I know but that helps with the continuity of care and with chronic issues more time for a a picture to be built. Other that the co-codamol what else have you tried?

    I hope this helps?

  • On amitriptyline at mo naproxen and co codomal which I don't take.

    To be blunt naproxen been on since Dec 27th doesn't seem to do a thing.amittriline well on it a week.makes me sleep well apart from that zero affect on pain

  • I just thought those pills r for a certain type of pain.maybe a .Uscle releaxer might help

  • Yeah I believe muscle relaxers can give relief but they can also make you not feel pain so you could actually injure yourself further- so you really gotta be careful !

  • Go see one of these bone people they put your skeleton back in order that might help helped my dad he tripped in house started loads of pain he went 4 sessions later he fine now . Sorry it look like a child writing this had a car accident and smacked my head now my brain fog is worse it will get better .I hope this helps you as back pain is draining here if you want to talk x

  • Many thanks will do

  • You really gotta sit on em if they don't have an answer, ask them who can give an answer? Or try out this HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE in Glenview (north of Chicago. I got the best pain relief for pain from gall bladder attacks that their alternative medicines did the trick and the Memorial hospital couldn't even touch with their injections; they gave me heavy pain injections known for giving women in painful laboring for childbirth . I didn't know they had such great alternatives( it's a bit of a drive and it's a strange place but they also address the reasons something is doing what it does! But I'll never forget them telling me not to eat any vegetables that grow like a flower such as brocolli Or cauliflower- then I'd take this tiny white pill put it under my tongue and forgot all the pain- it was crazy wonderful that they could help me so much! I've been thinking about going back there for the pain I'm having in my extremities because of getting thrown around by a 250 pound 6' stepson who ripped several of my lumbar disks so I'm stuck in this nasty pain for the rest of my life while he doesn't even think he should apologize for what he did!

  • I just gotta ask if you were born on Mother's Day in May? You are awfully familiar to me! Don't worry if I'm right I won't take that any further.

  • Haha sorry Feb I was born

  • I'm stopping all pills tonight for 3 days as I really don't think they r doing a thing .

  • Well I feel no difference on or off pills

  • I really get upset when you can get anybody to really hear that you are suffering real pain, has everybody gone wacko out there or are we the patients being ignored so they can go on their merry way doing whatever they please; we all know they are getting paid far more than any of us?!

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