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C.R.P.S Dilemma for doctors

Hi there, this is a personal post , just wondering how many

People feel the same.

I have CRPS full body and had it for almost 18 years. So I am what you could say very familiar with my condition, unlike my new gp.

The question is does my crps put me in the enviable position where nothing else can go wrong with me, for example I think if I went to my gp with both legs hanging off both eye balls dangling from my sockets he would suggest my crps is in flair up. Lol. While I know that's an extreme example that's how I feel.

I had a fall in September, my legs decided not to move as expected and I fell on my side on the stairs, landing quite heavily.

After a few days still bruised very sore I thought I needed checked out, mainly because other than the area I injured I felt something was wrong with my stomach, like an inside pain, and also completely different from crps pain. It also radiated up my back.

After a 30 second visit I was told it was muscular, I lasted a week then with stomach and back worse I returned, I was told no damage muscular, all from my fall. Third doctor 1 week later , in agony , it's muscular from the fall. Fourth doctor , wow, proper examination couldn't feel any issues but, sent me for an x-ray, to be on the safe side. This is now into late November.

Appointment for x ray in December, I didn't make it that far, collapsed in agony blue lighted by ambulance to hospital, was examined by doctor who said it's muscular, and I needed pain Meds muscle relaxants and anti immflamatories . My partner went mad and said I needed an x-ray at least to check things out.

He said ok reluctantly . Waited on the results, the doctor came back and without apology said , the bottom of my lung had collapsed.

I was told to book another in six weeks , and given 3 days worth of 3 different Meds, which I was charged 3 full prescriptions for, that's another story.,

I had to call the doctor 3 days later still in agony was given more pain relief.

So six weeks back for second ex ray, the nurse said it was to check if my lung infection had cleared up, I said I didn't even know it was an infection, she asked if I had been on antibiotics, obviously not.

So bare with me , back at the docs stomach still in agony pain away from where I fell, back still sore, doc says lung is OK, it's muscular, despite me telling him I know it's my stomach. You need physio,

So 4 sessions of physio flair up after every visit not good, not working still the same . Next port the pain clinic, really nice but kind off blaming crps, stomach worse down to eating soup as anything else is killing inside , making pain worse. He agreed to write to my doctor to do further investigation. Finally.

Sorry for the long post it's just I feel badly treated wrongly diagnosed and that it's all to easy to blame crps on everything.

I am 100% sure there is something else wrong inside and hopefully they will investigate to find out what.

Does anyone else with any chronic pain feel they are treated like this.

Cheers everyone


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I think it's often said that chronic pain narrows the field of vision and it seems like that applies to HCPs looking at someone with chronic pain? In the same way that people who are obese are frequently told that the obesity is the issue and further investigation is unnecessary?

I hope that you have the further investigation in the near future and that there's a resolution of this for you.

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I think its disgusting for so many doctors to just fob you off like that for so long. Have you thought of making a complaint through PALS? Get the info on line and tell your story. They will contact everyone involved in your case and put it down as a official complaint which will then be investigated. I do wish some of these doctors would listen to there patients. I had to change to a different surgery for the same reason. I really hope that your appointment comes through quicker but remember that getting anxious Will make the pain worse. X


Ooh that makes me mad. I have fibromyalgia and everything gets blamed on that too.

Why is it obvious to us that you need a ct scan or MRI of your stomach area and not to those who have had medical training. If you've hurt yourself badly enough to collapse a lung then it's possible you could of damaged another internal organ and that pain needs investigating thoroughly. Especially as you are in so much pain

I know MRI is expensive to go private, not sure about a ct scan tho

I'm sorry I can't say anything to help take the pain away but I do sympathise with what you are going through

Not as serious as you but I had new not fibro pain in my ankles, knees and hip. Was agony walking. Drs just blamed it on fibromyalgia n that was that for 2 years, physio just blamed it on fibromyalgia, went to see a chiropractor who actually spent some time assessing me, I needed orthotics in both shoes as my foot was pulling my leg bones out of position.....nothing to do with fibromyalgia

Hope you get a proper assessment very very soon.



Hi Dave I know how u feel had crps for 7 years, about 3 months ago I hurt my back so went to the gp showed him my back he said its to do with my crps don't worry about it gave me more painkillers so about 2 or 3 days later I told one of my cares and she took me to the hospital the doctor sent me for an ex ray it came back as a hair line crack off my spine,


Hi cheers for all the replies, thought I wouldn't be alone with this, I'm still struggling so back to doc at some point next week I'm going to change my gp I already told this one to record on my file that I have told him he is wrong and should be investigating more as I'm 100 % sure he's wrong. It is exactly the same as when I got crps , I injured my shoulder was told everything from I'm over reacting to its all in your head, this went on for 4 years , complaining about leg pain back pain agonising feet hands etc. Then diagnosed with full body crps, I have it recorded 2nd visit I told the doctor something serious wrong, but he new better. Lol


Hi I sympathise with you and agree that most doctors don't want to listen. I find as a middle aged woman suffering from depression that when I see middle aged male doctors they just seem to think I am a neurotic attention seeking female! Despite the fact that I rarely visit a doctor. I do find the youngers ones and female doctors are generally better.

I have had chronic back pain all my life due to a fall. Doctors have always refused to take it seriously or even do an X-ray. I had one done privately and it showed my lowest disc had worn away completely and another was starting to. Now they tell me back pain is common as we age! The message seems to be just to live with it even though it severely impacts my life.

All they offer me is mild painkillers and to go to physio for exercises I can't do.

I would love doctors to live with constant pain then they would know what it's like.

Good luck to you and I hope you get answers soon.


Well I've certainly never been through the wringer like you have apparently but I have something called PMR which causes an all-over pain of the muscles and joints. I also have lower back pain which I've suffered from for 13 years. Sometimes I will tell my rheumatologist that when I go into a flare my back hurts and yes I can tell the difference. She's always telling me Oh that's just your back problems. I cannot convince her that it is a different kind of pain. But in my case I know what the problem is it is not like you where you don't know what the problem is.

Secondly I am shocked that they sent you home with a collapsed lung. That's serious. When my sister had a collapsed lung on two separate occasions they had her in the hospital on a morphine drip. This is not only a very dangerous condition but also a very painful condition. They also have a tube into her lung. I would certainly be angry at all of the doctors involved. And I would pursue this matter further no matter what it took. And I know that CRPS is very painful and it takes a lot out of you but do what you can to fight these doctors. Best of luck to you.


Hi all thanks again for the replies, still no update with doctor bank holiday etc, trying to wait until he gets the letter from the pain clinic but don't think I will be able to go that long, I have stuff on tomorrow so be looking to get in to see someone on Wednesday. If I don't feel there is proper progress I will then need to complain further, through the NHS. If no joy I will get a solicitor..

Seriously fed up and it's affecting my relationship being I'm in agony all the time , usually have good days bad days flair ups, just all bad at the minute.

Will keep you all posted thank you all for the support



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