My pain started 5 months ago I was getting twinges in my lower back and left leg but after walking around abit and resting when possible it was bearable, my daughters birthday came (20th may) and we had a bouncy castle and a little party for her so she had friends round ect I was literally on my feet all day didn't manage to get a seat till everyone had left (approx 9 hours constantly stood) since then the pain will not go and it's getting worse and worse despite the fact ive rang my doctors countless amount of times they've had me on naproxen, 3 different strengths of co codemol kodipar being strongest they give me amitriptyline 10mg 6 taken at night ive had over the counter paracetamol and ibuprofen ive used ibuprofen gel, volterol and ibulieve, they also sent me to Physio and they gave me some exercises which made it worse so they said said they were going to start accupuncture but canceled them because I had to go in hospital for an operation to have my gallbladder removed none of it worked to even ease the pain never mind take it away completely, I recently went back to the doctor and told them the pain is getting worse I can no longer stand straight im walking hunched over, I can't stand for long because my leg goes weak and i feel I want to collapse but he prescribed me with amitriptyline and naproxen and said i had to carry on with those ive also been advised to get a tens machine which ive used twice and i need new pads for it, im not sleeping very well and im getting g really moody and bitchy and frustrated because I can't do anything it feels like its destroying my life and I don't know what else to do they haven't even sent me for a scan or x-ray or anything to see what the problem actually is they have presumed from my symptoms, the pain is not so much in my back its all down my left side my butt cheek, leg, foot, hip and in my groin, its starting to make me wonder did my 3 child do something when I was carrying him and im only getting the problem now (hes just turned 1 in June) or is it something worse so many things are running round my mind which is making me feel even more depressed

Sorry for rambling on does anyone else have anything the same or similar or know any ways I can try and relieve my pain ill try anything at the moment im just so sick of being in pain 😭😭

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  • Sorry for all your woes!

    Sounds like a thing called Sciatica which comes from discs pushing on a nerve that serves the legs. If you google that and it all sounds familiar then maybe a chiropractor or osteopath might be the best bet- if you've run out of options with the regular people.

    There are exercises you can do- but get advice , because one can do damage quite easily. Hanging out of a door or bar by ones hands can sometimes relieve the pressure on the lower back. Basically stretching the spine!

    Good luck.

    BTW- did you have a difficult childbirth or lower back pain during the pregnancy? If so - kick the dog and hug the child!😆

  • Thankyou for the advice ive searched herniated discs, and sciatica ect ive tried the hot and cold thing doesn't work I just want them do a bloody scan or something and find out what it actually is, its ok me searching all these things and saying oh it sounds like that its probably that doing the pain relief methods and them not working I could actually be causing more damage than stopping it if you know what I mean

    No it was a very fast a straight forward birth 25 mins in labor can't grumble lol 😂but I had spd when I was carrying him and he was laid really low most the pregnanc😂i suffered with bad back pain and he felt like he was going to fall out he was laid that low lol, didn't have these complications with my first 2 trust the 3rd to be awkward lol

  • H,i I too suffer quite regularly with these symptoms. It's definitely not sciatica that is much more of a very sharp sudden pain that can drop you to your knees. This pain is much more deep dull and heavy with the added misfortune of not being able to stand up straight. Walking at a 45 degree angle is not very comfortable add the pain to the mix and it makes for a very sickening situation. I have found the only relief I get is by taking Ibuprofen, resting but not sitting around all day this can make it worse.

    It is difficult to find what suits you the best. I find some relief also by using a stick and sometimes two sticks. This may sound awful but it does help.

    Over here in the UK we usually refer to this type of pain as Lumbago. Sometimes associated with arthritis .

  • Thankyou barb-uk for your reply it feels like you said but the pain in my leg when im stood too long is like a drill in my knee heavy feeling and pins and needles run from top of my leg straight down to my toes, its aweful, im from the UK

  • Hi

    I've had similar problems for 2 half yes now. I had issues for 22 yrs but manageable pain until Jan 2015 I picked my Hoover up and I've been in 24 7 pain since. I had a hip x-ray due to burning pain and stiffness and was told I had hip dysplasia but they refused a back x-ray. I knew I had hip issues but my pain in lower back to the point I wince if I think one of the kids are about to touch me on it as it hurts to touch plus numbness I get pins and needles burning I say a gd day is like someone hit me with a baseball bat and a bad day is like I been hit by a truck and if someone had a fall and suffered my pain they would be strapped up to a spinal board and rushed for an mri . I asked for another x-ray as I just moved and got told I have mild scoliosis too. However both these conditions aren't supposed to cause me this much pain. So I tried again for mri but the locom told me I had non specific pain and I should go onto antidepressants ... non specific hmmm so I have pins and needles down one side full body numbness on waking and severe pain and that's non specific. So I've booked another with my new doc and hoping for mri. I wasn't wrong about my hips n back and feel they will find something from mri. I've had conversations with my psychologist for pain management as the attitude is why bother with mri we treat you the same what ever the condition. And I stated it's my body and I want to know what I'm dealing with. Do you assume you fridge is empty or do you go check ? If your car breaks do u assume it just needs fuel or take it to a garage so why can i not have my body checked and things ruled out before I'm told to just live with it..........

    I've 2 kids 24 7 me eldest is 15 had aspergers but helps a bit my lad is a typical lad but they have learnt to deal with things even when I get grumpy as I always explain it's not them it's my pain annoying me .

    It's a never ending battle everyday I've proven psychologist theory wrong of it's my mood causing pain it's my activity level ect so if I can't manage it her way and I don't know what I'm managing unless mri is done I have to except this and just struggle on which I do in best ways I can but having laughs with kids treats and doing things I can manage like hot choc and toasted marshmallows over the fire pit watching movies together and jump scaring them it helps keep things going but not easy to do. I think sometimes we put to much pressure on ourselves to do everything right I've begrudgingly had to ease off house work a bit my house is always tidy kids are great but I now wash dishes once in the evening not lunch time and tea time I have a small Hoover i use and only touch the big one when I can I change the beds 1 at a time not all 3 in one day do online shopping A LOT lol freeing up those stresses helps and learning to not feel the need to do everything has too.

    I've googled alsorts trying find out what's wrong I thought my symptoms were similar to osteoarthritis and I've read scoliosis can have similar symptoms. Now with the numbness and pins and needles and leg stuff I'm wondering if it's spinal stenosis fingers cross my doc agrees with me needing a mri . I do hope you find ways to manage .

    Sorry it's long... can you tell I don't get out much 😂

  • Thanks vondahue I feel exactly the same im sick of docs assuming and telling me its not that bad when there not the one's going through it, my kids are younger oldest 8 youngest 1 I do have a little help from my husband but its getting him down now I can see its getting to him I feel like people think im lieing about it

    Don't worry I don't get out much either appointments are the only thing I leave the hoyae for at the moment its getting on my nerves

    I hope you get your MRI good luck

  • I recently separated from my partner as it got to much and it was for the best and as a mum you do find ways to cope but it is very draining and a never ending battle but fun with the kids always keeps me going.

    I done pain management first their online course as couldn't go to the group's and all the way through it only gave options to suggest it's your mental health ... I wasn't impressed with it . Knowing enough about mental health it is very suggestive enough to convince people it is ... not me .. my pain is my pain because there is something causing it . I was right about hips and lower back so yes hoping for the mri. Going to pain management psychologist has been good although it really made my pain centre to everything which for a whole yr I just silently got on with hence the relationship breakdown because I needed more help so I could ease off doing everything and talk became pain I was Googling all the time writing notes and analysing my pain to find answers . I was told to expect to do nothing as in nothing at all. Bare minimum house work that's it but we had 4 wks since my last appointment and today's which should be the end one to test her theory I spent 3 wks doing very little and in severe agony and a wk doing usual and still agony so I can't manage something that's not consistent enough to manage as it does what ever it likes lol . So an interesting appointment today but I really did enjoy talking to her as people around don't understand as they can't even if we want them to. Even a friend who suffers pain and knows me well enough often says dumb things like when I say about having to go shops he's like yet your favourite n I'm like screwing my face up trying not to bite because he knows I hate shopping because I can't and he's even had to take me to shops so it's hard and a very lonely life at times but hopefully this site can help x

  • Hi, sounds tough going at the moment. I have same symptoms. This has been since Nov 2016. Prior to this have struggled with back pain for approx 20 years. After an episode in Nov 16 I was sent for an immediate MRI scan. This confirmed further prolapsed discs (l5 s1) Have seen several consultants since who have confirmed spinal stenosis alongside sciatic pain and arthritis in spine and hips. I feel the stenosis explains the need to lean forward. I spend most evenings lying on a physio ball to stretch the discs out. I am telling my story as I feel I have had a good service, pain clinics gp etc. You deserve better! Your gp may suggest next level pain relief before referral? Possibly pregablin, gabapentin, patches? I won't patronise you and say pacing is important as I know how hard it is bringing up a lovely young family. Really hope you can find a supportive Gp x

  • HI Mrshellraiser,

    I'm really sorry to hear how badly your suffering especially with a 1 yr old. My problem started with a bang, felt uncomfortable evening of the 3/1/2000 and then the following morning woke and stretched and bang! Severe pain in lower back and down legs. Had to put kids in taxi to school after calling head to explain. I then saw osteopath 6 times which included accupucture and after no relieve she wrote to my doc and advised i needed an x-ray. Got result of Spondylolithesis with pars defects!!. Passed to orthopedic surgen and had tons of physio and then had spinal fusion L4 to S1. Went wrong after 9 weeks! took 2 1/2 yrs before opening me up and it was metal frame work they had put in to support fusion with bone graft that had become very loose. Had a good year of low pain but then had job requiring sitting. Went in with a walking stick and left in wheelchair. Just had second set of jabs in left side of sacrum and facit joints and have little pain in lower back but bad leg pain. You need to demand X-RAY from doc and referral to pain clinic and Orthopedic surgen. You have symptoms of Sciatica but need to find out why. Doc's not always up to date re pain meds and can't always give the right meds. Push ahead as it's your body and you need to be able to enjoy your little ones without being in pain. Best of luck.

  • Hi I've been in the same position as you for years now and like you I was fobbed off with more and more tablets for pain and yes taken the same as you. I have also had a stroke on the opposite side so I need to use a walker and I bend double over the walker as I cannot stand up straight. Anyway I got this absolutely fabulous doctor come to the surgery who listened to me and sent me for an X ray. After a long time, I must admit, I saw a orthopaedic Physio specialist. and she told me I had spondylolisthesis which is you have discs in the lumber L1 to 5. Any my L4 is out of place and the cord is being pinched. Anyway she said that there was two options one have surgery or two they will try L5 nerve root block. I should be having this in about 6 week time. Watch this space........................................................

  • Got everything crossed for you. My sacrum is good but still have difficulty sitting and walking. All the muscles in my back and core muscles are out of whack. I need REHAB!! Did go but due to pain jabs wearing off couldn't sit to get there. I t takes me 2 1/2 hrs to get ready to go anywhere. When you have your jabs listen carefully to what you have to do and keep doing gentle exercises. Just writing this my back muscles from mid lumber up are screaming and so is my coccyx. I really hope your injections work by reducing your pain. You also need to get a detailed diagnosis of you condition so you can research it yourself. When I was told what my condition was i then looked it up so i could understand fully what it was and what it mean't. I tried to keep moving and when i could would walk my kids to school and back. I was told i had a grade 1 spondylithesis but when i have had another MRI last year the doctor read it out to me and it was a grade 2?? I also asked to see the MRI and stated that they hadn't reduced the slip and was told they don't do that!! I also have no disc space between L5 and S1 and my L5 has reduced in height?? But it was fused with bone graft.!!. Do everything uou can to remain mobile and let your pain clinic know how you are. The very best of luck to you i have everything crossed for you, and it can take up to 2 weeks for the injections to kick in so don't panic. Off for hot bath and some pain killers...

  • I'm finally being booked in for an mri scan, I'm hoping things will start getting better now so I can start looking after my kid's properly without my husband having to help, fingers crossed for everyone else in this sort of situation it's not a nice experience hope everyone can get the help and relief they need

  • I've had my MRI scan and results, I've got a serious bulging disc between L3 and L4, I've been ergently refered to a neurologist to get the problem resolved and was told I'd probably be booked in for surgery to have the disc removed, I'm feeling more relaxed knowing it's being sorted now, hope everyone gets the answers there looking for fingers crossed for everyone good luck 🍀 and take care ☺ xx

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