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Help please

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Hi I'm new to this but I was wondering if anyone had any advice they could give me, for the last 3 and half months (doesn't seem long compared to some people) I have suffered with really bad back pain that runs right down my left leg, its affecting my walking, sleeping and usual everyday activities (cooking, cleaning , looking after kid's etc) I can't get comfy sat down or laid down and my leg goes numb like pins and needles when I'm stood , Ive been to the doctors and they referred me to physio which I attended 3 appointments with they gave me exercises to do and told me ask my doc for pain killers to help, the doctor has given me 4 different types of strong painkillers they haven't eased it, Ive had ibuprofen, ibuprofen gel, volterol gel, heat patches, hot water bottles and cold packs , warm baths all sorts nothing is easing it , its just getting worse, my physio thinks its just abit of spinal nerve nerve, he hasn't even sent me for a scan or anythin,he suggested acupuncture but im due to go for an operation on the 30th July to have my gallbladder removed as I have gallstones so he said to wait till Ive recovered , does anyone know what else I could try I sick of being in pain 😭 and leaving my husband to do everything

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Welcome on board Mrshellraiser

I had gall stones many years ago and convinced I was going to die. I didn't but did have my gall bladder removed. What a relief.

It sounds like you have sciatica. I can't do links but if you can google it there is lots of info.

I am surprised neither your GP or physio have picked up on this.

Acupuncture is very good and wouldn't have thought it would interfere with your op but best do as they say!

If you aren't getting any pain relief go back and tell your GP.. You didn' say which ones he has prescribed but 4 different ones in under 4 months could mean they aren't getting a chance to work.


That's what I thought at first but it feels like I slipped a disc or something it's so painful, the doctor prescribed naproxen and three different strengths of co codemol including kodipar they haven't worked he prescribed so sort of anti depressant this time he said it will help the nerves

It's about time you had an MRI scan isn't it? I would go back to GP again and keep pestering them. Ask for a referal to Orthopaedics or a Neurologist. After all GP has tried managing this , but to no lasting effect.


I agree, not getting anywhere at the moment, I cry in pain it's that bad think in going to ask them see if they can refer me for one

Did your doctor examine you to eliminate Cauda Equina Syndrome?


No they've gone off my description of the pain

Have you looked up Cauda Equina?

Do you think it is worth asking your GP to examine for this?

As I explained in my pm the A&E doctor (after eliminating Cauda Equina Syndrome by doing a rectal examination) prescribed Diazepam as a muscle relaxant although it is generally prescribed to treat anxiety.

Why has your GP given you antidepressants ??? I wouldn't touch them.

What you need is immediate investigations /exam and diagnosis. Not antidepressants.

Is the pain, numbness and mobility bad enough for you to attend A&E? That is something for you to consider.

Or see a different GP at the practice urgently. Or call Out-of-hours GP if pain bad then.

Forgot to ask - do you know of a good private physiotherapist or sports physiotherapist in your area?

Mrshellraiser. I am a chronic back pain person, over 21 years. To me, it sounds like a herniated disc and/or sciatica. It has to be something like those two. I can think of nothing else. Those symptoms are well known to me and I have bot....the herniated discs and sciatica. If you are in terrible pain, physical therapy won't help. You need to demand a MRI for the area of your back that is so painful. Many protruding discs (herniated) pinch or push on the nerves on the back. I have also had burning and shooting pains thru my low back and right leg. Keep pushing for the MRI even if you have to have the gallbladder surgery, at least you will know and then as soon as you're up to it, you can get busy with your back. There are many things that can be tried--Steroid epidurals can be injected into your back which most people fair well with. A pain specialist can do all sorts of different things or maybe even a good chiropractor can help. There are many options. Do a little research on herniated or bulging discs and treatment options. I really hope this helps.

Thankyou for the advice I will defiantly speak to my doctor

Also, do you have any medications called Percocet or Vicodin? That's about the only thing right now that will give you pain relief until you can get an MRI and have this dealt with, and of course you have to rest and use ice if the area feels inflamed or warm. If not, use the heating pad. Heat works well too but you need really strong pain meds right now.

No never heard of those they only gave me the co codemol and naproxen, ill speak to my doctor again and see if there's anything he can do

I have same symptoms, I have had a nerve root block, facet joint injections and denervation of spine. For short term relief, try tens machine, it does help a bit.

Im thinking of getting a tens machine a couple of people have suggested to try it, at this point ill try anything to ease the pain at least

I use one and find they are quite good. I find they give me relief, you feel more of the sensation of the tens machine, than you do the pain. That's how I find them anyway. If you can get one that operates on power as well as batteries, that I think would be a better option. Mine only operates on batteries, but still really worthwhile.

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