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Hi everyone, three weeks ago I posted a question about back and hip pain. Since then I have been off work, I am unable to walk without

A stick, and am now awaiting the result of an MRI. Dr prescribed 30/500 co codemol, amitriptyline and tramadol. I have to say neither one nor the combination of the above has helped much at all. He advised to stop taking naproxen due to upset tummy symptoms. I have always been very fit and active, apart from my back giving out in the past few years on occasion. Has anyone any idea whether this fixes itself and will eventually go? I want to go back to work..I think I am able to but cannot drive, or walk freely once I am there. Any other ideas please?

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have you tried physio.....acupuncture.... did wonders for my lumbar and hip pain.....

hope you find some relief ....


Hi cazz, had had 10 physio be honest the last one was very traumatic with very elbow dig they did the burning pain was unbearabl. It was a day after this session that I found I could not walk..go to their office and they sent me away to go with walking sticks!

Funnily enough, last night was th first full sleep for two weeks and today I am not half that's positive. Did you have an MRI? Nd if so what was the time frame for results please?

Thanks for your reply



Hi sorry to hear your physio experience wasn't so good, I guess there are good ones and bad ones around as in all things, I never had an MRI as my Xray didn't show up anything, so it was a case of physio and exercise and acupuncture sessions which I am still attending , I am also on 30/500 co codamol as well, my pain still wakes me up which prompts me to get out of bed earlier than id like too and pop a pill or 2, I try to keep light hearted about it or I cry :)

Its all a case of trying things and see what works for you. Im glad you have managed to get a good night sleep at sure you will find a happy medium in the end.

Take care x


Thanks cazz nice to hear some know how depressing it can be!



I am stage 4 PBC and have such a sore back lately I don't know why! does anyone have this problem??


What's PBC Jules?


Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, a disease of the liver


Hi Bluechip

i have had a bad back since a accident many years ago just a little advice most pain killers do not work to start with you have to be taking them for a week or two to get the best results from them, over the years i have tried just about all of them and they work for a while until your body gets use to them and then they have to swap you over to a different kind at the moment i am taking 8 different types 24/7 plus i take a few spoons of morphine when i need to go out as walking is very hard on me, i can drive local but any long trip tends to kill me for a few days i have had many X rays and scans and have been told all sorts of answers about what is causing the problem at one tome they told me i had 3 cracked bones in my lower back and they wanted to operate but i said i would leave it as it was bearable at the time but at the last MRI they told me it was a totally different problem and that i did not have and never have had any broken bones so take anything they tell you with a pinch of salt.

time to get results from a MRI depends on who has ordered it if it is your own local doctor then it is around 2 weeks if it is a hospital consultant then they get them straight away or in my hospital they do.

regards Poppy Ann.


Hi, Have you tried a chiropractor. They were the most effective when my mobility was so restricted and the pain was it worst. The only down side is the cost as they may want to see you twice a week at first. I go once a month now so that everything is kept supple. They could not get rid of my pain completely and following an MRI scan I saw a neuro consultant who diagnosed degenerative disc disease and recommended steroid injections. The wait was so long for the pain clinic that I had them done privately at the cost of £1500. The results were amazing. I am now under the care of the pain clinic and they have given me a TENS machine which is very useful as I can't function on the strong drugs that I have been tried on. I now take 500mg Naproxen twice a day and 1g of Paracetamol 4 times a day with Lansoprazol to protect my stomach. Maybe you could ask your doctor for medication to protect your stomach so that you can take the Naproxen. My journey has seen some very dark days where every slight movement brought on excruciating pain and I felt like I wanted my life to end as if that was all I had in my life then I didn't want to carry on. I am sure that these are very common feelings amongst pain sufferers. I am doing really well now I am able to do Pilates and dance twice a week. i have even had the confidence to enter a dance competition for the first time this year with my husband that I have been wanting to enter for the last 3 years but couldn't because of pain. I am 51 and feel that my life has started again now that I have a way of manageing my pain. Good luck. Try and stay positive


you will need the results of the scan, u say u have had it so the results wont take long


At 52 I am now on morphine and a big cocktail of other drugs for other stuff, but have been told I need a 'spine transplant' in the word of the the consultant I saw. Disabled now for life!


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