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Stiff and Sore Lower Back

Hi there, I'm 16 years old and have been experiencing lower back pain for a little while now. The pain is normally constant, however could say it doesn't feel as bad when exercising, however adrenaline may be the reason for that. The main area of pain, like I said previously, is my lower back, focused mainly around the vertebrates, but does also feel on/around the muscles next to it. I believe the area I am talking about is known as the Lumbar. The pain I am getting isn't unbearable, however is uncomfortable. One way I try to relieve the pain (although it might not actually be helping) is by trying to bend that part of my back, often when I do this it crack or feels like tiny tears or 'pulls' in the back. Although I don't believe it to be anything serious, it is something which if could be avoided or helped, I would like to know.

Many thanks to those that reply,


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Hello JamesRoberts and welcome.

We can't make a diagnosis here only a few sugestions based on our own experiences. Yours could be any one of a number of conditions but you have youth on your side.

My best thoughts would be to see you own GP. Tell him what you have said here. He will be able to examine you, ask questions and maybe prescribe something to help. Usually physio is a good place to start together with some sort of pain relief.

Sorry can't be any more specific.


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Hi James I would go and see your GP and wouldn't aggravate it any further until you do - move around by all means to keep everything working otherwise you will find your back will seize up - he may refer you for physio - try a hot water bottle and couple of paracetamol they may help - I use hot water bottle when my back kicks in and it does go some way to soothe it. Wishing you well and take care.


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