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Lower back pain and sciatica

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Since having my daughter 17mnths agomy lower back pain is unbearable I went bck to work in a care home an i new it would make it worse so left that job an applyed for another which was another wrong move, I also have been suffering with sciatica which is awfull having physio, which isnt helping,im due to go back to work in my old job more travelling an being on feet all day,I feel like crying because I dont feel able to work anymore, sorry for the long winded pist but fed up.

12 Replies
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I have posted a couple of replies to '24 year old with chronic back pain and sciatica'.

Hope you find something on that post useful.

Hello Kagz,

I had lower back pain and sciatica for 6 years whilst at work. I was fortunate in being able to take ill health retirement.

I can only relate to how much pain I was in when I was trying to do my normal job and live with lower back pain. It was not sustainable.

It is likely that you are covered by the Equality Act 2010 for the purposes of being disabled. What this means is that you should be able to go and speak to your employer about making adjustments to your workplace. For example, if you are in a role that needs heavy lifting etc then you can ask to be put into a role that is maybe office based.

Please have a chat with your employer to see if that is an option for you?

Also, it may be worth going to have a chat with Citizen's Advice to see what else you can do.

Good luck!

Best regards,


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Thanks Dave but I'm a support worker working with people with learning disabilities supporting them in there work place,there would be no chance of a sitting down job,do u still have the back problems, and do u think I would get anywhere with speaking to citizens advice for help

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

I still have a bad back and I think that it could be helpful having a chat with Citizen's Advice. It seems ironic that you are giving the support and not getting any yourself.

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It's worth a chat with citizens advice nothing to loose

Thanks for reply ☺

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You are welcome. Good luck!

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See a chiropractor. Physio is not helpful for this condition.

The having seen a chiropractor see an Alexander Teacher. The medical profession know virtually nothing on how to use their hands to help with various conditions caused by muscle behaviour.

Hope this helps.

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That's really interesting that you've had lower back pain since having your daughter. Mine started straight after I had my son 12 years ago. No problems through pregnancy at all, or before. I had a caesarean, and have always wondered if there was a link? I now suffer from sciatica, constantly since February but I'm sure I've suffered from it on and off for a few years without realising what it was. Mine is caused by spinal stenosis and a prolapsed disc, plus I also have crushed discs, all at the base of my spine. I started off with physiotherapy, which didn't work, and now I'm due to have surgery on 14 September.

I'm sorry to hear how you're suffering, and can totally empathise because that's exactly how things are for me too, although I'm lucky in that I don't have to stand up all day or lift people, which would be impossible.

I would suggest taking to your physio and getting a referral for an MRI scan so that hopefully you can either get injections or be put on the waiting list for surgery. If your physio has realised that it's not working I'm surprised he/she hasn't suggested this to you already, as mine did but I opted to keep trying with the physio.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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kagz in reply to MumofSam

Well my nxt physio is at the end of the mnth so ill defo ask to be referred for mri because even the exercises arnt helping an feel worse the nxt day an ye ill let u no x

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Kagz, have you checked your vitamin D levels. ? (Not saying yours is the same as mine as we are all different,) but by taking 5000iu of vitamin D3 my lower back pain and sciatica and other symptoms went literally overnight. I see you too are also on the Thyroid Uk site so you might already be familiar with vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin.)

Just a thought, have you noticed if you feel slightly better in the summertime after being out in the sun or not ?

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Fultium d3 can make a big difference in days if it's due to vitamin d deficiency which is common in purple with an underctive thyroid. Also worth eating anti inflammatory superfoods.

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Hi jojo since my first post here so much has changed I got a new job we’re I can do as I please really at my pace I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia and take regular pain relief which I can say I still suffer with pain in back but not half as much as before.

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