I'm in agony with my lower back

The other night I fell off roof just below the second story window, I managed to get up and walk back to my room, however in the morning I found myself unable to stand up or walk without feeling extreme pain on my lower back, I've been laying in bed for the past day now unable to get around without crawling in a special way; which puts strain on my back so I chose to stay in be, I still feel mild pain while laying down but nothing too serious probably a 4/10 scale while laying down.

Any suggestions as to what this could be or how I should approach this issue?

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  • You sound like you need to see a GP or someone to check it or even phone your GP's surgery and ask for a GP call back as it sounds like you're not particularly mobile - they might want to refer you to A&E for assessment.

    It might be extensive bruising and some muscle strains etc. that might be sore for a while but I really doubt anyone here can advise you other than to ask someone to see you.

    Good Luck!

  • I'll see who I can get a hold of, trying to get up and go to the hospital and wait in a waiting room would be too much pain for me personally, and I'm guessing giving it a couple days and trying anti inflammatories and using ice packs for the time being probably wouldn't be the smartest hmm?

  • tbh, you need to discuss this with your GP :) If you've possibly bruised your kidneys or anything then they can assess the matter and tell you what to look out for - so altho' bed rest, NSAIDs and ice packs sound alluring when your back is being horrible, you do report quite a fall and I'd have no idea what a good course of action would be apart from to consult a knowledgeable person.

  • Ah I see well thanks for taking the time to reply ^^

  • They'll probably want to x-examine you as to whether you landed on your feet, face forward, on your back, hit your spine anywhere etc. etc. as it would all be relevant. I hope it works out well and that it all proves to be straightforward.

  • An xray or scan might just possibly be an option?

  • NO

  • Go to your doctor. Prob he will order x-rays of your back. That is how to start.

  • Do not mess around with your back, get professional help. Sooner rather than later!

  • I agree. However hard it is to get there please find a way of seeing a professional without further delay!!

    I slipped in the shower a couple of years back and unknowingly cracked a vertebra. You, however, fell from a roof!!

  • Rest up for a couple of days (no more) and then start gentle walks and then you can reasonably work out yourself if it is muscle, nerve, or if it is bruising, it's not rocket science, what you must not do is allow it to get into your head and start anticipating the pain, which makes you start tensing muscles and it can affect your psychological wellbeing and you do not want that at all, best Alex

  • Call 111. They will arrange and ambulance and the ambulance will make sure that you get transferred to a stretcher relatively pain free and there you will stay until you've had x-rays so you will be comfortable and supported. Please please call someone or your GP anyone you can't stay like that

  • Do be honest being in that much pain after a fall, I would advise you to call an ambulance, who would make you comfortable while you are taken to hospital and also while they do necessary x rays and scans. This would rule out anything serious. If you go to the Doctor he will probably send you to hospital anyway after a significant fall. Best of luck, hopefully it won't be serious and will just be bruising.

  • Hi I had something similar .I fell through a floor board and Mr I scan showed I have damaged 3 discs lumbar spine and nerve root impinge ment at 3 levels.I saw MSK Team at Leylands .Dr I saw was Fantastic he listened to what I had to say.He examined me thoroughly he was lifting and pulling my legs feet ankles back he did every thing as disc bulges are mild he has referred me to Pain Clinic.I thought great as long as this pain and pricing go I should be ok.I have been feeling quite ill .I couldn't get out of my bath my legs back shoulders all went stiff.I called my sister she came over she tried 4 times I couldn't stand up eventually she got me up and out of bath.a day or SO later I was walking to Asda and I had trouble lifting my legs again every thing went stiff.I now have to walk with a stick.Not a old persons one but I have a hiking walking stick.I keep loosing my balance .My memory is getting really bad .Had tests done I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica.It is attacking my immune system and my muscles all over my body especially front thigh muscles .Dr said I had tested positive for swelling and inflammation and pain which showed I think he said red flags or some thing like that.Any way I am on steroids small dose for 2 weeks .Dr ringing me Ties and we'd see how I am.And if steroids worked.I'm telling you this as trauma has caused all this.Go to your Go asap they should send you for ultra sound Mri. Don't delay .Chris

  • You're asking if we have any suggestions? Yeah get your hiney to the emergency room STAT.

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