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Advice please

Hi anyone out there on butaran patches iv recently been to my GPS to inquire on going on these now for my chronic spine pain as meds I take now no longer hit the spot also iv tried many other methods. My gp has said it's not his speciality so he's referring me to pain management as there the best to see me now although I attended a course of appointments seeing a pain management advisor several years ago I feel my gp is just passing the buck. Are there people out there who have had the patches giving from there gp are am I being over sensitive.Sorry if I rambled on lol.

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Hi, I use Butrans patches and they are prescribed by my local GP. I wear a 10 and a 5 patch. So I don't understand why you GP won't prescribe them........

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Thanks for your reply I don't understand either my partner is fuming with his reply of not his field he's a gp for christ sake but hopefully pain management will sort me out just got a long wait.


I also use butrans patches, the first time I mentioned them was at a visit to a young stand in registrar who never knew alot about them and wasn't allowed to prescribe them. She did however arrange them with my doctors surgery the same day. Have had no problems since although another doctor didn't know alot about them but looked it up on her pc during my visit. Are you not able to see another gp? Seems to me they just don't want to prescribe them. Hope you get something sorted asap xx


Thanks for your reply. I received my pain management appointment in the post the next day after my gp app so that was good well until I saw my appointment not until April so another 6 wks are so of waiting and pain. Iv saw two GPS at my surgery both saying the same I just think maybe my gp practice don't know enough about them which begs me to ask why not sure they should train up on new meds that come out. Just feel shunted around everywhere fingers crossed sorted in April x


Sometimes it's down to cost. My GP once said to me......DO you know how much they are costing the practice!!!

Sorry but I don't care, it shouldn't be down to money?.......


I think that's terrible to be honest.. I agree with birdlady1 though as when I went to see my surgeon and discussed pain medication. She told me that doctors are trying to get people off certain medications due to cost. It's a bloody joke. Feel for you I really do xx


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