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Unsolved Back Pain. Please Help

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Hello. For the past year I have been suffering with a chronic back problem with pain 24/7 with no relief and I don’t know what to do anymore. I have been to several physical therapists and many more, every single one doesn’t know what is wrong with my back. My symptoms are: pain 24/7 in all areas of my back, headaches all day everyday, all of my muscles are rock hard that message therapists can’t massage me (even though they try), I have muscle spasms everyday, sharp pains, aching pain, burning, and so much discomfort. If you have any idea what could be wrong, please say something. I forgot what it’s like to live without pain anymore.

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Hi there, you need to ask your GP to have a MRI scan if these symptoms have been on going for a year to try and get to bottom of it needs to be done on brain and spine leaving things can make things worse , good luck x

I would start with blood tests first.. then make sure ur super comfortable with your doctor..get a book and start writing doen any n all questions..symptoms..how long?.The mpre info u can give them..u will benefit in the end.Lastly.. consider Chinese medicine, if all else fails.For me..I was dying mentally n physically listeneing to doctors for over 12 years..then I took control of MY health n got answers for myself and way better off.. and Im alive.!. Wish u best of luck!


I can totally sympathise with you.

I’ve not had really bad back ache, I’ve been suffering with awful neck stiffness and pain, intense headaches, and a burning sensation in my shoulders muscles.

I’ve also had lower back ache which sends shooting dulls pains down my right leg, but not as bad as my neck issues.

my ears have also been blocked.

This lead me to go to A&E twice, not something I wanted but, I couldn’t get to see a doctor.

The first time they said it was an ear infection and the second they sent me home with medication for the pain after the blood test showed nothing. I managed to see my GP and they sent me for a neck scan which I’m waiting for the results.

I tried massage, acupuncture, physio, chiropractic, osteopath, you name it I tried it, it only gave me a few hours relief then I would tense up again.

However, I got so desperate as I was living on paracetamols and ibuprofen, and hot water bottles over the worse areas.

I could barely move and fed up I went to see a pain specialist privately.

After a good examination they suggested I had an MRI scan.

I’ve just had the results back, it’s shows I’m suffering from bulging discs in a few areas, which is affecting my neck area hence the pain.

I’m now waiting to hear back with recommendations as to pain relief and a plan of action.

I’ve also got an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s) and an underactive Thyroid which can also cause muscle stiffness.

I hope this helps.

Best Wishes


Have they checked your b12, folate and vitamin D levels, these can all cause back pain if low

You say; "all of my muscles are rock hard that message therapists can’t massage me (even though they try)".

Over contracted muscles require a lot of work to get uncontracted. The approach requires several therapies working together in parallel. No one therapy by itself will help.

First step see an Alexander Technique teacher.

Second step find a buddhist group who can teach you mindfulness and meditation.

Third step find a tai chi class which can help you move. Without movement no muscle is going to lengthen out.

Fourth step see a McTimony chiropractor.

You need all four to help towards improving your situation.

As the problem has been going on for a year I presume you have seen the doctors for medical examination.

Some people have a condition where the ligaments are lax and the muscles end up being tight trying to keep the joints together. It is actually much more common than people, including clinicians, realise. This could be a reason why your muscles are so tight. I have had good results from my osteopath to loosen up the muscles but at the same time my physio gave me exercises, mostly isometric ones, to strengthen the muscles in the right way to help support the joints.

If you can't tolerate massage then acupuncture may be the way to go. It may relax the muscles and reduce the pain enough for you to start moving more freely and things gradually improve from there. It worked wonders for me and I was sceptical, sometimes you just have to try everything and hopefully something will help. Hope you feel better soon.

I can empathise with you and the back pain. I have curvature of the spine. Oseoporosis has taken 3" of my height off. I am constantly in pain. Also been through all the therapists, etc. Now on prescribed co0codamol and liquid morphine.It's concerning that you have headaches all day. Have you seen an Opthalmologist>? 13 years ago, my headaches were diagnosed as GCA...Giant cell arteritis. Left untreated, you can go blind.Ask your GP for bloods.Hope you get answers, and relief, soon. All the very best to you.

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