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Hello, i cant deal with this anymore ive been having severe abnominal pain for months, other symptoms including nausea, fatigue, painful sex, pain when i urininate, dont get me wrong at the start the doctors were doing everything to help me diagnosed with ibs but for me thats not right 2 years down and all the ibs tablets later they dont want too know, ive had more and more symptoms arrise as the 2 years has gone on and im not being funny all i can think about is cancer and now all they can think is that im going loopy and need cbt and talking therapy! How can the doctors let me down this much its got to the point wherr i see no point in going back to complain, im a 23 year old girl and im living life as an 80 year old. I cant go out with my friends u cajt do anything some days im just in bed in unbearable pain. Please help me with advice xo

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  • Hi LV have you been checked out for Endometriosis? X

  • No i heard about it on one born this week so was going to ask about it when i can go doctors again x

  • Those are the symptoms I had with Endometriosis, a simple laparoscooy can confirm it x

  • Well after 2 years and many tests it won't be cancer.

    IBS is a horrible condition and affects more people than anyone realises. t can be controlled with medication...certainly to some degree anyway.

    I would suggest you go to the 'Pelvic Pain# forum and write what you have put here.

    They are knowledgeable on all aspects of abdomible pain ad sure they will help you.

    Good Luck and hope you get thi sorted


  • Thats the thing though ive had no tests thats why im so worried ive had one scan thats it..

  • I am sure if the Doctors had the slightest thought you had any signs they woul have tested you. Don't worry and go speak to the members on Pelvic Pain forum. You can have a very simple blod test to show there is no cancer after all this time


  • Hi Jessica,

    What scan was that?


  • You have every right to complain. If you don't, who will. It is your young life. You deserve to have it. Go on the internet. WebMD has symptom quizzes. Take some to see if you can eliminate the not problems. Then research the possible problems.. Don't allow the docs 100% power over you.

  • Have they looked into the possibility of endometriosis? If you are not happy with your doctor Jessica change to a new one. Hope you get the help you need. Hugs Sally x

  • Im going to the doctors in a minute to ask about it! My grans coming with me so i dont get fobbed off wish me luck!

  • Jessica I had endometriosis plus IBS your symptoms does sound like endometriosis-go to a gynae I regular doctor cant help

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