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knee pain when you talk about it no one listen or cares they think your faking.

so my brief story is as follows nearly broke leg at knee but while waiting for surgery put all weight on other leg started to get hip pain on the side i was now putting weight onto .

after surgery pain from the injury went but few year later started to get burning sensation in both knees that would make me what to cry the psin got worst at times couldnt walk and could stand for longer than hour even told i may be disabled in the future

then a pastor friend gave me some ointment to try i mocked him thinking how could it help as the nefication im on didnt so only took small amount my first mistake. the tesult was fabulous

i could sleep at nights withoit being kept awake with the pain , i can walk and stand longer my second mistake was not accepting more when offered at the time

convinced on this ointment ability to provide pain relief not cure it i gave some to a friend to try after his daughter begged me to help him and her mum who do not want to use tradtional medicine i hope it works fir them as it did for me the morale to the story is that there are things that can help dont give in

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Yes we shoulld try all possible options for pain relief, because what works for one may not for another. Herbal ointments and natural remedies work wonders for some as do traditional medicine. I get much releive from pain with a cold or heated pad and no side effects from tablets that way. Sometimesw more than one remedy used together works well also.

i agree but to get off that roller coaster of remembering if you taken your tablet today or not or panicking when you have run out or going through the expense of additional products like heat pad which have a great soothing effect still dont stop you feeling old acting old becaues of the pain but your correct one size dont fit all but should certinly try the closer you can get to longer term pain relief surley the more content you are rather than managing it on a daily basis

best wishes you sound in a good placeb

Hi I have several methods to help pain, not just one. We even discussed alcohol at our arthritis action meeting and a new process thats being researched and has been tested on serving soldiers. Not in a good place actually I am trying to manage the added pain of broken shoulder at present with no extra pain releif. It's called mind over matter and keeping busy distracts the mind from pain. I agree a long term solution is what is needed for many of us, but often not acheived. Yoga is an alternative many use these days also. Bye for now

Can you tell me the name of your fabulous ointment that's helped you so much, I have knee pain too, I hope you will share this news with me. From Penny.

hecametome in reply to rabbits65

hi not wishing to be rude but to be hinest i dont know the name and i dont care where he gets it from the the difference between before after is night and day . i dont have to work out if i can make it from the car to the shop . those with pain will know what i mean having to work out how far you can get on any particular day then suffering at night if you over done it . i still know and sense the injury but not the pain i wont say i got new knees either but thats how it feels as im not constatly thinking about them

an update on my friend i gave some to he has gone from wobbling shuffling to nearly running he walks so fast now i dont think he notices the difference yet his wife and i do and this was from just one application i was told to put it on for the first three days to see results which i did . however because my friend was guven so little having seen the results is determine to stretch what little he has i told his wife if he not going to use it as advised to give it back to me she refused she also has need and varicose vien pain but at his worst day her husband has been know to crawl

i dont believe its an over the counter ointment but when you in pain like i was constantly poping prescribe tablets yet still being in pain any other option was wortn considering ive got my life back at least for now great to feel normal again like a human again

Aaaaa- in reply to hecametome

I was given a gel called Pennsaid 2% ( it contained DMSO ) that I rubbed on my knee and got immediate relief.....I can’t seem to get it orthopedic surgeon said it was a sample and he can’t get it again. ( which I don’t understand ) If you can find it, it is a miracle ! Knee pain is dibilitating !

hecametome in reply to rabbits65

hi rabbit 65 (penny)

please see my reply to AndrewT

best wishes always

Dear hecametome,

How did the 'Humble Pie' taste, you know, the one you shared with the Pastor? Yes we have ALL 'poo pood' ideas, only to find that they work 'fine/great'. Sometimes, it really is, the 'Simple Things', that really help.

What is the Name, of the ointment, that you were given? I have a Weakness, in my right knee, an old injury from when I was in my Teens- you know when McDonalds did Brontosaurus Burgers and All the Children, helped 'Chase Down', a Mammoth for Sunday Lunch! NOT, to suggest' that I'm getting OLD, or anything....

Love the Name, by the way.


hecametome in reply to AndrewT

hi Andrew

please see my response to rabbit 65 happy to send some when i see the pastor next cant say where else it may or may not work all i know is that it worked or rather helped me and my friend with small usage and quiclky

best wishes

Pennsaid 2% gel......immediate was my life saver after tkr !

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