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hello guys i have had a shoulder injury 8 month ago i couldnt move my arm for 3 month and was in alot of pain now after 8month have gone i have full range of motion but any move i do causes alot of pain in the three heads deltoid muscles and radiates down to the triceps even when im at rest still in nagging pain i did mri and x ray showed nothing and i dont wanna do mri arthrogram because it can cause shoulder damage any ideas about what could be the problem ?? i feel like the 3 deltoid muscles are separated from eachother like a cut sensation deep in the muscle and triceps are there any radiographic tests i can do to asses the muscle damage except for mri cause i have already done it

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  • Hello Hosam, I had a broken shoulder five years ago, had nine months physio and I still get pain with over use. I would suggest taking light exercise to strengthen your muscles, but take it slowly as eight months is not long if it was out of action for three months. I don't have full use of my arm even now and recently this year I had a fall and it was three months before it got back to normal use as I jarred the joint in the fall. Take care and I am sure things will get better for you given time.

  • See a sports therapist. You may have over contracted muscles. Over contracted muscles can be very painful and need to be lengthened out. The lengthening out of over contracted muscles can be a painful process.

    Hope this helps.

  • Agree that physio might be useful. I would say to steer clear of anyone offering a steroid injection though - they can feel like they are doing good and give you a lot of relief initially, but there is now quite strong evidence that steroids injected into tendons can contribute to later tendon rupture (which could then only be fixed by operation).

  • i feel that the three deltoid muscles are separated from each other a deep cut sensation in them and in the triceps is there any tests other than mri i can do to asses muscle damage

  • This would have been picked up in an MRI scan. Muscle spasm could give the sensation of muscles separated from each other.

    If it is muscle spasm then the appropriate massage would help.

    Would suggest light exercise on left leg. This would get a response in the right arm via spinal reflexes. This is a practice and see thing as you need to work out by trial and error what is the best leg exercise to help with the right arm problem.

    Hope this can be helpful.

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