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Pain higher in shoulder


I’ve suddenly got really pain in my right shoulder as I move it it’s really painful and I can’t sit up in bed relaxing. Today putting cream in it started killing from not just my shoulder but from below below my neck.. going down my back alittle.. then into my shoulders. I can’t move my neck without it hurting so much. What can it be all of a sudden? Anybody understand? I have arthritis but it isn’t that kind of pain

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Muscle strain maybe...

If it's still bad in a few days, get it checked by a doctor.

SID123 in reply to Thehandyman

I just read up on that and it does sound alittle like that. Thanks for your helpful reply Thehandyman 👍🏼

Thehandyman in reply to SID123

If it open ease get it checked out, pain in that area is awful and you might need some physio to help you along.

Take care.

To the Handyman Pain in your shoulder can mean many things. It is in fact a sign of a severe heart attack. You need to get this checked out immediately with your Doctor in case it’s a heart attack, I will pray to God that it’s not.

My love and best wishes always

M-G (Melbourne Girl).

Please let me know how you get on handyman while I pray to God that it is not a heart attack



I have had pain in shoulders for years and neck, I know a lot about it, I did say they should get it checked..

Of course you should get it checked The-handyman. I just pray to God that it is not heart related. Do you have a good Doctor that you can see and trust? I pray to God that it is not heart related and it may be just arthritis or something similar. Of course no pain is good pain and it needs to be fixed

My love and best wishes always and if you would not mind once you get this pain checked and fixed letting me know how you got on.

My love and best wishes always

M-G Melbourne Girl



It's sid123 that asked about pain, I already know what's wrong with me.

Thanks anyway for your concern..

Have an amazing day! 😀 👍

Heart attack would be left arm pain not right arm.

bantam12 in reply to Charliejeal

Actually a heart attack can cause pain in both left and right arms, shoulders, neck, jaw and just about anywhere else, it's a misconception that it causes only chest and left arm pain.


Good morning, I suffer with this a lot it sounds like it could be a trapped nerve I could be wrong, but it sounds very similar. X😁

I suddenly got a lot of pain in my shoulder and with everything else going on felt quite disheartened by it. However my husband was had had it years before and was told by a musceloskeletal guy to do the sleeper stretch to help with it and also to stop it from turning into a frozen shoulder. Been doing it and it helps. You can look the exercise up on line. If done right it creates quite a bit of pain but then feels good after.

I've just recovered from similar it was so painful so I do sympathise

I would really recommend that if possible you get a telephone appointment with your GP

I was in agony and like you couldn't get comfortable lying in bed

Mine came on suddenly too I found a heatpad then ice - well a bag of frozen veg -😊 helped and Voltarol

I was lucky enough to also get a call from an orthopaedic nurse who was really thorough with questions and emailed exercises to me

I hope that you will start to feel better very soon as I know how painful it is

All the very best

SID123 in reply to Cat33

Your message sounds exactly how I’m feeling Cat33. So good to hear someone understands EXACTLY how I’m feeling. I try putting on voltarol but I can’t even massage the area without the pain being so bad. Today was absolutely awful. I tried to have a nap and then just could not get up- from my right side or left side. I had to plan how to get out and then did so almost crying away.

Cat33 in reply to SID123

My pain was in my shoulder blade above it in my neck and down my right arm I didn't know what to do with myself as I couldn't get comfortable sitting or lying in bed either side My doctor gave me Tramodol which did help I found that making sure I sat up as straight as was comfortable when sitting has helped me

It a really horrible pain and yes do understand

I am so thankful that it's going at last as it also had me in tears

Take care and I hope that you will see an improvement each day

Cat33 in reply to SID123

PS forgot to say the nurse told me when I went to bed to make sure my pillows were low and that my nose was in line with my chest I did notice an improvement lying a bit flatter

SID123 in reply to Cat33

I’m finding getting into that position really difficult. And I’m doing the opposite- putting my pillows high 🙈

Cat33 in reply to SID123

Oh dear poor you I do feel for you I really hope you find some relief soon

I've had it for four years, had chiropractor look at it, just got bruised, saw physio a few times, didn't help, what did help was gabapentin and deep tissue massages where the same area was worked on till it was very warm and a little numb and all pain was gone for a time. I have had two frozen shoulders in the ten years previous, left and right, but this problem runs along a certain point of the shoulder blade bone below, can never remember the name and am always told it is muscoskeletal, and an mri scan wouldn't help. May consider going private though.

Emma2017 in reply to greekqueen

Look up the sleeper stretch exercise. Developed by 2 musculoskeletal specialists to help with frozen and other shoulder issues early in the year 2000/2001. If done early on it can prevent a frozen shoulder which can last 18 months as you no doubt know. It’s a difficult exercise to get right and will only help if done right. I have done them and it helped with my shoulders.

Stretches definitely help as would yoga. I have slipped discs in my neck and lower back and can't kneel to do any floor exercises, also have Incontinence and asthma so exercise in general is tough. Something that I do love is aqua fit in the pool, but have to wait for gyms to open up again in Scotland.

Lila 😊

At first I thought mine was a strained muscle but while looking up something else online I came across Cervical Spondylosis, it seems probable as I have problems with all my spine and the symptoms coinside for so Ive found some simple exercises to do via Youtube and seems a bit better.

Though, as some comments say, it would be good to get checked out by a doc in case its a heart problem.

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