Frozen Shoulder

Hey, my mum has a very painful frozen shoulder, which means she can't move her arm, shoulder or neck properly without causing immense pain. She recently had an injection that was meant to help but it just made the pain worse. She is has been taking pain killers but they haven't been helping and I don't know how to help her or what she could do to get better. Any suggestions?

Jess x

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  • My mam had 2 frozen shoulders and it took them 4 years to decide to operate. You need to keep at your doctor. Had she seen a specialist. By the way. My mam is totally fine now. Good luck

  • Straining the muscles and ligaments in the shoulder joint over years causes this, I had the injections in my shoulder joints and it worked for about five years till all the heavy lifting and pulling about had caused all the stuff injected in my shoulders to leak out, the NHS limit you to five of these injections as your body cannot absorb the stuff so it is still floating around your body somewhere, so Every time it rains or when winter gets here then I suffer like hell with my shoulders, it's just like bone rubbing on bone or a very bad toothache in the shoulder,

    My sister had the operation done and left her worse off so I did not bother with it, tell your mam to go back to her doctor and get somebody to give the injection properly, if it is done wrongly it is not filling the gap between the should bones to cushion them from rubbing together.

  • Hi, when I suffered from it I went to a chiropractic. It worked a treat. So maybe mum could think about that.

  • I had a frozen shoulder many years ago. I had physical therapy for a few weeks and it cleared it up. It really works. I also used a pulley type physical therapy unit that i put over a door. It works out both arm movement -- up and down. It was very helpful.

  • Try a heat pad on shoulder for around 15 minutes then take it off and try a few gentle arm lifts and rotate shoulder a few times. Do this about three times a day and hopefully it will release itself. It worked for me so fingers crossed.

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