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Jaw pain

Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can relate to the awful pain I have in my right jaw, from me right ear to my chin, it's horrendous, had it checked by my dentist he says I have a little tooth decay under my back tooth and a crown, but he does not think this the cause, had ex rayed and examined me.

To no avail, I'm at a loss to know what else to do been the weekend,

I have suffered a previous HA several years ago, and remember having jaw pain, but that radiated up my left arm to my right jaw.

I have some Tramadol, painkiller but usually get bad reaction from this, as in fuzzy head ect.

But I desperate enough to take it right now, I'm feeling so down, and also have to take care of my husband with advanced Parkinsons .

This has slowly got worse over a few weeks to being constant day and night😥

Any one have any suggestion gratefully appreciated

Thank you x

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does HA mean heart attack? if so i would definately go to the A & E to get this checked could even be an ear infection. however none of us are doctors and as you have had this before all being it was slighly different an on the other side i would still go and have it checked. take an aspirin as thats what they give you when you have a heart attack. phone the A%Eand im sure they will tell you to come up. let us know what happens, i do know that tramadol can give one that feeling of fuzziness but its only because your not used to them and its nothing sinister, so dont suffer and dont be afraid of the fuzzy feeling its complety natural for poeple who are not used to taking them. please phone the accident and emergency. thats what they are there for. let us know how you get on, your doing a lovely thing looking after your husband with advanced parkinson, god bless you dear. love grace xoxoxo


TMJ Disorder.? Google it or search here (top right magnifying glass) I wrote about massage for it a while back.

Good luck.


It's in the reply to Odhrain1.


Thank you, madlegs1

I have looked through Google and u tube, tried to follow some of the exercises, but made the pain worse,

Think it's called TMJ..

Found my dentist was open today, and he called me in,

As I was in so much pain, had two injections, and a crown filed down to stop my biting to hard, and I also grind my teeth🙁 As it has infection in the gum line .. He thinks and have antibiotics ..

Have an app to have the crown removed next week..

Which has to be done under anaesthetic , as I take Warfarin and have to have stitches ..

He says I cannot have another crown, as to much damage there.. And an implant is quite prices I believe..

Still in a lot of pain,

Thank for showing concern. 😊

Just my neck and back pains to try and sort out now.!

Hoping you are keeping as well as can be


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Trigeminal neuralgia?

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Jaw pain is one of the signs of heart attack. Since its been several weeks it seems unlikely, but since you have a history I would make sure your heart is checked out thoroughly.

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I have had 5 heart attacks & open heart. When you have jaw pain they say to go right in to ER. You might only have one symptom please go get checked out. With my 1st ha I had every symptom known to man with the others I might of just had back pain on right side at bra strap area. Just wanted to say please when you have any symptoms please go. You can never be too safe!!! ❤️

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Thank you TaZMommy

I' have had a heart attack myself 11 yrs ago had 2 stents and a cardiac arrest, as I was as you say had very different type of pain as I think is common to some women, I had serious indigestion pains .. Followed by left arm pain radiating up to my right jaw,

But did not realise I was actually having HA so left it quite a while before I called my GP, who called the paramedics .

I have had my pain checked by my dentist sat gone, and he says it's a crown with decease in the gum, he gave me strong antibiotics.

What I do not understand is why when I have been getting this awful jaw pain, for so long before the dentist picked up on it..I've had X-rays ect, in the last few months .

I have to wait now to have in removed as I'm on Warfatin and have to stop it for several days

Sorry to hear about you're Heart attacks, to it really is something us ladies should be made aware of, more.. As to the quite different symptoms of HA . That we can have, unknowingly.

Wishing you the very best of luck and a healthy future 😊


Hi, I'm new to the forum, i have Trigeminal Neuralgia, or facial Neuralgia, as it's commonly known, mine started with tooth ache, that's what I thought it was, my dentist reassured me there was nothing wrong with my teeth, so went to doctors and he diagnosed TN, I take Gabapentin 900 X 3 times a day and this controls it, so get it checked out if you think this could be your problem, I know it makes you incapacitated. Good luck.

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Hi Lesley,

I think the pain is awful, I'm not sure that I do not have this as well,

Gabapentin is a strong medication , and one I cannot take unfortunately .. Due to kidney damage

I have Tramadol, which is not great as it very addictive.

Thank you and good luck to you 😊


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