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Facial pain... unending!

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Hi, I was diagnosed with myofascial pain many years ago. I also have EDS gastroparesis and fibromyalgia. I had an MRI a few months ago to test for any degradation in my jaw bone and there was none, luckily. However, I am in constant pain with my face and jaw. I cannot touch my face without pain. The pain affects my teeth, ears, neck and shoulders. I have a constant throbbing headache and I take all the over the counter painkillers, morphine patches and morphine, but nothing seems to help. I have also tried many meds in the past. Botox injections did help but the NHS doesn't do such treatmnet any more unless it is for migraine. I use heat pads, cold pads, supports, neck braces, etc.... Sometimes I am so exhausted from it that I just sit and cry, and I both dread and long for bed time, as I cannot sleep but am so tired. Does anyone else have this type of pain? Have you had any success with pain relief? How do you cope because I am slowly feeling like I'm going under with it all? Help!!!!

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Where do you live? I know In Canada they do Botox for this still . It’s threw a pain specialist dr.

Do you k ow what caused your condition? Was it shingles ? Cold sores ? Pressure on nerves?

Depending on what caused this there is surgery to help correct this also.

I see how painful it can be , I am a HCA and I take care of a senior with this condition,, some days she has so much pain she cry’s out the entire time I’m with her. Recently she got the Botox in the one nerve and it’s helped that area greatly. Also she takes anti anxiety meds to help her relax. Waiting for more Botox now for the other 2 nerve areas. I hope you can find some relief

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Can I suggest you see a chiropractor.


"TN pain arises when one or more of the three paired branches of the trigeminal nerve are damaged or irritated. Damage and/or irritation can be associated with a variety of different factors including: blood vessels pressing on the trigeminal nerve as it exits the brain stem, demyelination of the nerve associated with MS, nerve entrapment in the muscles of the head or jaw, damage from sinus or oral surgery, stroke or direct trauma to the nerve itself from facial trauma.

Advances in imaging have also lead to several recently published research studies that suggest many of these symptoms may have a root cause in injury and/or misalignment of the upper cervical spine that can create venous congestion or direct irritation of the trigeminal nucleus that extends down to the first two vertebrae of the upper neck. "

I cannot comment on the treatment. I know from my experience working with someone that in some cases TN can be reduced by reducing muscle tension issues in the shoulders. Tensions in the shoulders connect into the neck ect. The T'ai Chi classics say: If one part is tense every part is tense. The body is variety of systems inter related.

Muscle movement, tension and posture has a great influence on pain and discomfort. By working on all three may not be a cure for the problem. However, it could help reduce the problem. This is for you to investigate.

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Your headaches, jaw, facial pain suggest you may have GCA...Giant cell arteritis...inflammation of the temporal artery of the brain. Untreated, leads to irreversible blindness. Ask your GP for a blood test, and see an Othalmologist. 13 years ago, my GCA started with a headache from hell. Only steroids has helped. Best wishes.

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Thanks. I do get blurred vision and have had my eyes tested which I'm told are fine. I saw my GP today but she never mentioned this condition at all!

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Hope you haven't got it, but the similarities are there. Just a thought.

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When mine gets really bad I wear a neck brace. Only until the headache passes, and while at rest. Soft cervical collar for sleep, hard one for day. 2 days at most, just to let the neck muscles relax, and inflammation decrease, without weakening too much. Ice is amazing. Found some relief with Benadryl after nothing else worked. Investigating mast cell involvement. I do have some cervical stenosis in C 4-5, as well as occipital neuralgia.

Botox with eds can be disastrous if not administered with appropriate protocol!

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Thanks for your info. i do use a neck brace to ease tension, and I have had botox which really helped but it is too expensive now. Honestly could scream with the pain at the moment. It makes me feel so grumpy and irritable, as cannot escape from the pain.

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