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Jaw,ear, & juice coming out of my nose!

Hi to all,

I joined recently & reading others posts has given me some help & reassurance.

I am having a Fibromyalgia Flare up at present, fatigue & pain everywhere & foggy partly due to stress & some traumatic circumstances.

But what I wondered about is over the years I've had pain in my jaw & ears with a flare up, I've even had episodes of one side of my face falling,slurring words like I've had a mini stroke (not a stroke, checked out) I choke on food and water/juice comes out of my nose when I least expect it, so not nervous about eating.

Does anyone else recognise these symptoms as part of Fibro or arthritis?

I think the facial nerve is pressed upon by inflammation, but am I right.

I would be interested to know others experience & thoughts.

Kind Regards,


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Check out Bells Palsy??



I have fibro and have suffered with the jaw/ear pain. It's called TMJ

There is a lot on the Web about it. I have never had the face drooping but it does sound like bells palsy

Hope things get easier for you soon


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The GP said that Bell palsy lasts for months, so not that, but I think it must be TMJ and the inflammation may have pressed on the facial nerve. I will check out the the guide you've given me. Many thanks


Thanks Judi.


I too have experienced terrible jaw pain in the past. I was a school crossing patrol person and used to stand on a very draughty corner for an hour an a half a day. I went to the dentist thinking it was a wisdom tooth playing me up. The dentist took my tooth out to shut me up. I had pain every minute of the day but especially when I was eating. Eventually after to ing and fro ing between the dentist and the doctor they diagnosed TMJ (Tempular Mandibular Joint). In other words my jaw up to the ear was inflamed in the joint. I had pain killers and anti inflamatories but they didn't touch the pain. The only thing that worked was Albas Oil rubbed into the joint several times a day. I had to wear a plastic shield on my lower teeth to stop me from grinding my teeth in the night. I do sympathise with you and hope you get it sorted out soon. And to answer your question, YES, this is also a symptom of Fibromyalgia.

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Thank you so much, I too grind my teeth and I have been back and forth to the dentist. I've had this for probably 10 years


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