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Living With Chronic Pain Part 2

Hi All,

Been some time since my original post, I saw my Pain Consultant on Friday they said that I have a prolapsed disk at L4-L5 in my lower spine this is shown on an MRI scan. So it seems I have three separate things going on CRPS Type 1, majority loss of sense of taste & small along with the electric current/metallic taste in my mouth & the above.

I also have problems with going to bathroom, I get either constpaton or diarrhoea at first it was assumed that as all my other scans were clear it was thought it was the central sensation that has caused it, but it has become increasing harder to go to the bathroom, in some cases make it before the flood gates open… Can the root nerve being compressed cause this? 

I am in some much pain that I can't walk without limping now, my foot is painful to walk on, my hip is very tight, both legs are sore, I can't sit, stand without being in pain or discomfort which is all on my right hand side. The consultant told me that I could get my spine injected with some medication, but I have had this a long time so I want to push for surgery. How long is the waiting time for a micro endoscopic discectomy? It seems to work very well & quick to recover like 6 weeks? Which is nothing, if I got this done I can actually start looking to get my life back cause right now, I'm just wasting away I feel like an old man, how can that be right?

I have seen quite a few doctors, no one knows why I have lost my sense of smell/taste but since I took several serious blow to the head I guess that could do it? If you have had an injury to the head/neck shouldn't then do an MRI Scan on it?

The other issue is that my pain is so bad my pain medication isn't enough anymore I need something stronger than Codein Phosphate & Duloxtien what are the options now?

Onto of all that my consultant still thinks I have PTSD as well, so I have to wait until August to to see a shrink… The NHS is c*** when dealing with pain.

Any ideas on how to speed things up? I’m bored of watching Tv/Films I can’t really do much more than that.

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Hi Shakou I feel as if it was me saying exactly what I am reading 18 months ago mine was the L4/5 tried injections etc but ended up with an opperation I couldn't walk at al only on a zimmerframe it was a nightmare poor you .Shakou I have to say it has been a long haul 5 months but I am getting there I can drive now living on your own makes it worse ( mine was a car accident) as for the toilet I found  Dulcolax very gentle on the stomach take one first thing in the morning.i know another lady had the disc removed and she is fine try to push for surgery but with a Nuorosurgeon I hope this helps and please let us know how you get on God bless lots of love to you Spoon39


Hey thanks for the post, spoke to my GP finally anyways so I'm going to get the injection into the spine, but my GP agrees that to putting me on the surgery list I'm fairly straight if I can be cut open & everything put back as it should I'm all for it. I'm not bothered about surgery I just want to get on with it. I don't want folk to feel sorry for me, I believe in science & hard work. Most importantly I want to get off medication & get on with my life.


Sorry to hear about your increasing list of issues,  it really does feel sometimes like it doesn't rain but it pours. To help in one area,  the constipation is usually caused by the pain meds.  Drink lots of water,  eat fruit and try some laxatives. Unfortunately it's a part of the whole chronic pain package. 

I certainly don't want to put a dampener on things,  but the surgical option isn't always a 100% guarantee of success. Various feedback ranges from no pain improvement and same pain levels to a more manageable pain level.  I really do how that the surgery does help,  but it is always best to go into these things with all the information. 

Fingers crossed for less pain for you soon 



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