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Chronic abdominal pain


I've had this problem for 2 years now I'm in so much pain,can hardly walk some days and had Mri and other scan where they put a fluid into your vain and with no avail or real conclusion of my problems they my consultant has but it down to nerve problem,I've tried all strong medication,opioids,duloxine,gabapentin,morphine ,I am now on the fentanyl patches 25m every 3 days ,sevradol, cyglizine for sickness and lidocaine patch on the point of where my pain is just found a little relief ( I'm getting so fed up ) I had a great life before all this hardly any :( my consultant is going to try me on pregabilin anyone taken this an what results ? They are getting to the end of trying things they say ,I can't think of my life being like this forever I'm 54 sorry I seem to have gone on forever x

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hi kayunderwood its a pain i know i had the same treatment that you had but mine was for having three disc and a trapped sciatic nerve damaged your not on your own i'm in the same boat has you the only thing i can same and its the only thing i can say the medication works ok but sometime you think its isn't. im 48 years old and my consultant said to me that i have this for the rest of my life. the only comfort i can offer is i hope you can cope with some of the pain the tablets will help what side effects are for you i'm not sure everybody is different let me know how you get on kind regards bigalan

I suffer chronic abdominal pain due to adhesions. Pregabilin has worked brilliant for me. 150mg twice daily

That's what they said to me adhesions and damaged nerves do to previous operations ,he says I will start on the low dose and work up overtime till I get to 300mg ,if you don't mind me asking what kind of life to you have ? Eg be able to work etc

Take a look at as you may be able to consider spinal cord stimulation as your pain is thought to be nerve pain.

"Nerve problems" the new word for psychosomatic?

It is now time to start investigating the area that the medical profession know nothing about. This is the area where muscle behaviour has a great deal of influence on the creation of pain. If you have noticed the behaviour of your medical consultants you will have noticed that they are unable to use their hands to work with the muscles of the body.

Using the hands to work with muscles is a highly skilled craft. Many in the complementary medical side of medicine have this trained skill.

To understand how the medical profession have let you down you have to look at simple biology. Muscles are comprised of many muscle fibres. Muscle fibres are grouped together with a nerve input which orders the group of muscle fibres to contract. There is no nerve input which is present which order the muscle to uncontract. The nerve input in the muscle fibre group stops giving the order to contract. The lengthening out of muscle often occurs when other opposing muscle groups of muscles contract. This is one of the reasons why yoga is such a good health system.

Going though muscles are capillaries. A capillary is one blood corpuscle wide. When a muscle contacts the capillary is compressed and no blood can travel though the capillary. When a muscle contracts and fails to uncontract the capillary remains compressed shut. When the capillary remains shut: no nutrient can travel to the muscle and no waste products can be removed from the muscle a recipe for pain and discomfort. Pain killers cannot deal with this problem. To deal with the problem you have to uncontract the contracted muscles.

The people who are trained to deal with muscle spasms are yoga teachers. McTimony chiropractors, Massage therapists. My experience of Physios in the NHS is many physios have no idea how to deal with a muscle in spasm.

Muscles can go into spasm as a response to faulty posture behaviour. There are spinal reflexes which are muscle control mechanisms controlled by the spine. The brain does not control these reflexes very effectively if at all. Alexander Teachers can help you learn about how to improve your posture and reduce your pain and discomfort. McTimony chiropractors can release some of the muscle spasms in the back which will help reduce your pain and discomfort.

You have had the muscle problems for a long time and they have become ingrained habit. It is going to take a little while to undue the bad habits and replace them with better muscle habits.

Hope this helps.

i got the mri thing for mine turned out it was diverticulitus, a bowel prob. i got an extra bit and it pains my bladder at same time. nurse said drink these 4 cups of juice and we will scan you in 30 mins, i replied "if i could drink that and wait 30 mins i wouldnt be getting the scan" lol

maybe worth looking at? good luck, jim

I suffer from chronic abdominal pain and have since I was 16 (I'm 18 now) The only pain killers that have worked for me is tramadol and amitriptyline. I would recommend asking your doctor about amitriptyline as that's the only reason I am able to have upto 2 hours mild physical activity

You should also ask if you're eligible for a nerve block, a tens machine and ask if acupuncture would be beneficial. I've tried, gabapentin, pregabalin,paracetamol, diclofenac, acupuncture and tens which haven't worked for me but hopefully they will work for you!

Hello Kayunderwood and I was really sorry to read about your pain and all the meds you have taken to try and help them. I suffer with PHN (Post Herpect Neuralgia) on the left side of my torso, which is nerve pain - started after I had a bout of shingles following a kidney transplant. I currently take a mix of Pregablin (Lyrica) and opiates (Oxynorm/Oxycontin) for when the going gets really tough. Opiates really are the only meds which kill the pain for me, but over the years I've noticed I do need more to do the same job, so you have to be very careful. I used to use Lidocaine patches which worked really well, but as I kept using them on the same area of skin for many years, I have now become allergic to this. If opiates haven't helped you, I'm not sure that pregablin will do it either as it is not as strong, however a combination might help you. Presumably you are under a Pain Clinic, but if you find they are not helping, then find another one to transfer to or get a second opinion. Unfortunately, there's no cure for nerve pain, so management is key. If you want to PM me I can send you the details of a great FB group set up to help PHN sufferers/anyone else with nerve pain. It's definitely helped me get through my darkest hours!!

Kayunderwood in reply to Kate-L

Hi thanks for info very interesting to know I'm not on my own and yes I would like the FB page , will just have to see how it all goes and as usual keep my chin up once again thank you x

Hi Kay,

I don't know if you or your doctors have considered an inflamed Gall Bladder? You may have already gone down this road so if so just ignore my information!

When you say 'nerve problem'…what do they mean? As the medications they have tried with you are not 'fun' medications to have to tolerate….and they don't seem to be helping if you've tried all of them.

At 21 yrs old - I'm now 45, I had lots of abdo pain 'attacks' and like you had good health prior. I had so many tests and nothing showed up. Finally, a gastroenterologist told me to see a psychologist!

About 18 mths later out of desperation I saw an iridologist and she said to go back to my GP and look into my gall bladder. A long story short, I had some tests, still not 100% inconclusive but there was some evidence GB wasn't working well.

I found a surgeon that would do key hole surgery and he took it out - it was definitely inflamed and very sick!

No abdo pain after that. I wish I had kept it for gastroenterologist to show it to him….with a few choice words!! However, I was only 21 and didn't have the courage to stand up for myself.

Whatever is going on for you I hope you get to the bottom of it. The abdomen is such a hard area to diagnose. Just thought it was worth mentioning the gall bladder.

Have you tried a nautropath or acupuncture? All the best :)

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