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Chronic back pain

Hi everyone I've suffered chronic back pain for a few years now but recently its starting to get worse.

Just last week the pain started in my lower back where I usually get it on the left of my lower back then seem to move to the other side, then I started getting pains all around my right hip and affecting my inner thigh, but the last time I was at the doctors I discovered a small lump on the right side of my lower back close too my spine they told me they thought it was just a fatty lump, I'm now taking paracetamol and codine together but don't seem to be touching it,tried hot and cold methods but nothing works, can anyone shed any light on this for me or advise me on some other pain relief cause what taking isn't helping

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Hello Andy

You don't say the diagnosis for your back pain. Knowing the reason or cause would enable the right course of drugs and treatment to prescribe.

Tell your GP the pain relief is not working. Ask for a referal to Pain Clinic and physio.

As to your hip. That could be a number of things. Arthritis in he joint. Burcitis which is very painful or pai from your back.

But get back to your GP as first port of call

Pat x


Hi Pat,thanks for your input,if it helps last year I was told I had sciatica and years ago I had to have cortisone injections in my right hip cause it was clicking and causing pain,the doctors never prescribed me anything bar paracetamol and codine and basically told me to get on with it


change gp and ask for painkillers that work as paton said ask for physio and a referral maybe a specialist too push for MRI scan don't just sit back let them boss you its your body and you know where the pain is

Good luck

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Hey there. I'm experienced in low back pain. I'm on lyrica for nerve pain., percocet and soma,a muscle relaxer. It helps a bit but still suffering. Getting double esi injections. Keep moving its important. Doing nothing makes it worse. And don't take lyrica and soma mrelaxer at same time. Spread out time cause it caused me double vision. Good luck


Hello Andy

Over the last twenty odd years I have had a lump on my neck next to C2-3 they said then it was a fatty lump, so I have just put up with it.

When I changed my GP she eventually saw the lump and has decided to get a scan taken, my last GP decided to leave it alone as it was to close to the spine, not they think it could effect the nerves in the neck so I am away to hospital on Tuesday to have it looked into. As my old GP said about me do not worry it is attached to a fatty as well, I suppose some GP have a sense of humor



Try a tens machine but of course go back to the GP and ask for a referral to a specialist. A physio would be useful in the meantime


I too have chronic back pain it was all in my lower back caused I was told at the hospital by 2 discs and also arthritis. I have had an awful problem getting pain relief but now have regular Gabapentin capsules for the nerve pain and co-codamol as and when. It doesn't go away but I do get relief for some of the day. I feel for you


Hi there I have had this fatty lump on my lower back in the past and they said the same to me but it did evenichilly get less painful. I had massage therapy to loosen it and it helped a lot. They said it was scare tissue from an old bulging disk . I had totally forgotten about it until I read your post about your back !

Hopefully yours will go away too.good luck .


Hi Andy,

Sorry you are struggling. I apologise to anyone who has suggested this but in my ( lengthy, painful


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