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Duloxetine Withdrawal Living With Chronic Pain Part 3


Long time no post, sorry for that been busy with just living & trying to make my way through this world, I have stated working more, taken on more responsibility although part time self employed…

2 weeks throughout a 3 week pain management course been useful, thought not all that relevant for me. My family will not accept pain is a permeant disability & I thought I was in denial! Go figure, anyways I’m going to use 2nd quarter to push/fight way through to better health I need to lose weight. Cutting back on booze/weed I’m sure will help.

Which brings me to duloxetine withdrawal, I’m on 50mg/day.

I don’t see really anymore how it helps, in fact it makes life more complex for me, thus time to junk it. I have what I need from the above course etc to deal with pain.

My main concern is coming of this drug, I’m very sensitive to any meds, I get very bad nightmares, my temperament is totally out of character, I get very pissed off, which bad for a trained fighter I don’t want be so scary to people especially my family, where I’m planning to be whilst I withdraw.. This happens everytime change my dose.

PTSD can me make very pariod, hard to explain unless you experience it. Thought when it happens to me, don’t be near me, when I have bad day I get very pissed off.

I’m planning a 40mg drop this week, 30mg the week after, then 20 mg after that, then drop it days apart until I’m finally off it. I can’t wait… it is messing with my head big time.

I’d be very happy to hear any advice about coming off this drug. It is evils in many ways!

I’m back my bikes, working out, I’m fucked with weight lifting at the moment though I’ll figure it out, it just really makes very fucking angry that one my arms doesn’t work right. The rest I can live with!

I have found my TENS, Meditation, visulation to potent in recovery. I also do my physical therapy exercise help a lot, my fitbit is useful, my resting heart rate is dropping a lot right now.

Thanks guys, stay safe & happy

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Hi. My experience with Duloxetine was that I had to drop doses even slower than in 10mg decreases. I took the capsules apart and removed between 10- 20 grains for one week then doubled it the next week. I carried on this way and it took me about 3 months but with few side effects. I am glad I am off them. They didn't help my pain just drugged me up so that I didn't care that I was in pain.

Good luck and I hope that it goes well for you.

By the way, I also had extremely vivid dreams on Duloxatine - and sleep .. I think I slept most of the day away and whilst my husband says "sleep it good" he will soon change his mind after a while, I'm sure.

My son came off Duloxetine last year. He actually ended up coming off faster rather than slower because he hated how it made him constipated! He put up with the withdrawal, and was really glad that he just did it. Don't get me wrong, it was a step down and directed by the GP, but he could have chosen to get off it slower but decided that as it was messing with his brain so much he just wanted rid of it.

And you are so right about the other things you can do to cope with pain/ We use a lot of distraction in our house, usually centred around watching comedy and having a good laugh with the ones you love!

Good luck, I hope you find the right levels for you.

If you find you are having brain zaps slow down your lowering of it. What does your doc think, because long term pain makes your neurotransmitters in the brain misfire and That is what Dualoxetine helps with. It makes your neurotransmitters more normal decreasing long term pain Depression. I have been told not to stop taking mine as I will be in chronic pain for life, but I know when I run out and miss them for a few days, the withdrawals are awful!!!!!!!! Better done with medical assistance, in my opinion. I wish you the best of luck, as reading your angry feelings could be seriously exacerbated by stopping this med too quickly. Hugs.

Hi there, I've just last week dropped down to 30mg. I started at 90mg and now down to nothing. I didn't even realise what this shit medicine was doing to me. I was always sweating profusely. It's stopped now. I can actually take a shit (tmi) I've lost 4kg and I'm sleeping like a champion. The withdrawals are hell. I'm starting a new antidepressant tho as I know i need it. Just not this cymbalta shit. From my tone you may notice I'm kind of angry. I have been angry for days. O feel like the Incredible Hulk about to rip someone's head off if they even look at me wrong. The dreams I am having coming of this junk are horrible as well

I came off Duloxetine last year (I'd been taking it for three years). Despite a reduction designed by my GP over a three month period, it was a nightmare: brian zaps; fibromyalgia like pain; sleeplessness etc. I found the best information came from the US drugs agency. It was a massive relief

My family have said to me, that I have changed in the past 6 months, which goes along with medication levels being increased. Like I'm a different person...

I am a lot more angry (like most of the time) I pissed off very easily, never used to now look at me wrong I want to snap you in half, my anxiety has gone through the roof, I have bad depression a very negative outlook, I'm doing things totally out of character. Something I would have never have done ever before. I have been drinking heavily to deal with all these negative emotions. I have lost my sense of taste & always have a sore throat & bunged up I drink lots of water... Oh I have put on a lot of weight 14KG over weight now! Oh I get horrific nightmare on this drug too.

Can this drug cause this? If so then I'm horrified what it has done to me, how can it even be legal!

To be honest I don't think I need to any meds like this, the are doing harm...

calliejx in reply to Shakou

Hi Shakou I was only on this drug about 3 months and found that it didn't suit me at all pain wise plus I was having bad nightmares... coming off it I had the most horrific nightmares, really vivid dreams that I could never imagine I could have. It was frightening. It was for about a week and a half but after that I was fine. Good luck ..

I have an active imagination mine goes into overdrive for no reason at the best of times, though I do work in a creative job, working with colour & light so I get so very crazy dreams on this drug. I once thought in a a dream I was John Connor being chased by a terminator! I'm planning my drop to 30mg tonight. Though I won't push it anymore than until I see my GP. If change to quickly my behaviour goes very weird, I'd end going on mental probably trash something! So I have be careful, lets just say the last this med was up I started throwing things around & I tried to smash up a self service till it a shop! Yeah mental right!! My advice to anyone messing with any drug like this be very careful!

Well I have dropped down from 50mg to 30mg in less than a week. I have really bad stomach cramps, this drug is fucking poison!

I hope the ride isn't too rough on the way down, I'm hoping to hit 20mg mid next week!

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