Diabetic and antibiotics

I have a friend with Diabeties who stock piles antibiotics . Over the last 8 years or so he has not taken them when he has an infection but keeps them and uses them as a pain killer instead. I have tried to explain to him  that a whole course  have to be taken but to tell you the truth the infection always go without him taking them anyway.  I am concerned that taking  a couple for pain every so often is harming him or he will get antibiotic resistant when he has a really bad infection. Thank you for any words of wisdom and advice

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  • You are right to be concerned about your friend. To take antibiotics regularly will eventually stop working to fight infections so he is risking his future health. However it's interesting to find that the occasional antibiotic works for pain relief. I would be tempted to try it myself lol.

  • I think you will probably find that most tablet bottles have details on them about how long the bottle will last once opened.  I should imagine if he is stock piling them like that they will be well past their use by date.

    Also, as already said he will be building up a resistance to them which will mean when he gets a bacterial infection they will not work properly for him.

    Best to try and persuade him to speak to his doctor or his pharmacist about it and they will be able to advise him.

    I've never heard of antibiotics working as pain killers, unless he does actually have a painful infection that the antibiotics are getting rid of.  But again as lowlife says, you have to take the whole course for that to work.

  • Hi UKmsm14,......,.i 100% agree with you regarding it can be dangerous to stock pile as all medication only has a certain life time & everone should check the expiry date on all medication, IE some only last 12months so always veer on the cautious side , it's to important .

    Peggy 🌹

  • Whilst I'm not dismissing your concern for your friend but if antibiotics can help with pain then we're all missing a trick aren't we?? Where did get the idea or information that they're pain relievers? We'll all started asking for them!!

  • Thank you. He takes just 2 literally every so often  not the whole course at a time. So it could be 2 today nothing for 3 weeks then 2 more  4 days later . And really did not know whether this sporadic taking of them was actually doing anything at all.

  • HiSandyshade"....... All antibiotics have to be taken for the full course the doctors prescribe & continous not missing out any day  to get the full Benifit  hope Alls well soon


  • I have to echo the above advise. The stockpiler really aught to be frank with their GP.

    I have heard of certain antibiotics having pain relieving qualities. Discovered much in the way that some anticonvulsants can relieve some nerve pain. I would advocate leaving this expertise to pharmacists and doctors who know the full meds list and ailments of each individual sufferer.

    Regards Rib 

  • I think, perhaps, that the pain relief concept may all be in his head - a powerful thing imagination.  But, then again, it might not be fitness.mercola.com/sites/f...

    What is concerning is that not only is he building up his resistance to any and all antibiotics by taking them in this manner, he is also damaging the health of his microbiota, which will leave him wide open to more and more infections and poor general health medscape.com/viewarticle/85....  Sadly those bacteria that cause us harm are often stronger and more resistant than the ones we rely upon to keep us fit.  It is a dangerous game he is playing - though it is his life he is playing it with.

  • Antibiotics May Relieve Back Pain Symptoms

    By Peter Russell

    WebMD Health News

    Reviewed by Farah Ahmed, MD

    WebMD News Archive

    May 10, 2013 -- Taking antibiotics could relieve symptoms of chronic lower back pain for up to 40% of people, according to a new study.

    Danish researchers say they've found a link between many cases of back pain and infection from bacteria.

    Some experts have questioned how many people are likely to benefit from this treatment. Others have cautioned that boosting antibiotic use in the face of growing resistance could be counterproductive and lead to more superbugs.

  • I can concur on the use of antibiotics working on back pain. Over the years when ever I have had an abscess on a tooth root and there have been a few, while taking antibiotics the pain goes away. After explaining this to my latest doctor he has finally agreed that I am suffering from chronic Lyme's disease and has given me a long course of abs after consulting with Liverpool where I will be going next! A really weird disease is Lyme's, as I have had so many odd symptoms over the past 40 years, which is really wearing.

  • I hope you feel better soon. He only takes the odd  2 every so often not full courses so I honestly do not think  by taking them this way it would work.  But would love to find out that they do help

  • You have not said which antibiotic.  Erythromycin which is an antibiotic is one of the best anti-inflammatory drug around.  Google erythromycin anti inflammatory.

    I have taken erythromycin for painful conditions caused by tissue inflammation.

    Your friend may or may not be doing something sensible and there is a good possibility that they may be taking an action that saves part of his body from being amputated or protecting them self from blindness.  One does not know.

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