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Back pain cured with antibiotics

Has anyone experienced taking antibiotics for back pain.

Follow up tests on disc tissue taken from sciatic sufferers revealed the culprit to be Propionibacterium acnes, a slow growing bacteria commonly associated with acne and routinely found on the skin and in the blood.

There were many newspapers in the UK in 2013, reporting that antibiotics could be the new miraculous cure for back pain sufferers.

If anyone has been tested for this bacteria or knows where one can be tested in the UK, or has experienced a course of antibiotics please make contact.


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If you search on here you will find a lot of discussion about it. I think Liverpool, London and Wrightington Hospitals use this therapy.

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Thank you for getting back to me.

Very much appreciated.



I remember a year ago I was taking a course of antibiotics for a dental abscess and my back pain did in fact get better at the same time as my abscess. According to my doctors I have had acne for the past 40 years, but I proved it was a reaction to dairy, though they think I am a nutter and normally dismiss me from the surgery as soon as they can. My latest findings seem to make me believe my excruciating knee pain is Gouty Knee (DR Google) and stopping most purine rich food in my diet has helped no end, been nearly three weeks now and I even managed a short run yesterday and the day before ( a few yards only) but far more than I have managed in thirty years.


Most health issues do begin in the gut. Heal the gut, heal the pain.



Do you live in Uk?

Interesting you mentioned Acne.

Please read an article on net IS A BUG THE REASON FOR YOUR BACK PAIN

Daily mail online

Article by Dainne Spencer.

I have anal problems which began with low back chronic back pain on waking 10 years. And like you you we visit the doctor and they think your nuts.

I am wanting to have this test for Propionibacterium acnes, a slow growing bacteria commonly associated with acne and routinely found on the skin and in the blood. Interesting you mention acnes.

I believe I have had a slow growing bacteria in my discs for years!!!!!

It has got to the stage now that this chronic back pain on waiting is effecting my bowel. I have some prolaspe issues however my predominant pain early morning on waking from my back always felt as though it was dragging into my anus. In fact I am sure of this. Although back specialists see no connection.

It has got to the stage now that I have been offered surgery Ventral rectopexy by a private clinician to try to lift things, but this in itself is complicated stuff with mesh etc. I shant go into the depth of the surgery.

May be you can also reasearch if testing is available in UK for this bacterial infection on the NHS.


Google "erythromycin anti inflammatory effects".

I taken erythromycin for serious neck pain circa 2000, serious back pain circa 2003, serious arm pain circa 2008 and circa 2013. Have written several posts on this subject on pain concern.


Thanks John,

I'm not an academic and find reading this stuff difficult to be blunt.

Any idea where I can get testing for this bacterial infection on the NHS?

I have evidence of herniated disc problems 2001.

And now my problems are so bad that all this could one day lead to a colostomy so I shall not go into depth.

I am sure antibiotics may help but also realise there may be some a down side to take antibiotics for long term which may also have adverse effects at a later stage.

Would be good if you could get back to me.



Testing for bacteria would not help. What would you do with the test results?

Unfortunately one has to do the reading to persuade the GPs and consultants to get improved treatment. The reading can be difficult. The trick is to read it fast and then reread it a bit slower. Then give it to the consultant or GP to read.

My experience of taking erythromycin has always been short term. One week with the exception of one occasion where I had to take it for two weeks.

I can give out where the information is. I can give a little of my experience. I cannot make the decisions for you for your particular life situation. To draw conclusions for your own particular life situation and persuade the powers that be who decide on the treatments you must do the reading.


You can be tested for this treatment. If you search on this website you will find details. We all got a bit excited about it on here about a year ago but the treatment only applies to certain back pain conditions linked to bacteria which settles round the discs. It wouldn't help everyone with back pain, or so they say! John's experiences would say otherwise. The hospitals I mentions in my first reply to you, test and treat with long term antibiotics and I'm sure there are more.


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