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Strange Pain

Hi guys

Hoping I could get some help on here

So I suffered out the blue lower back pain for about a year it randomly stopped last October and then this facial pain started straight after

I get pain on my cheek bones, between my eyes on the bridge of my nose. It's more of a pressure type pain, like someone is pushing down on my face. Nothing makes it worse and nothing brings it on its constant every day but the level of pain is different each day. The pain moves around.

I've seen gp's, 2 neurologists, 2 ENT people, had accupuntre, massage, osteopath sessions, eyes tested, reiki, been given different meds but no one seems to know what it is and I hate taking meds just randomly. All my MRI scans have come back clear, otc painkillers not helped

Only slight relief I get is cold compresses

Tonight I've noticed I'm having trouble sleeping on both sides of my face, doesnt hurt to touch it's pain within still like a pressure type pain

Has anyone experienced this type of pain?

Docs have said migraines, a typical face pain,

I'm not convinced on either conditions

Please help ?


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Trigeminal Neuralgia???


I wonder whether Sandy us right on this one as one ofmy bosses had something similar.

Just a thought as you don't seem to have mentioned it but I had something similar when I was in my early 20's and ended up at an ENT Specialist who was puzzled and sent me to his friend a dental specialist. It was a deep seated trouble with three of my teeth that had referred pain elsewhere. When the one was treated and the other 2 taken out the pain disappeared. It had not shown up on the dental Xrays the local dentist had done.

Also with the pain of fibro we can tend to grind our teeth and this can refer pain into the bones of the face. I get this alit.

Do hope you get some answers and then treatment.x


I'm going to see another dentist tomorrow to check over my teeth. I don't think I grind my teeth there's no evidence but I'm really at a lost. Urrrggh X


Let us know how you get on.x

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It's a different type of pain tho mine is constant, pressure tightness pain in both sides of face. TN is electric sharp intermittent pain. So I don't feel I have that


trigeminal neuralgia can be a really excrutiating pain (that comes from some kind of nerve malfunction right in the brain). Trigeminal neuritis is different - its more of an irritating nerve pain that comes from an irritated or slightly compressed nerve that is much more superficial - still nasty, but not the kind of pain that just about drives you to think suicide (as I have heard trigeminal neuralgia described). Dentist might be useful if they could do a jaw MRI to check if there is any nerve compression.


Fibromyalgia ?


My brother has trigeminal neuralgia. It sounds as though it could be that. He has had surgery and is doing much better.


TN is like a sharp shooting pain like electric bolts go through the face and generally only one side affected. And its intermittent. With my pain it's constant pressure tight pain on both sides. So I don't feel I have that


Do you suffer from stress or anxiety, I ask because my wife does (manic depression) and she has very simalar symptoms. I could a bad pain in a area for weeks/months they gone and a pain else where for a long time. I hope I haven't given more stress.


Yeah I did get stressed easily and this pain is causing my anxiety

Does your wife take anything medication wise? Or do anything ?


I've had migraines in my face, and it's a dull pain, but I've never had it without other migraine symptoms such as tunnel vision, flashing lights, dots, nausea etc, plus I've never had one last a long time! I do have chronic sinus problems, and this is across my face near my cheekbones and between my eyes, above my nose, extending across my forehead. This is a heavy, pressure type feeling. Have you tried a saline nose spray, to flush the sinus should feel different when you do it if it is a sinus problem! It could also be dental so recommend getting that looked at too! Hope you get to the bottom of it soon xxx


Hi bails sorry for all your pain , I have very similar pains in my face jaw and head. I take various vits and tramadol 5 HTP and apple cider vinegar. I think the pains I get are helped by these things and are not so severe. I'm always looking for something new. Wish you well.


Can I ask what vitamins u take ? And apple cider on its own or mixed ? :)


The back pain would make me wonder if it might be useful to see a rheumatologist? other than that I guess if the cold compresses relieve it, then keep those up.


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