Hi, I'm 16 and for almost a year and a half I've had lower back pain every day. It started with pain in my testicles, because it was reffered pain. The doctor said that I may have torn a few muscles in my back. The pain got worse and two months later I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my L5 and my disk was slipping. I did a month of acupuncture, school started and the pain got even worse. I began getting migraines too. After a month my dad and I had to fight through doctors to get x-rays and CT scans. They said there was nothing wrong. I then did two months of physical therapy. Pain was still there so I did a month of bikram yoga. A couple months later I went to a different doctor and she said my disk is slipping so much that its shutting down muscles in my legs. The pain won't go away no matter what I do. Please help.

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  • Hi Noah. Welcome to the community. Has the doctor prescribed any medication for your pain? Regards Rib

  • Physical therapy was recommended and I did that, I've gotten inserts for my shoes because I have flat feet, and doctors have recommended pain killers but I don't like taking them

  • And thank you

  • To be frank I don't like taking my 21 medications every day but with a profile like mine I am just grateful that I am still alive. It is going to take time for your spine to heal. Assuming that they have corrected the alignment of your disc. If they haven't then maybe you could talk with your father about seeing a chiropractor to get your spine fixed. As for the pain in the mean time it is up to you. If you can bear it all well and good but if you can't tolerate the unremitting pain to your lower body... That is what pain relief is there for Noah. It isn't a case of being strong or brave it is that at times we need a bit extra help to get through it.

    BTW you made a good step in joining here. Lots of good folk about. Regards Rib

  • Wow, I just read your profile and I'm so sorry. And I haven't gotten my spine corrected, the disk just keeps slipping, and you're right, I'm gonna take pain killers. Thank you

  • Glad to lend an ear Noah. Drop by and let us know how you get on. Pain gets us all down. This can be a good place to talk things through. Just remember that if you mark a post for Everybody than the whole Web can read it. If you mark it for Community then only members can see it. Plus you can always click on a member's name and Send Message and you can PM people in private for a chat. Regards Rib

  • Thank you so much Rib, for everything

  • I don't normally advocate the surgical route but has this not been discussed with you?

  • Not by a doctor no, but my family and I have briefly talked about it

  • Have you had any investigations to find out why you are having these problems with your spine ? I would suggest you ask your doctor to do a blood test to look for AS.You are very young yo be getting disc problems and the fact you are having such long protracted pain would suggest an ongoing problem.Ankylosing Spondylitis gives exactly the symtoms you are describing.I was finally diagnosed with it at the age of 22 after years of being batted about between various specialists.If it is Ankylosing Spondylitis, it needs treating as soon as possible to prevent problems in later life..Good luck and I hope you get treatment soon.

  • No I haven't gotten a blood test, thank you for the recommendation. I'll talk to my parents about that.

  • Now you have had a new diagnosis won't they operate? Have you seen a spinal surgeon as I think you'd be classed as urgent? Your dad needs to carry on demanding something be done so you don't end up in pain long term

  • No, my family and I haven't talked to any surgeons. Although as a family we briefly talked about surgery

  • Noah how did you get a fracture at your age?

    Regardless, I would not jump to a surgical choice till either you lose function to go toilet or your legs and feet. Mind you that would then be an emergency procedure.

    There have been times I begged for surgery to rid my pain and then it eased again by careful management.

    You are very young so do get someone to investigate properly. You only have one spine and it has to last a lifetime.

  • The stress fracture came from basketball. From V cuts, jump stops, and taking charges. And since I was diagnosed wrong I kept playing with it

  • Sweetheart you need to see a neurologist, probably go to a pain clinic as well to get the pain under control. My friend had the same problem and had surgery and is now okay. Hope this is helpful to you and that the doctor can end or relief your suffering!!! Hang in there honey!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Thank you so much

  • Are you getting enough calcium and magnesium. Are eating the right sort of food. You are at an age where you are engaged in a lot of growing. This requires different food than what you were used to eating at ten or 11.

    Hope this helps

  • Now that I think about it I may be lacking in calcium, I'm lactose intolerant. Besides that though I'm a very healthy eater. Thank you

  • Hello Noah. I hope you get sorted soon. If you do take calcium, take Vit D3 with it, and make sure you drink lots of water, as calcium bungs you up, and any "Straining" might hurt your back more. Sorry about the detail, lol, but I learned the hard way when I took codeine for eye pain (cocodamol and codeine bung you up too, in case that is what you are taking for the pain).

    Sometimes it is worth taking anti-inflammatory tablets (naproxen/ibuprofen) for a couple of weeks non stop. if only for a couple of weeks it can ease the pain considerably, but you will have to take them regularly over that period so that the inflammation doesn't have a chance to get the better of you. I find if I leave it a day or two after only a few days taking them, the pain comes back as bad, but if I have a long spell of around 2 or 3 weeks, the pain goes down enough to start working on loosening up a bit, and in the long run, a bit of non impactive loosening, can help keep the pain at bay. Its worth a try if you haven't done it before.

  • And you really do need to see a specialist ;-) XG

  • OK, thank you

  • Please see a surgeon and take your scans and xrays with you. Go privately if you can even if it's just for the initial consultation. You may not need surgery, but you need an experts opinion before you do permanent damage. I started with pain at 16 and now at 41 I'm still in pain. I'm not trying to scare you but if I'd been sooner, I wouldn't be in this situation now. Please keep us updated

  • OK, I'll talk to my parents and get something set up. Thank you

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