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Hi I've got a question about pain for the group. I've been experiencing upper arm pains, it started after having reversibility testing for asthma a week ago. It stated on the outside of the upper right arm then the same day it was also on the right shoulder. About two days later it was also in left arm and up neck and back of the head (occipital). the pain was so severe 9/10 I'd rate it, that the back of my head and neck felt like they were vibrating. Has anyone else had this in these areas? Also, does anyone know what it could be, my drs is fully booked every time i try to get an appointment. I have been diagnosed about a year ago with carpal tunnel syndrome but that is usually in the forearms, wrists, and numbness in the hands. My hands feel weaker than usual, some days I haven't been able to type. Also, i have been having falls, I wonder if it could be from the falls. I can't see any external bruising on the upper arms, I did get a massive bruise on my left thigh, multiple bruises on both calf's and a different coloured almost pinch like a dark pink bruise on the front of my left shoulder. This was all at once and it's totally draining me.

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  • It sounds like your med's for your Asthma are effecting your liver, get to the hospital with your med's if you can't get an appointment at your doc's they may do some more blood tests to see what is going on.

  • Ooh yes the dr said he was concerned about my liver over the phone after my lft results. Im due a blood test. Will get back to nurse. Thanks. Best wishes.

  • Hi, Can you raise both arms without it causing pain? I'm wondering if those falls were recent, if so... did you but your hands out to break the fall. Also does the pain in the upper arm get worse when lifting the arm. If so, I'm wondering if you've got a problem with your shoulder, maybe rotor cuff. Do you have tenderness at the very top of the arm where it meets the shoulder or at the front of the shoulder? As you have carpal tunnel, do you have arthritis? Can you rotate your arms easily... like windmill without any pain? Often shoulder problems can flare up with the onset arthritis...because there's been some damage in the past..

  • No both upper arms are painful after raising them to almost straight out. Only really severe pain if i touch the shoulder joint at the front. Today ive bèen dropping and knocking over things like my glass of water by accident. My neck doesnt hurt anymore or the back of my head but my neck clicks when i turn my head from side to side. As far as i know i dont have arthritis and i can rotate my arms like a windmill which is something i hadnt tried till you mentioned it and its quite a relief i can so thanks. I will ask the dr if i have onset arthiritis...I've read a few posts where people with underactive thyroid have arthiritis. Thanks for the help. Best wishes.

  • That sounds a bit more positive. Just wondering if you do any exercise, like push ups or planks, lift weights? They all put a strain on the shoulder if the muscles are a bit weak. Also hunching up, say when you sit in front of a p.c. screen..You could try some shoulder rolls and head rolls - gently!

    I've recently had shoulder problems, right arm rotor cuff... very painful but settling down now. It maybe rotor cuff, but that usually means you can't raise the arm without it hurting in the shoulder joint and muscle pain in the arm.. It also causes pain across the back of the shoulders into the neck.. but there are other things which can go wrong with the shoulder. Best to get it checked out. It maybe that it improves with rest or you could try some ice to the painful area .Carpal tunnel tends to be a forerunner of arthritis... can be aggravated by lifting ...... I've had an op on one hand for carpal tunnel.. and the other is playing up now., numb hand, worse at night, tingling. I've got osteoarthritis in both wrists... joyous! Good luck with the tests... hope whatever it is can easily be resolved.

  • Hope you getting good treatment. My pain wearing off except for right shouder and right forearm. Had some more urgent problems to sort out with gp. Nurofen eases it for awhile. I have been buying more fruit and veg lateky...heavier bags i vaguely remember pulling it and my muscles are weaker because of vit d deficiency. Saw gp today and i have to do detox and not take any nedication as its not working anyway except nurofen. Then they can see if the pain is side effects of meds.

  • Hi... Yes, you are right vitamin d deficiency can cause all sorts of things, so can B12. There is also some correlation between insufficient magnesium and too much protein, so might pay you to take some magnesium supplement... some do have a 'laxative' effect' so do check about magnesium types.. I'm trying magnesium malate ( malic acid) or you could go for mag citrate... You also need to look at B6, as that helps the magnesium. You could try epsom salts baths, having a good soak 20-30 mins not too hot water or just a foot soak. Epsom salts is magnesium and is absorbed through the skin. I've knocked out all processed foods and all those lovely treats, cakes, biscuits, bread, ice cream, cheesecake etc, and have gone onto a more alkaline diet. Lots of veg, a little fruit, fish and a little meat - try to have meat free days too.,

    The pain is getting better and I feel better. So maybe it's just a combination of things. You take.

  • Thanks, I found your info useful. I'm on B6 off the dr and B12 usually ok. however, due to having side effects like panic attacks and sweating, extremely bloated abdomen to name a few the Dr has today said detox and come off meds and go on a ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet cuts out carbs and is mostly good fats and protein, veg, no fruit...so similar to your diet. I'm a bit concerned about having too much protein. hmmm yes, magnesium keeps popping up on my internet searches about time I added some. Cor. it's quite expensive being healthy. I'm going to look up magnesium rich foods now, I;m guessing dark green leafy veg and oily fish.

    thanks again for your help, best healthy wishes to you x

  • Hi... Ideally we should be able to get what we need from our diets, but with intensive farming there isn't the nutrients in the soil... plus- not sure that we do eat healthily. Magnesium isn't as plentiful anymore so it's one to try just be aware of the fillers and binders in tablets and capsules... . Your Dr sounds really on the ball... a certain amount of carbs is okay.. provided they are the right ones... like complex carbs. Some veggies can cause bloating.. i.e. types of beans, cauliflower, sprouts.. Sugar and bread .. bread, is so full of rubbish nowadays it causes bloating too, that's one of the reasons I stopped eating it. Also, the speed someone eats can add to bloating, best to slow down and digest things properly. You might want to try some probiotics or prebiotics... that helps the digestion... and plenty of water or if you like it add a slice of lemon. That's a good way to start the day

    You sound a lot happier so that's a good thing. Hopefully you'll be feeling fitter and pain free soon. and thank you for your best wishes, much appreciated.

    Take care.

  • Hi LaurieRose. I finally got to see my own gp after 4 months of trying. She now wants to see me once a month. When I said I had a hard time getting an appt she said "ring up a few days before the month is up, ask for a phone consultation with me then I can book your appt to come see me". She acknowledged the difficulty but found a way round it. Perhaps you could try something similar. From your symptoms I think you definitely need to be seen soon. Thry are similar to my own except pain is more widespread in my back legs feet and hands as well as neck and shoulders. My go is testing for polymyalgia if that's neg she ireckons it is fibromyalgia

  • oh just realised your message was only 10 hours ago so you probably don;t know yet. instead, i should be saying good luck and best healthy wishes. I saw GP again today and he's told me to detox and come off meds, Also to go on the ketogenic diet. Surprisingly to have the blood test that tests for ovarian cancer/ what is polymyalgia? I've heard of the other one you mention the fibromyalgia. Can they be cured? certainly hope so. x

  • Hi Meg how did it go? X

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