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Ripping pain..! It's 'all in my head?!)πŸ€”

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Good day! I'm a "newbie" here & have a question for you all. Thank you in advance for reading and possibly providing some wise words...

Well I have come to a place in my life where I thought I had del with the major frustrations of pain, being beyond tired and am almost over the 'grouchyness' (I say being over the grouchyness, because I have reached a point in my life that if I keep letting all the effects that EDS, POTS, MCAD, FIBRO, etc, not only would the people I love would get sick of my 'tube but I certainly would too! In saying all this...I am frustrated and am tires of this "ripping" pain and Charlie horses affecting my one leg especially. I'm getting quite frustrated with not knowing what is going on. I have had an ultrasound on it, I've been to physio, I do my stretches at home, I even choke down a banana for the potassium in it. To no avail..nothing. And if I am not careful when I turn or stretch my leg, it feels as though the muscle is literally ripping! No bruises to follow, no veins have burst. It's been going on for about two years now. Jumping out of bed crying(very loudly) half awake because there it is again...Mr Charlie Horse has made his almost nightly visit. YesterdayI was reaching for something and I extended my leg (a bit much I guess) as I felt the RIP!! The worst one yet! I was sure that the outcome of the intense ripping pain, there would definitely be a mark of some sort. But..nope! I had one dr decide for me that this was only fibro and decided that she really wasn't interested in helping me in any sort of medical way. My NP is wonderful! She has tried to help figure it out..but we are at a lull. Has anyone ever heard or had the misfortune of havingthis happen to them? If you have any answers?

Thank you all!

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hi I'm not sure if what I experience is similar. mine happens when my legs are resting out no where with no warning the calf or thigh will tense so hard you can see the muscle literally bulging and balling under the skin I will be screaming in agony I've tried to roll the bulge out bit cannot touch as the pain is excruciating. just when I think it's gone off again it's back , may go on for a few minutes or longer. the next day the leg is so tender and painful to walk on.

I'm having ultrasound like you but not getting hopes up. but my crp markers have come back raised not sure what that is waiting for doctor to explain.

like you a banana a dayπŸ˜ƒ one doctor said it's cramps another wants it checked hence ultrasound.

like you would like to know if there is anything underlying as fibro tends to be the go to for everything now.

I hope you get answers. best wishes

Thank you! :) I agree..fibro seems to be the "go to" when they don't know and it's frustrating.

Fibromyalgia can be extremely painful and effect us in many different ways I have it. But may be a MRI on yr lower back might also help as I suffer with degenerative disc diease in the Lowe back and the pains it causes in the legs are so debilitating.

Thank you very much for replying! :)

I have on 2 separate occasions dealt with mysterious pain that doctors have told me I "just have to live with it". The first time it was shooting pain down my arm. It went on for over a year. The doctors tried everything, accupuncture, physio, pain killers, nothing helped. I couldn't sleep, my arm atrophied, my shoulder dropped, my arm would ache down to my wrist, hands would be totally numb sometimes, no strength. I was in my 30''s and could not imagine having to live my life this way.

Finally a friend gave me the number of a chiropractor. He did not "crunch" me, more massage and then adjust. I walked out after that first visit pain free for the first time in over a year. I had to go back every couple of days for a few weeks because as the chiropractor explained my muscles would pull my neck back out of alignment again.

That was over 20 yrs ago and I have basically been pain free ever since and as soon as I feel any of the old signs I immediately get adjusted; maybe once every couple of years.

Recently I had them try to implant a pacemaker twice, with no luck. But after the first attempt I was left with an intermitent pain in my back, under the ribs on the right side. The doctors kept saying it had nothing to do with the attempt to implant the pacemaker but the pain was very real.

They did x-rays, mri''s, etc etc and nothing. I went to my chiropractor and within 5 minutes he identified that my ribs have shifted on the right side. He manipulated them (no crunching) and I have had 75% less pain. I go today for another appointment.

I woke up in the middle of them trying to implant the pacemaker and the surgeon was practically jumping on my shoulder trying to feed the wire through. I have no doubt he moved my ribs.

Just a suggestion. When a person's neck or back is out the pain can be in a seemingly unrelated area. Make sure they take x-rays before they touch you though.

Just my experience.

Thank you very much for replying. I have seen a chiropractor..and he tried to fix this problem. .unfortunately this didn't work. Maybe I will try just never knows! :)

I have neuralgia in my neck, which creeps down to my back and arms. When it is attacking my back, it feels as though I have been stabbed, and I have a ripping, burning, stinging open wound on my back. It lasts for several days. I use the heating pad and muscle rub on it. Dr sent me a script for Lido Caine patches. Haven't received them yet. Hope this helps you. God bless all pain sufferers!

I too have suffered charlie horses for many years now and i do know how very painful they are. I used to be on Quinnine but it was taken off and it was the best med ever for this condition. Im now on Pramiprexole but very low dose and its not helping so doc appt tomorrow to get that sorted. Plus start on ampitripyline to help me sleep also hoping it helps my Atypical Ondontalgia fantoom tooth pain resembles toothache. Have developed a frozen shoulder few weeks ago just and have prolapsed discs for which im waiting injections for oh and have bipolar otherwise im doing well.

If i get any useful med or info tomorrow from my doc ref the leg cramps I'll be sure to pass it on to you.

Hello what you describe has been Hope this helps happening to me for a long time I get cramps? in my lower leg when I stretch in bed . One morning I awoke with a pain in my calf since that day two and a half years ago when I walk any distance the pain in my calf and foot is very painful.After extensive physio and circulation tests I was sent for nerve induction tests I was diagnosed with neuropathy.Hope this helps a bit.


Well back from doc got Ampitripyline 10mg to begin with she actually prescribed it for my sleep well non sleep but im hoping for it to work for this AO. Said she will increase doseage if it doesnt help but to give the low dose a try first.

She said above 140mg then it becomes an antidepressant and im already on Sertaline..Lamactol..Lithium for BP and Pramiprexole for RLS so ampitripyline should help RLS too hopefully as the Pramiprexole is no good.

I'll keep you updated as it goes along. If it works for the AO or not please may God intervene and give it ability to do good.

Thank you all for your comments. I went to see my nurse yesterday and she told me that my calcium in my blood was extremely low. In saying that, what she said and when I actually looked the issue up, it actually makes sense. I know that I have neuropathy amog other things but in saying that, all my symptoms add up to low calcium. I had more blood work done yesterday to see if this is a problem that I am facing. Thankfully, it's not to hard to fix (I'm assuming..yes I know..Don't assume! πŸ˜‰) In saying that I will await my next answers from my blood work and let you all know the outcome! Thank you all for replying and in advance for those yet to reply and do. I will be back to update you all and hope and pray you all find even just a bit of relief to the horrible pain and suffering you face each day. xx

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