Sharp Head Pain

So for a little over a year I have head very sharp pains in my head, front left. Similar to a head ache except it's extremely painful, it happens at random and it doesn't usually last more than a few seconds. It started, as I said, a little over a year ago. One day I just laid down on my left side and there was a blinding pain from about my hair line down to a little underneith my eye. That pain was excruciating. Since then, I've had random sharp pains in that spot but not stretching as far as under my eye. I've brought it up to people but they don't think it's something serious. I do. Any ideas on the possibilities?

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  • Ice pick headache

    Nummular headache

    Look at "rare headaches " on the web theres good descriptions

    Sadly not much help for them though

  • It seems more like an icepick headache. Thanks.

  • You say you have brought this up with some people - does that include your Doctor? What was his opinion?

  • Unfortunately no one has taken me to see a doctor. I am barely 18, I have no job and no insurence.

  • See your doctor if you haven't already for a proper diagnosis. However it could be trigeminal neuralgia.

  • Hi,I have similar pains and understand your pain.You need a CT scan and possibly an MRI your doctor should advise you.Mine started after a nasty fall.

  • Hallo KaylaKat, am wondering if it could possibly be shingles - mine began with these very sharp shooting pains in my head, only lasting a few seconds but very painful, so I got it checked out with my GP and had the treatment which eventually cleared it.

    Just a thought - do hope you find the cause of your problem.

    Best wishes,


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