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Went to Dr for routine blood test said my white cells were low and i was anemic. asked about my bowels and said i had a very loose plat as soon as i got up evermorning (sorry to be so graphic) and had got pain in either side of stomach. He then said it couldbe a sign of bowel cancer and going for all the tests on Monday . I was stunned I cant eat or sleep

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Hope your results come back ok my mum just had a simlar issue with pains in legs and stomach luckily she was all clear but she said she had to swallow a small camera 📷. To be able dee what was happening .its probally something or nothing babe try not worry as hard as that may be id be the same as am a born worrier and suffer anxiety too good luck hun x


Thank you I am such a baby x


Nah ya not think most people would be scared I would be.

my mum is tough and even she was bricking it lol


It's what we all fear when the c word is said so many things go on in ones mind what if and why try and not too bottle it up as it will tear you apart ask for some support if you need any but wait until the Monday then you can get a more understand

Easy for me too say don't worry everything's gonna be fine

Not knowing what's going on is the hardest part speak with Your family friends etc but please dot worry your self sick with fear

Take care



Thank you it is hard isn't it x


Yes it's awful


Hi and sorry you having to go through this.

I had thyroid cancer three years ago and it does throw you in a scary place for a while but you haven't been told you've got it yet so try and stay calm as if it isn't you'll have stressed for nothing and if it is and it sounds like you would have caught it early there are treatments.

I know from experience ,two surgeries and radioactive treatment ,that I might as well be writing the alphabet to you as a cancer scare stops anything making sense but just wanted to say I am thinking of you and proof cancer doesn't always mean the worst and hear to listen to you whatever the results.

Gentle hugs and hoping for the best results for you




Depending on our complaint and the medications you need to take a low white blood count can be caused bY the medications you have too take. The blood test would be taken at various times, at least once a year

It is not unusual that the GP will put you in for scans and tests given the type of complaint you may have.

Several months ago I had scans and other tests to make sure I was ok.

Are you taking, DMARD, NSID or biologic medications ? A bowel inspection can be uncomfortable and generally you will be offered a sedation appointment to make you less anxious.

Your worry of cancer at this time although understandable is a little premature.

I do not know Your Age or condition so I advise that you listen to your GP because He/She is in partnership with you when it comes to concerns regarding health matters.

You know where we are if you need support


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Thank you all who replied Monday looms for tests but still cant rest. I think you all amazing


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