Post 2!!!! M.e.firbo in head!!!!what you say???not in mine!!!!!

OK so please read my first post yes badly damaged spine..simptons on bad..discs.prouted !!!!legs feel it!!!was only one when had my scan in this October!? OK so rumotigist today my spines one worset she's seen..inner curved lower..but said he I have fibro..simptons dizziness.tired.illness.memory gone!!not jokeing..tummy up sets.?joint pain!!tingling!!the rest!!depression .moods..she said I've 2 tender points but my simptons bad!!!oh ribb pain!!wait for this firbo suffers!!!!!don't shot me I've it to on top of spine thing!!!!its in his head m.e.firbo etc..I said at beging!!!! That god doctors think its in my head!!!she said fibro is in everyone's head!!!???I drove 2hhalf hours for that!!!!!!!!!I've felt ill since I was 23!!!!!! Its not in my god dam head!!!!!musclevspasams moods crawling!!burning..shooting pains..someone..give me a number of someone who can tell me what I've got wrong with me!!!!!bless you in our.. My head..PS m?e is in my cousins side bushes been very I'll 2 kids got has brother!!!!!!madness

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  • Louise, sorry that I cannot quite make out everything you say. Correct me if I'm wrong - you saw the rheumatologist yesterday who said your spine was the worst she'd ever seen. It was badly curved in two places? Then she said you had fibromyalgia symptoms but that fibromyalgia was all in the mind?

  • No doctor should speak to you that way. Please change doctor's and see if you can get into a pain clinic. I believe you have suffered enough. You aren't going to get anywhere with a so called doctor who doesn't believe a word you say and it's down right insulting!!!! I pray you can find a compassionate doctor to help you sweetheart!!! xxxx Mitzi

  • Thank you mitziblue x??I am more confused now with that lady ??!!she didn't even look at my swollen feet..

  • I, too, am a little confused. Did the rheumatologist say Fibromyalgia is all in your head? From recalling your other posts, you were referred to rule out inflammatory back pain, so at least you know it's not AS. It sounds like a referral to a orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in spinal surgery might be the next step.

  • Hi.crashdoll..what does enlargement of s1 joint mean???and mild degree of sclerotic s1 joint??? When I try look this up..has well has spondylonthrois????please does any one knew????x

  • Do you mean the S1 joint as in the lower spine joint or sacroileac joint? Sclerosis in bones is an unusual increase in density and hardening of the bones. It is characterised by thickening, hardening or increase in density mainly caused by injuries that constrict bones, for instance, osteoarthritis.This seems fitting with your spine problems.

  • Hi crashdoll.yeh that's what it says !!!see physio sent me doctor,,they in time sent me MRI,,so ??who I'd see x

  • It depends what you want. Do you want surgery or do you want pain management or both?

  • Crashdoll.xxpain in legs is bad!!bad to point can't funtchion... Leg pain used to be heavy pain like having a babie,,, in 20 s..with ribb down to feeling ng in places???surely the neurosurgery guy saw this in octorber.. When had my lower scan!!!think I've sciatica in both legs now!!if you knew what I've to put up with at home!!!!I would if hadn't if get me,,I don't knew think I need a fusion by what I can see???discs out every were.. 2 protrusion s??!!back pain is past old spinne lot I saw told me I had spine of 65 year old.?but didn't knew were pain was from???opertion made me worse!!but this new castle one nice!!!he told me straight..but didn't want a 2 and one has he told me a lot of arthritis!! Now not motioned on this one!!unless one those words means it????it really is the pain there all day everyday...I thank god can walk!!wanna say thanks has you all ways answer me although gave your own pain and stuff going on!thanks

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