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I was diagnosed with PSA about 2 years ago after being in so much pain that I wanted to actually die. I have been on MTX for 3 years and prednisone for 2 1/2 of of those years. I tried Humira in March but was not effective so I switched to Enbrel. I have also added Cymbalta, in which I am now up to 90 mg. I regularly take tramadol and am still , some days in terrible shape. WHY?????!??!??!??! Why can't I feel normal with meds, Isn't that why we have them and take them? I just cannot understand where the pain comes from or where my energy goes. I see a physiatrist 10/1 to see if he can figure it all out! I hope so!!

NOTE: physiatrist is like a pain mgmt. Dr, that looks at the whole picture to form a team and comprehensive care plan, not a psychiatrist!

ANY help as to what might be wrong with me would be most appreciated!

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Hi go and see u GP and get them to refer u to a pain specialist they can put u on the right meds


What is PSA and where is your pain?


Psoriatic arthritis and all over!


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