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Nerve pain

Hi there...3 years ago I had my right hip replaced which left me with a dropped foot....after 2 1/2 years of exercising the foot drop has improved quite well...I still have a certain amount of weakness in it but the thing that bothers me the most is the nerve never ceases...combined with sciatic pain down my other leg and constant lower back pain life at times seems quite difficult....before my hip replacement I loved walking but now I seem to have lost my confidence...I've thought about joining a walking club but am afraid I would not be able to keep up with them...also the distance I am able to walk has decreased somewhat....I average 3000 steps a day but would dearly like to increase that over time to 10,000 steps..maybe not everyday but at least three times a week....any advise on how I could achieve this would be really appreciated...

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I also have a dropped foot as a result of shingles on my sciatic nerve 12 months ago.My leg and foot were numb right down from my hip at first but now the pain is in my foot and lower leg, and when I massage it my ankle is very sore. I have had various splints, as you probably have, and am waiting for a final appointment with the the orthotics department at the hospital, in an appointment hat has been deferred from February to June !!! I had no specific treatment for nerve pain apart from co-codomal until recently when I was given capsicain ointment (with crushed peppers in!) and now I am on amitryptyline tablets, both of which help with the acute nerve pain I have in my leg and foot, especially when I am trying to relax in the evening. It seems a dropped foot can be caused by a few different things, and I have been told by a physio that I have just been very unlucky! Good luck!


Hi annepan....I'm so sorry to read about your foot drop as the result of shingles....I must admit I've never heard of that before....but saying that I'd never known anyone to have foot drop as the result of a hip replacement...😳 I also had to wear a foot brace for about 18 months...I was so determined that this wasn't going to be me for the rest of my life that I religiously did excercises with my foot every time I had a spare moment and i must say it has paid off....from not being able to flex my foot at all no matter how I tried I can now flex it more or less normally...I haven't the strength in it the same as the other...and I also still suffer with nerve pain all of the time...but in the scheme of things I suppose I count myself as quite lucky....I've tried amitryptyline but they spaced me out so much that I stopped taken them...I see that you foot became a problem 12 months ago...have they said wether you will eventually get movement back? I have read that if the nerve hasn't been severed there is always the chance that it can repair itself....I wish you all the luck in the world...and hope in time that things will improve for you...x


I am so sorry for your pain, I had a left hip implant, had many problems since, mostly bursitis in my left hip, I have a hard time walking, up and down steps, mowing lawn, gardening and dancing which I really miss. I have the sciatica and the back pain. I love to walk also need to do less now. I really feel for you, if you find a help let me know, all the doctors just do seem to want to help me. Put me on drugs Gabapentin which really don't help, take a lot of ibro phrofren.


I feel your frustration .... There doesn't seem to be any thing the doctors can do or even suggest....I try and keep as active as I can...but some days this can be quite difficult....I've thought of joining a Gym...but I'm afraid that isn't me....been there got the t shirt so to speak....I like you suffer with pain from the hip into my toes....and also have bursitis in my left hip...had an injection in that about 6 weeks ago...seems to have eased it, but I can only have these three times a year...I've tried all sorts of natural remedies, but again these don't seem to work to well....I wish I could be of more help to you....I've just come back from taking the dog for a walk...which only amounts to 1/2 a the warmer weather gets nearer I'm hoping I can increase my distance...I live in hope....xx


Thanks for replying, that is all we can do live in hope and pray God gets me through each day. I have to keep positive about trying to get better, maybe the doctors will find a way in the future to relieve me of this pain. Take Care and keep in touch.

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