i had lung cancer 5 years ago but only started nerve pain 2 years ago so the doctors say that what it is but its only on right side where I had the operation and affect my ribs stomach that I don't know why ive had steroids injection but don't work also my back cant lay down cant sleep because I'm in a lot of pain there put my tablets up but don't think that will hit a nerve I'm annoyed cause why now I'm getting the pain and why didn't it happen after op I was fine anyway enough of my moaning thanks for reading this bye all

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  • They may have damaged something during the operation? Do they check you annually with Mri?

  • no they don't check me yearly with mri but with the cancer I'm seeing doc every 3 months but when I do see him I'm gonna tell him about the pain I'm in hes got me into a pain management where I had them injections but didn't work so I'm just waiting on a follow up but its getting me down as I cant get about like I use to don't go out or see anyone but I did hear if its nerve pain it could take years or nothink meaning got it for the rest of my day well I don't think I can stand it not that brave

  • I had cancer as well six years ago almost. I get checked every year with Mri with oncologist in case it comes back. It can affect bones in case it comes back. Doctor should arrange a Mri for you to make sure nothing has been damaged during the operation.

  • i have xray and ive been seeing my doctor every 3 months at 1 time they thought there was somethink wrong with my liver but I don't even drink also my legs ankles and feet swelled up I was scanned for that but it was ok my legs are still a bit big and my feet but my toes are purple don't know why where was your cancer if you don't mind me asking ? they say its my nerves and its only on the right side but I cant lay down so I have to sit up to sleep as it hurts my stomach ive got to see a bowel specialist this month but thanks for replying and keep well

  • It is a long story and I hope you don't get bored by reading it. I wish you resolve the problem as I know what it means getting worried for every things when you have gone through it. Still now I think I had a nightmare and can't realise how I survived.

    My cancer was endometrial, in the womb. I was lucky it was stage one but grade three. it was very aggressive and developed in five months, according to the surgeon and oncologist. I almost died after the operation , I had blood transfusion, collapsed lungs and heart rate to the roof. It was supposed to be a routine major operation but it became a nightmare. I was in intensive care for a week with a mask over my face and oxygen and machines and lines applied all over my body to monitor me all the time. I don't and did not drink alcohol and never smoked in my life. I had a healthy Mediterranean diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit and less meat. Yet I got a horrible disease. The oncologist thought it was triggered by an injection of contrast, gadolinium, for a Mri to my foot, after a bunion operation. The nurse at one big London hospital made a mistake and injected it in my arm soft tissues and tendons instead of the vein. My body did not expelled it within the expected time of an hour and it was kept inside. My kidney became non functioning properly since and so the liver. My arm, where the injection was done , became hard and very sore and my ankles swollen. My doctor refused to send me for a proper check up at the hospital. I started to have pins and needles all over my body, then hammering sensations along my spine, formiculating in my legs, thighs and a sensation as if I was not there, almost if I were in a dream world. I got in touch with the top people of the hospital and made an official complaint. I also contacted a Danish radiologist who won the case against the contrast manufacturer. He told me I was suffering from contrast toxicity. The hospital refused to do tests to see if it was the case. five months later I was diagnosed with the cancer. Yet no one in my family has ever had cancer. After the operation I had strong radiotherapy which affected my bowels and bladder and have been off work since for the last five years. I am glad I made it and recovered fully but I get checked every six months because it was of aggressive type.

  • oh I'm really sorry you have been through it worse than mine well mines nothink to yours well I'm glad your on the mend are you married and do you have children I'm not married but ive been with my partner 34 years and have 1 son. but do you get nerve pain got to ask as mine started 3 years after and I didn't think ill get any nerve pain or if I did straight after my operation so that's what the doctors say but my legs are still a bit big and sore but I have to get someone to put the cream on my legs cause if I bend it hurts like mad and I did smoke but don't drink as I also have fits and ive got that brittle bones. which is painfull and no you didn't bore me I'm glad I can talk or write to some one who knows what I'm talking about also I don't think it will come back the cancer as when I ask doctors they say they don't know silly questions to ask really the doctor for my cancer hes really good and helpful where did you have your operation I had mine in barts. well glad you got back to me and you have been through it are you back to work now ? speak soon

  • No i am not back to Work. I was lucky That my employers had a Phi scheme, a type of insurance and they have paid me for a long time. What happened to me was a shock to everybody at work as I was always there healthy with no problems. My Operation was done at London bridge Hospital under the insurance. I am married but have no children. My Husband And I have been married for a very long time,. We did try for children but we lost a baby when i was five months and half pregnant.

    I do have nerve pain in my right leg now due to Sciatica. Nerve been compressed by a disk in the low back and i am having very bad burning pain which has made me almost bedridden. My Husband looks after me. None of the medications given by my Gp have worked so far and I have been told I may need an epidural injection to calm the nerve down. Both my cancer surgeon and oncologist are very good and work for all the Nhs Hospital in London. So far it has been in remission but , as you are, I am always on the alert and watch everything.

  • my partner got that sciatica in back which affects his legs but he don't moan like me as I'm in agony sorry hear about your lost my son is 33 now hes got a boy and another on the way I had a epidural in back some time ago didn't work truth is nothink is keep putting my tablets up but not touching the pain its all on the right side and the cancer doctors are good I get annoyed with myself as I wish I known about the nerve pain do you live in London as I live in havering Essex I think I'm out of remission now well 5 years is up feel like a prisioner as I cant do the things I use to cant get to shops cant push a hoover as it hurts I know ive got to but the pain to much for me well hope to hear from you soon bye

  • No i live in London. I have been so down for the last there months for the nerve pain That i could do notting of what i used to. Since the cancel my life has changed a bit . My Husband looks after me but he is not the same anymore as before the cancer And this is hurting me more. I have nephews and niece living in uk but no more family and i found i have no one to open my heart to. This is the most severe Pain hurting me more and more

  • oh I'm really sorry I know that nerve pain hurts well I'm on statin and gonna ask dr if that started it of if so gonna come of them my partner looks after me I have trouble getting out of bath also struggle getting in it I don't like showers my family some I don't talk to but truthfully they wouldn't help do you like it in London where I live not keen on as theres nothink here plus couldn't get to a shop unless you have a car which I don't drive my partner does but we are still stuck in we havant had hoiliday for years cause the pain I'm in wouldn't be worth it and ive never been abroad but truth think I'm scared of flying but I want these nerve pain to go I'm in agony now my ribs on the right side underneath my chest its killing me but don't know what to do I take the pain killers no good tho pity they couldn't take nerves out well I do know how you feel I have no one only my partner if I didn't have him well don't know well ill speak to you soon

  • My Husband was prescribed statines which he took for few days and had so much pain in his bones and muscles. He then decided not to take them anymore. Statines are very dangerous and can cause troubles, they are useful only If you had a heart attack but they dont do anything for prevention. Doctors are so divided in this now and patients so confused.

    I am not sure If they cause nerve pain i will try to find out for you on fee studies i have read on it.

    Try to eat healthily with less carbohydrated and sugary food.

    I do like London and where i live is quite too. I need to have a car to do the shopping as it is on a Hill . My nephews do come and see me often but the rest of my Family is overseas. My Husband has not got a close family only few Cousins and half Sister who we saw 17 years ago, so i havent acquired much from his side . Please dont despair and be strong. Nerves can heal themselves but it will take sometime. Try to find out exactly what it is if it is nerve or a tendon or something else.

    Take care

  • I have checked few websites and they do say that statines produce neuropathy in the feet and legs. Discuss it with your GP but don't take the decision without talking with your doctor not stop them before you talk with your doctor.

  • thanks I will as think I told you my legs swelled up and feet and toes still the same over 3months now been like that they gave me some tablets might have to get different but I did read up saying statin can give you nerve pain so I'm gonna find out cause I'm not living like this I'm stuck indoors 24 7 cant stand it anymore the only time I get out is hospital or doctors stupid isn't it I bet your the same .

  • just saw it what you said about your husband was put on them but came of well my cholesterol it was high but I'm only on 10mg my partner he had a fasting blood test today and he had to do a wee in a bottle take to doctors so hes waiting on that so hope he hasn't got high cholesterol I'm not a big eater but my weight has piled on I'm 8 stone 5 and never been that big I had to go out get bigger clothes but iwant to get rid of the fat. we don't see no one so quite round here u could hear a pin drop depressing really my sister lives round corner but see her now and again ive got another 2 sisters but I don't talk to them and a brother but see him now and again be getting violins out lol well at least you see some of your family and ill speak to you soon and you take care x

  • For the best thing to do for cholesterol is to reduce carbohydrate. Have you heard about the ketogenic diet? My husband was reaching 93 chilos . He decided to do it and lost 25 chilos in a year. From size 38-40 to size 34inches waist. All his values triglycerides and sugar became normal. He was approaching diabetes 2 . The first two weeks are hard to do then after you are fine. I did it as well and I am trim as I was in my late twenty. I do eat now and then pasta or rice and two slice of bread only. I mainly eat chicken, turkey, fish and meat. Avoid all cured meat but I love cheese. The cholesterol is high but the strange thing is the good one is Hdl is high and not the bad one. The nurse was very impressed with me, when she did my annual check. So I know it works. You will feel more energetic and less tired as well and can wear nice clothes again. However my husband works somehow in the medical world and in contact with doctors from all over. They all say that when there is high cholesterol is because there is inflammation in the body somewhere. It is the value of the tryclicerides important to determine heart diseases. Normal range is below two. Bye for now. Take care and don't give up.

  • ill have a word with doctors first as my other half said ages ago it was the statin when I first started getting it now its got worse I want to stop taking them but with me I'm a fussy eater like tonight I had mymite on toast that was my dinner but if my dr can tell me to come of them statin I will I also told him what you said when your husband first went on them statins I told him if your results come back bad just eat properly don't take thos statins also doctors can give you advise on what you can and cant eat if it stops this pain then ill do it and no never heard of that ketogenic diet and your husband done well my partner hes big round the stomach but he does have a drink only at night but he don't go out so cant moan about that but he did say if anythink comes back wrong then hell stop you say your husband in the medical world doing what? but I will see my dr when I can get in or I might ask my cancer dr as hes the best hes done a lot for me I changed my doctors few weeks back as my other ones were rubbish even doctors up the hospital told me to get another dr so I did and they are better well I'm glad I found you on here and speak soon bye and you take care x

  • My Husband was paramedic years ago overseas with the Red Cross. Since he came back to UK He has worked for medical companies dealing with cardio respiratory equipment. He travelled the world, trained doctors and nurses to use very sophisticated equipment. He now has his own business and although he should be retired he still works. I worked instead in the oil business but I have learned a lot from him and his associates.

    There are good doctors out there but also bad ones, so I am glad you changed yours. Always ask for a second opinion if you are not sure or happy about something.

    As said my hubby put a lot of weight on while travelling for business. This made him a good candidate for statins. He took them for four days only and was a wreck. He could hardly walk! Now he follows this diet and eats only berries as fruit, lots of green vegetables , good natural thick full fat yoghurt, nuts, meats, poultry and fish. He does not eat pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and cakes or sugary drinks or alcohol. We do not eat outside in restaurants or buy prepared meals in tins or boxes. Everything is bought fresh and cooked at home. He was declared pre-diabetic., now he he looks younger than his age and more energetic.

    By helping him with his diet I lost weight too. And I do like toasted bread with butter and marmite!

    We don't use any seeds oil, ie sunflower oil, not canola, not soia, not mazola oil or margarine. Only butter or olive oil or coconut oil sometimes.

    Many doctors are following this type of diet . It is the only diet which works for loosing weight because is a change in your eating habits. It is not for few weeks but for ever. Scientist now say it can protect from terrible diseases. And can reverse diabetes and cardio circulation problems. You don't give up carbohydrates completely because you get plenty of them with vegetables. When you reach your ideal weight you can have the odd pasta, rice or potatoes in minimal quantities on occasions.

    I hope I haven't bored you with all this. Having had cancer I try everything to keep it at bay. Like my oncologist says: you become a warrior once you had it and have to be always a step in front!

  • thanks for that trouble is I don't cook and when we eat my partner does what he wants to eat and like I said I'm fussy I do drink cranberry juice with raspberry cant drink a lot of tea and we don't go out eating in restaurants ok I do eat fruit but not a lot of it but I I do eat chips only now and again as I find it hard now theres just the 2 of us here its hard on what to eat so your husband had a good job do you know queens hospital Romford that's my hospital and I see a few specialist in there I'm under pain management ive already had injections in bk which surpose to go round to my right side but all I felt was a shooting pain going down leg but nothinks worked on me and that was in may had that done ive got to see a mr Hepworth hes a surgeon he does bowels so I don't know what hes gonna do to me as I get pain on the right side of stomach but every time I say anythink to my doctor about it nothink is said and also I get burning inside where the pain is I do put a empty hot water bottle on me when its cold after a while it goes red hot cant stand that also I still think its them statins my partner does aswell I also see a orthopaedic as over 3 years ago had op on shoulder which still plays up so sunday got to go for another ultrasound and I cant lay on shoulder mind you that was done on right side well hope I havant bored you and I will speak to you soon bye x

  • No i dont know the Hospital in Romford, perhaps my husband does. If you are going to go for and investigation for your bowels, then what they will offer you is a colonoscopy which is an investigation of the colon (large intestine which descends on the left end side of your body but crosses all over the abdomen. They check with a small camera and tell you if you have Philips or diverticula. It is not painful but you have to fast over two days, drink only water or clear broth to clean the intestine for them to see. They will sedate you and you have to rest a long time after you go home accompanied. If they find Philips they clear them out but if there diverticula, which is normal at our age they will tell you to be careful what you eat. Normally they cause inflammation called diverticulitis. I had it done twice because of the type of cancer o had. I did not like it but it rests my mind.

    For your shoulder It is better you have physio. I had torn tendons because I fell in the kitchen and in the garden on my arm and few years later I was in terrible pain. They wanted to operate me but I delayed it. I went to a chiro who used an ultrasound machine and that cured the problem. It has been two years since. Unfortunately he could not do much for my back. I paid 30 per session.

  • i went to a chiro that was 50pounds and the first time all he wanted to do is talk truth waste of money it was for my neck he done a little bit to it but waste of money anyway 19th june I go and see Hepworth like I said don't know what hes gonna do but a friend of mine had to go somewhere like that and she said there talk to you but tell them everythink which ill have to at the moment I keep going stiff and I'm burning and my side is playing up merry hell I really hope the dr can do somethink yea Romford hospital the specialist that go there they go all over so my cancer dr only there on a wed and my nuro dr who helps with my fits only there on a Thursday so they go all over my shoulder was rotato cuff and it was painfull I see this dr which operated on me I had to go bk I told him it was still hurting he said give it another 2 weeks then he left so now got to see another orthapeadic but there al right I do get on with my doctors but couldn't afford to go private oh right phcio ive been waiting a long time for that but I cant be pulled about and I know they do and proberly hurt you also my back been playing up and cause I cant lay flat and sit up I think I lean to the right side where I get the pain cant win with this pain truthfully wish they could take my ribs out underneath chest don't think there do that I'm sick and tired of sitting in where abouts in London are you not where all that attacks happen think that was terrible ? well you take care and ill speak to you soon bye x

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