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So fed up of constantly having break through pain and burning in my vagina from a tot removal (mesh) since 2013.although this was removed in full and I take pregabalin and amitriptylene for the nerve pain that was caused at the time of surgery back in 2012, time beginning to think am I getting immune to the meds or is it because over the years I have gained weight which is a side effect of these meds and this causes more pressure on the obturator nerve as this is how the tot was placed, there seems to be a hard lump just inside my vagina but softens when having foreplay, and causes no major problem but this is where the burning and pain is coming from. I know ime going to suffer this chronic pain for the rest of my life and as the meds do help and I do have some quality of life I have learnt to live but it doesn't make things any easier though. I think that this pain is exaggerated more so with gaining weight over the years but despite dieting and very little exercise which people with chronic pain will understand where I am coming from with this , if your in some form of chronic pain exercise is almost a no go area for 2 reasons, 1 if your in pain then thinking or even trying to exercise is a definite no and 2 if the meds are the cause of the weight gain which is my problem and taking these daily to give some form of relief is almost impossible as you are struggling to lose weight but it just wont budge. someone once said in a post( weight gain or pain) I know what my choice is although I still get pain but no where near the full on crippling debilitating pain without these two meds. I am sure I speak for the majority who live with pain . no one would know you are suffering as its not visible. Over the years I had everything going that would help to eradicate this vaginal pain and burning but to no avail , unfortunately I am just another statistic who had a prolapse repair in 2012 with a tot for mild stress incontinence gone bad and carnt do a dam thing about it , I tried trust me. This is my life.

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  • Hi , I sympathise with you and understand your pain. I to take pregabalin but don't yet take amitryptyline . I did but g p stopped it. My pain is no easier than it was 18 months ago, I have put on so much weight so Iv joined w watchers and lost 4 lbs last week, I am trying to eradicate sugar and crap ! Hard though . We have to keep going, get up and start again. We have to learn to live a life alongside this pain somehow. It's so hard I know but it's our life and we have to live it! Take care. We will try everything we can to help ourselves and that's what we must do. There is no miracle cure I'm afraid x


  • Thanks bailey dog, what is the cause of your pain and why did your gp stop the amitriptyline? ime intrigued

  • I had a bad fall and hurt coccyx. I had severe coccyx pain for a year then pelvic pain started. Have been to dr demello at Manchester and he diagnosed p n and chronic cocxydenia. Had a nerve block three weeks ago. I don't know why he stopped it, my pain got a little easier at one point but I don't think he understands pelvic pain. I am seriously thinking of asking to restart but then I think no just plus along until something drastically changes or i get too down with it all again. I don't like the pregabalin because of the kind of drug it is and would love to be able to taper off it. But I need it and that's that🙁

  • Sometimes if I forget to take my pregabalin I know that within a couple of hours my pain slowly tapers in and I begin to feel unwell due to the side effects then I realize I forgot to take it. the only way to keep my horrendous pain at bay is to take the pregabalin religiously at the same time every day usually at 7am and 4pm then my amitriptyline at about 8.30pm. I take one 300mg pregabalin twice a day and 75mg amitriptyline at night. Never knew at the time of my prolapse surgery back in 2012 that I would be left with debilitating pain for ever. The nerves that were damaged will never repair hence chronic pain for a life time. i Did all I could to get someone to understand what I was feeling months down the line and I just hit a brick wall every time, I just couldn't believe what had gone so wrong .

  • Omg! I truly try never to miss my pregabalin as I did twice and my pain was through the roof but the worst of all was the terrible withdrawals I had, crying , shaking feeling really ill and I am terrified of it now! I take pregabalin 150mg twice a day and mirtazipine at night. Do you control your pain with that regime of meds? I'm seriously exhausted at trying to find a cure and have spent thousands of pounds on treatments. Probably like we all have ! If I could take these meds and get some relief then I could settle for that but I'm not .

  • I wouldn't say that I ever have a pain free day its always lurking in the back ground but when it flares up I can feel the discomfort for sure and then this changes my mood and makes me feel that nobody could truly understand what this kind of pain really feels like. I know this is exactly the same torture today as it was back in 2012,thank god for the preg and amitriptyline for now. if there ever was a drug to take away all of this how fantastic would that be

  • Hi, I know how you feel. I thought I was the only one with this problem, I had cystocele repair and a rectocel repair in 2015. I'm not better and feel I never will be. I still suffer chronic pelvic pain. I have to take painkillers everyday. This has changed my life so much.You spoke of feeling a knot,I feel the same way,it prevents me from sitting for very long,so most of my time is in the bed.I have seen over 12 doctors and all say that they see nothing wrong with me.So they said it was nerve damage.I cannot see myself feeling like this forever.I cannot even wear clothes because just them touching my skin causes pain so I wear a sleep shirt all the time. I hope and pray for all of us there will always cure for this.

  • I'm sorry to hear of your pain and I don't have any problem regarding wearing clothes but I have heard about this were people have a sensitivity to any form of clothing touching there body. has this problem only come about since the prolapse repair? the problem with nerve damage is that it is not visible and gp(doctors) and medical staff just do not understand what we are feeling after surgery and damage has occurred, so its a tough battle I know I did exactly the same thing went through every procedure you could think of but still no complete relief , I know its so hard to have to think that you have to live with it when nobody can help through there lack of understanding, What medication (pain killers are you taking?

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