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Sciatica pain ??

Hello again I have not been on much lately but have read some posts and gotten some good ideas from them..

Just wondered about a couple of things

1.) Is the Sciatica pain always a sharp shooting pain down the leg ?

2.) Does anyone have worse nerve issues when sitting ?

I have been super busy trying to get my house ready for my moms visit on Friday and so after a long day the arthritis and nerve pain have been horrible . I take a hydromorph ( sp ) and muscle relaxant around 5:00 pm. During the day I have tried to not take anything. I phoned the pain clinic this morning and they have the results of my MRI and the doctor was going to try and read it today. If I don't hear from them by tomorrow I will phone back.

I have read a few great posts and your replies you all have some wonderful suggestions and knowledge of the medications that are available to us. I am so glad for this site as I have not been able to find anything like this in Canada.

Have a wonderful day !!!

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Yes- sciatica is like a hot wite down the leg in a specific line. It may go down as far as the ankle.

When you're sitting it can be worse depending just where your sciatic nerve exits the pelvis.

Men often suffer from having their wallet in their hip pocket.

Your Mom will still love no matter what. Otherwise , read Nancy Friday- "My Mother, Myself"



Hot wire- my fat finger.😠


I must say sciatica pain can run down the other leg all the way to the toes both my feet are numb it all depends on which nerve is being irritated or compressed. They are talking surgery but I want to try to try getting the inflammation back down to reduce swelling and hopefully pain


I've had sciatica down both sides over the last ten years and it can be different. Once I was only getting pain in my buttock, another time my calf area. Yes I've also had it right the way down to my foot, that time was like a hot wire and I also got spasms in my back so there's lots of levels to it unfortunately. Pilates classes helped a lot, I still have a lot of pain but I haven't had it really unbearable since. I take pain meds all the time now but I would dread to think of the pain I would be in without some of the Pilates exercises. I hope you find something that works for you.


Thanks for the mention of 'ankle pain' that was a new one this morning... I have same as you Janesh and my MRI shows the nerve is being compressed but I think its due to the swelling from being irritated in my case possible "Dance Aerobics' I'm over 65........ I'm sure the stenosis has been there a long time but the nerve being irritated is what is causing my pain now that's what I want to concentrate even getting an injection of steroids into the area of the irritated nerve and hoping that will give time for that irritation to heal and I have to realize I am not 40 anymore ;-)


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