Blue Badge Assessment

I have an extremely painful hyperextended knee joint and a Scoliosis in my spine

I have an assessment for a blue badge next week

I am limited in my mobility to 10 feet (without any aids) before pain really sets in

However - with a leg brace - I can walk 100's of yards

Do I get assessed on my ability with brace or without ?

I cannot wear brace under trousers due to bulkiness and have to wear shorts (no good in depths of winter)


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  • I think you should be assessed on how your symptoms are at their worst. You prob don't know how good or bad you might be from day to day. What happens in winter when you need to wear your trousers? You will only be able to walk 10 feet! Also when you are walking the 10 feet, are you pain free? If not then you must make sure you tell them you are in pain or they will think you are walking pain free!

    I'm no expert but my Blue Badge has been such a big help, I hope you get one, it will make life much easier!

  • unfortunately disability assessments like that are with the use of appropriate aids, so if you can walk with the brace then you likely wouldn't qualify - unless you specifically needed the wider disabled parking spaces to allow you to get in and out of your vehicle (and couldn't easily do that in a regular sized space because of your brace).

    I don't think the trouser argument would work with them though - they'd just tell you to get baggier trousers or wear sweatpants or something.

  • on this occasion you have to be negative. 10 feet is the very maximum you can walk without pain, And that is probably on your good days. It's like saying One can walk up to 10 feet , then one has to use a mobility scooter or wheelchair. it is a tricky one but the question is about your body and not the brace. Good luck

  • It does seem to be how they interpret the rules. It should be no more than 20 metres without severe discomfort?

  • I have a blue badge but was awarded it a long time ago. I think how far you can walk is probably the most important. Balance. With all these things you apply for just describe your worst day. A GP letter might help. Good luck. I hope you are successful. I would be very limited without mine.

  • It has got a whole lot tougher to get a blue badge now, so they are interpreting answers very strictly. Get advice from CAB disability welfare officer if you think you might be borderline for getting one, as they can tell you exactly what they are looking for, and what would rule out you getting a blue badge in your area.

  • Thanks - I intend to (try to) walk in to the office unaided (no splint) - which will be extremely painful and probably will end up with my falling over several times - they will then see the real problem

    I will do as they say "Bring any aids with me"

    Since, if I wear my splint - I will not be sucessful

    The splint is not exactly easy to wear, it slips down my leg and also my right leg is bruised where it knocks against the splint - plus how am I supposed to wear shorts to work (I cannot fit long trousers over the splint (it is too bulky)

    The knee protection pieces stick out a good 3 inches on either side...

  • Hello Weebie.

    Not sure which office you are walking into but all your paper work gets submitted to a central issuing office. They make the decision on who is entitled ased on the info you have provided.

    Sadly many GPs are too busy these days tp write supporting letter.

    Some of these people assessing that info use ownership of a Guide Dog to stop us having a BB. (The badge goes with the person not the car.)

    Yes yoour brace is an aid but forget about it and think how you manage without it.

    They aren't always out to catch ypu - making an informed decision based on info you give. No brace!

    Pat x

  • I mean the assessment office !!

  • You are saying not to take the brace with me ?

    They do say to bring aids with me to the appointment

    What if they ask " do you have any aids "?

  • OK take it but don't wear it. Wear your normal work attire and tell them, if the ask, that you can only wear it from time to time. Explain how it has a detrimental affect on your day to day life.

    How it hurts you other leg.

    Pat x

  • Thanks - will do.

  • I was sucessful - the chap who saw me, understood what my problem was and accepted that a blue badge would help me - so thanks to all for your advice !

    ps I took but didn't have to wear my leg brace !!

  • Well done that man! And well done Weebie for doing it. Not east but hopefully will help you now

    Pat x

  • Right having gone through that

    I feel almost up to informing DWP that I feel entitled to claim DLA Mobility

    The reason that I have not done up until now is that I have been claiming DLA for 8 years and when I originally put in my claim, I had a home assessment from an ATOS "Health Professional" - Who spent, perhaps 5 minutes with me, before telling me "YES, Max Care AND Max Mobilty" - I was somewhat taken aback - but didn't look a gift horse in the mouth and when the paperwork arrived, I started to investigate "Motorbility Cars" - then 2 months later, I received a retraction - demanding all the money paid to me back and stopping my claim

    I contacted my MP - and within another month - I received another lump of paperwork from DWP - Telling me that I was entitled to Mid care - with a "lifetime award"

    Since then, my mobility has deteriorated considerably - so I am thinking of requesting a reassessment - but what bothers me is what this will do to my existing claim and will DWP make another cock-up ?

  • You will know by now DLA is stopping and we are all being invited to apply for PIP. DWP announced yesterday where they will be starting and they have brought the dates forward for those of us on indefinite awards, which includes you, from October to July. Those areas have been chosen and postcodes announced.

    At this stage and goodness knows how long to get round us all it might be worth holding back until you postcode is announced. Then you can apply for both care and mobility under the new scheme.

    It is a gamble - whether you would get it now, lose it all or get both awards.

    Your choice of course but my advice would be to wait.

    Keep what you have for as long as possible. The PIP mobility is a bugger to get.

    Pat x

    Hope this helps.

  • Agree that PIP mobility is a lot harder to get, and they really are strict on the distance rules - and for PIP they do take into account aids, so it would be a lot more difficult to get than the blue badge (where they have some discretion if they can see an obvious benefit in you having a blue badge). I'm in the position where I could probably get a higher level PIP on the care part, but lower level than my current DLA on the mobility, so I've decided not to rock the boat right now and just stick with my current level of DLA until they insist I have a PIP assessment. Its definitely worth checking the scoring system of PIP though, as it might just work in your favour.

  • I agree - I may as well wait

    Although, I think that if I go via DLA - I stand more chance of success ?

    It appears though that DWP's plans to get the whole country regarded to PIP is behind by a few more months (my area was due for conversion last week - I have heard nothing) - why don't they just admit that they have way too big a job on their hands and stop trying to give us dates that will NEVER happen for months/ years !!!

  • Tricky one. If you are not already getting DLA mobility they may regard you as a new claim. In that case you will be assessed for PIP. If on the other hand they class it as part of DLA care they may stick with that

    If you can get an honest answer from DWP then you'll be the first person ever!

    They have pulled out all the stops and say Atos, Capita and all involved have been flat out to clear backlog. Again none of us believe that.

    As i say tricky and they ain't making it any easier.

    Good Luck"

    Pat x.....

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