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My Gp has suggested that I apply for a blue badge for mobility. On Tuesday this week with the aid of my teenage son and a complete stranger, I got to right place to get my application form. The very nice lady in the office gave me the form to fill. I admit I was tired and stressed at the start of the form filling, made a couple of stupid errors, which the lady fixed. Then sat down to resume filling out the rest, she must have seen my taking ages to complete it. She called me over and helped complete it.I had my ID which was fine, only to find out I needed a photo of myself. She told me the nearest place that did passport photos, which was a mere 300 metres away, Took a good five to ten minutes to get to the shop, a long wait to get photo, then back to office to attach to application.

Today (Thursday) got a phone call to say I needed to be assessed for blue badge by occupational therapist. Appointment is for Wednesday next week at 4.30

I am going to be knacked, to top all this off my leg with cellulitis is really sore and swollen

hugs Liz

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  • It's a necessary evil unfortunately. There are so many people claiming for blue badges that, ahem, don't need them that they're being more vigilant about who gets one.

    Yet another form to explain who you are what you got working & what ain't!!

    It'll be a good opportunity for you to get the OT to have a look around your home to see if there's anything that could benefit you - look at it that way!!


  • Hi. I have Parkinsons and my own experience of applying for a Blue Badge could not have been more different. My GP suggested I apply for a badge. I had to get a passport photo and go to my One Stop Shop, which is in the main Library. I filled in the form, with help from the assistant. She told me I would hear in a couple of days. However, my phone was ringing when I got home to say I could call in for my badge next day.

  • Different councils, different policies I suppose plus some diagnoses are awarded immediately I guess.

    My experience was similarly good - form filled in and sent back in the post! I also got an OT come to visit (I suppose it was kinda undercover checking) who 'registered me disabled' and gave me a card that says so (no photo mind so it could be used by anyone) and she also put forward some recommendations for some minor alterations etc.

    Like I say, different council protocols = varied experiences!!

  • The experience of applying for a blue badge is variable, yours Liz62 sounds like a typical scenario since the rules were tightened, it is difficult , sounds like they were very helpful. Then each time you renew we have to fill in the forms again, it is only a parking concession for less able and we do pay for the badge itself so why does the government make the paperwork so complex.? I find form filling Physically difficult due to arthritic hands, and although entitled to this badge I do not use a car only on rare occasions makes me wonder whether it is worth it or not, but realise it is a life line for many who cannot walk far in a normal way. Good luck with the occupational health assessment.

  • Don't know if this tip is any good to anyone applying for a blue badge. I sent a copy of my consultants letter stateing that I needed a walking aid to get about my bungalow & it was not safe for me walk outside the home. I sent my application photo & fee off & received my badge three weeks later. I have a dropped foot due to sciatica which I had operated on three months ago I am over the moon with the results of the operation apart from still having a dropped foot.

  • Good luck - you deserve to have one.

  • I too had a very different experience. I completed all mine online and you could attach a photo from your mobile (once I discovered how to resize it). My council just spoke to a physio as I had was in the middle of treatment.

    I had to reapply this week as mine ran out and it could not have been easier. Filled the form in and the next day I got an email back to say it was successful - just had to phone up and pay the £20 and I will get it in the next week.

    Once you get it, which I am sure you will, it's much easier to reapply ( certainly my experience).

    It's probably a good job there was a wait for the photo booth as they may have used that as a test if you were walking, to get the badge I was told the criteria is that you cannot walk more than 20 yards without a rest or severe discomfort - not sure if this is 100% true but they have certainly become a bit more sneaky at catching people out, rightly so in many cases - the number of people with disability cars who I see regularly zipping in and out of Tesco is beyond belief (they cartainly don't look like they are "virtually unable to walk" - many of them are way fitter than me and I could not even get lower rate mobility when I applied! Sorry gone off subject there. Hope you get the badge. Keep us posted.

  • That shocks me that yourself with a disability has done a sight judgement about another persons condition, this is how the anti disabled mob get there ammunition.

    You need to look much deeper into a situation before making a individual assessment.

    Also that badge covers a carer/family member to collect shopping on behalf of the blue badge holder, so maybe that is why they run out the shop going to the aid of the disabled person back home alone and vonrable


  • stix

    The blue badge is for use by the disabled person only NOT for an able bodied person getting their shopping for them!!

    Why would the able bodied person need to use a disabled parking bay?

    The photo on the blue badge is self explanatory!!

    Your post was unnecessarily nasty to another poster who in no way was 'judging' another person's disability - the judgement should be about these able bodied people using a blue badge illegally!!!

  • sorry but your wrong

  • Tell me how?

    Like I've said and the law does too - a blue badge is to be used by the person whose photograph is on the reverse - namely, the disabled person!!! It even says it on the blue badge itself.

    Disabled parking bays on private land, ie, a supermarket car park are not enforceable by law but morally should only be used by a disabled person.

    A disabled parking bay on a public highway with the sign saying 'blue badge holders only' are enforceable by law and anyone using it who doesn't have a blue badge will receive that famous black & yellow parking ticket - a fine! (The fact that non disabled people use these bays using their husbands', wives', neighbours' or dead granny's badge is being better monitored by the councils across the country as it's a well known fact that the bays & badges are being abused)

    It's morally vile to use a disabled badge & bay just to pick up some groceries for a disabled person if that shopper is able bodied!!


  • No i apologise the wording in my latest rule book has changed from previous and your right that only the badge holder can use it.

  • Hi stir what is your evidence that rayjayc is wrong?

  • Sorry about typo it should read stix, predictive typing for you

  • Hi rayjayc

    You're totally correct about careers not being able to use the badge on behalf of a disabled person, I don't know if people are also aware that if the disabled person is in the car as they have to be, they cannot stay in the car while a career goes to the shop for them, they have to actually leave the car and move away.

    Hope this helps some of you, you really need to read the booklet that comes with your badge, especially the lines on the pavement which disabled cannot park by.

    Regards Sheryl

  • As to the second half of your post, not nasty at all, each persons case should be judged on fact not pre assumption, NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISIBLE. People can have heart problems but appear to be normal etc

  • Please see my reply below. I did not explain myself and I am very aware of hidden illnesses and full heartedly support those rightfully entitled

  • Sorry I should have made it clearer, I come from a small town and know these people. I have seen their kids going around in the Disability car and watched the claimants walking freely up the road (and it's a steep hill up town) with bags of groceries. I have often witnessed them at the local pubs etc - busting moves on the dance floor. I even had 3 people who know I suffer telling me that I need to basically tell lies to get DLA - which I just couldn't do. Unfortunately there are a large number of people like the aforementioned who have played the system- making it much more difficult for genuine people who need the support and that is shameful.

  • Also not looking for an argument but the blue badge cannot be used by others - the guidance states "it cannot be used by someone else doing something on your behalf such as shopping"

  • I don't think the blue badge is for another person to use to go shopping for the badge holder. That person is quite capable of parking normally and walking to the shops. I'd be very surprised if you are allowed to use it if you don't have a disability. I believe there is quite an abuse of the badges going on. I know of two personally.


  • Do you now???

  • Being a blue badge holder myself, I can appreciate what you are going through.

    The O/T should be able to assess you and help your application process. Good luck. As regards the cellulitis, try and rest as much as possible and rest the affected limbs by raising them on a stool or lying on the bed. Take care, Lillian x

  • Thank you. Was a doctor this morning, being sent to A&E for scan, querying DVT

    Hugs Liz

  • Take care Liz and make sure you rest, hope it settles down soon,

    Big hugs and love Sheryl

  • It seems it varies from council to council,

    Good luck with your application, when they come to assess you, please do not be a hero and hide your pain.

    Let them see how the pain is affecting your life.

    Be matter of fact and if possible get your son to be around to help you, take your time to answer any questions,

    Make sure they get that you are in constant pain.

    Be ready to appeal if necessary, good luck with the assessment.

  • Hi, My experience was different also, I completed the form online they then sent another form out to me to attach a photo.

    I was then issued with an appointment to go to the nearest assessment centre and a lady then walked with me around the centre to see how bad my walking was. We then went back to the office and I had hospital letters with me to prove my osteoarthritis, she took copies and then we had a chat as to how my medical conditions affect me.

    Then 2 weeks later I was then sent my badge. It's bad enough going through these assessments for benefits and now we have to do this for the blue badges too. All because of some people swinging the lead.

    Good luck hope you manage to get yours.


  • Thank you. I too will be going to their offices

    Hugs Liz

  • The blue badge is for the disabled person to use, and for any one else. I am feeling pretty sad at the moment and I will not abuse this badge if I am granted one. It will mean the difference from being house bound to being able to get around. I need to be able to park close to facilities as I have poor balance making walking difficult. I can walk perhaps 10 to 15 metres with support of another person. A cane/walking stick is not going to help me as even with support of family to hold onto, they generally have to pull/correct the path direction we are following

  • When they ask you questions for your application don't tell them you can manage this or that, think of how you are when you are having a really bad day and describe that scenario to them. Hope the MRI goes ok. Good luck and take good care of yourself and your family. Have a nice weekend. Lillian x

  • Hi Liz good luck w I th blue badge and everything . Are you going to apply for PIP ? Sounds like you might well be entitled to mobility component at the very least ,and if you get PIP it does entitle you to half price car tax ,assuming you have lower rate or higher and not getting a notability car :) anyway best wishes to you :)

  • Even better - if you get awarded enhanced mobility rate of PIP and don't go on the Motability scheme then your car tax is free! (Assuming you can afford to buy & run your own car!!)


  • I have had my badge for 21 years.

    I do not drive and am pretty much housebound but it has been a lifesaver fir trips to the Hospital/Dr and Optician.

    I was told to apply by the Dr, I had never even considered it, I filled in a form and sent my photo etc. I have never been for an assessment in these years but have to re-apply as everyone does these photo, pay my cheque etc.

    I too know of many who abuse the system and they do us all a disservice, just like those who " play " the disability benefit system. It causes us all harm and many truly ill and disabled suffer for it. I even know of one who has killed herself because of the new DWP rulings. It is all so terribly sad and frightening.

    But some disabilities are not visible and some, including bowel disorders, can give a blue badge owner cause to dash into somewhere to use a toilet, for example ! Angina is also something not always visible nor is it something that shows to be the same level of disability every day.

    People can be too quick to judge.

    But one thing is that no-one has ever been able to use your badge on your behalf !

    I wish you all luck.

  • It annoys me when people assume that others are abusing the system and they don't know the full facts. I have 2 boys who are autistic, my youngest is 5 and he is severly autistic and has a one to one in school as he is severely delayed. He has no sense of danger and gets very disoriantated and falls or suddenly runs because he is really sensory. If there are too many noises or people he becomes worse. He can run into roads. People look at him and think oh he's fine he can walk. I've been told I could get the blue badge for him but I don't in fear of being judged by others who are meant to understand disabilities.

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