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lumbar spine surgery

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Hi post op 16 days for L3/4 Decompression and L/4 & L5/SI Foraminectomy.

For severe spinal central canal stenois it. Was a Six hour surgery leg for right leg sciatica pain and it appears gone but now need to rebuild leg strength and body strength both legs numb and tingling and bottom.of feet my dr says allow 6 weeks for sensations to go away i am.using walker now about 20 minutes per day and walk.with on my own about 8 minutes per day so about 30minutes total.per day

I will double this amount on Day 18

I wear my brace except at night when I sleep

I am 65 non /smoker/drinker

I have to wear brace 3 months

No heavy work for 6 month

I am.told to expect full recovery Between 6 months to a year

Anyone else out there had my similar surgery ? No fusion

Please let me know

My name is Tom

My post title lumbar spine surgery

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Good luck to you. Not had that surgery but had 3 discectomies of L5/S1 level due to severe herniations and slow onset cauda equine. Am now having a problem with L3 bulge. It takes a while to get over the surgery but it sounds as if you are doing great so far and it seems you have encouraging signs. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and start physio when allowed.

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Tommyj1954 in reply to Emma2017

Thanks i am.told to allow one. Ear

One year

How did you reherniate

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Emma2017 in reply to Tommyj1954

I am not sure, I followed the advice and things were going great and then one day bang. I can only think I overdid it as I got pretty confident. The third time I was recuperating from the second one when I got excruciating pain and was rushed in for an emergency MRI which showed it had gone again. The surgeon decided on another discectomy instead of a fusion. This was a year ago now. Just recently things got not so good and another MRI showed the L3 problem. I think I just get over confident so that’s why I say take it very easy and follow the advice. I am not the norm and as you had different issues this is not likely to happen to you 😃

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Tommyj1954 in reply to Emma2017

After surgery i have numbness in leg and very weak leg strength making impossible to.walk far or without walker but no leg pain my surgeon says allow 6 weeks for this numbness to dissipate bcuz before surgery i could walk.short distance but in extreme pain right leg hip pain due to severe spinal.stenosis dr said my surgery was 6 hours but no.fusion and it take times for nerves to settle i suffered 10 weeks before surgery so i am.trusting god and him

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Emma2017 in reply to Tommyj1954

I was rather unusual after my first surgery so no point going into that. After my third one I slowly recovered in the right way. Just follow your surgeons advice. As you had severe stenosis it will take some time for your spine to enjoy the new free movement of the nerves there.

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Tommyj1954 in reply to Emma2017 i.had ignored symptoms at least 10.years i could not shop.without leaning over shopping cart or only walking 20yards stop.sit down for few moments then continue my walk then one morning about 4.months pow sciatica down right leg

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Emma2017 in reply to Tommyj1954

Good luck with the recovery and just come on here any time as it’s a place with lots of people having the same or similar problems.

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Tommyj1954 in reply to Emma2017

Thank u all

in reply to Tommyj1954

Hi Tommy ,you should never ignore your symptoms as it won't go away and could make things worse , like Emma said you need to rest and take it easy .

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Yes i just thought it was sign of getting older i had never heard of spinal stenosis/sciatica until i was faced with it i said to myself before ok no high blood sugar or cholestrol etc i must be ok. But thank god there is a cure thru this journey and a great support team like u guys day op

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Tommyj1954 in reply to Emma2017

How are you now?

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Emma2017 in reply to Tommyj1954

Things did not go as planned. Anyway new MRI. Bad bulge a bit higher up and severe stenosis and trouble with the same disc again. So now scheduled for a fusion of the troublesome disc and a laminectomy of the one higher up. So hopefully that will be the last of it. How are you now?

Only week 10post opp my dr says give 10-15 months for leg numbness to resolve

I will start pt in 2weeks i am.about 25% now re body/mind strength

So if improve god willing then 5% per month then i can be recovered in about a year

Let me know how you are

But pain leg pain since opp thank.god

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Emma2017 in reply to Tommyj1954

Ok. I am scheduled for op as explained above in January.

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Tommyj1954 in reply to Emma2017

Ok good luck

I had a fusion at L5S1 and wore the brace for 3 months and had tremendous pain relief. I was told 1-2 years total healing. I am sure you will feel a difference at three months . Do your physical therapy, it will strengthen the weak muscles . Don't lift even when you feel you can.

It's not the same surgery you had but the therapy is similar and restrictions. I hope you have great results and quick recovery.

Thank you lets stay in touch How long ago was it ?

Did you hire a PT or use You tube or combo etc ?

No, my surgeon gave me a PT prescription and I went to a nearby facility.

Four years ago in August.

Great news do you feel.that you have fully recovered+++as in even better then before?

I find one of strangest syptoms is my brain saying yes u can walk over here or there like always as in just think and react and then when i try spontaneous movement even with no leg pain my body is like no stop get dizzy go sit down

But is only day 18post opp so i pray all will become natural and not this semi paralyzed state of over thinking movement looking forward to the next day and if takes 2.years ok but i believe month 3 should make me even stronger. Thks maam

Yes, just give it time. I dealt with the nerve pain for awhile, but it did clear up. I am fully healed now and the pain is so much better, my back feels stronger. I still get pain on the left lower side if I overdue, such as standing long periods, or working in my flowerbeds, but its manageable. I also have had two knee replacements this year and the bad knees put alot of strain on my back, so I am hoping after they have completely healed, my back will even be better than it is. I have some nerve pain on my left calf into the ankle from my knee surgery. I don't suffer from sciatica since my back surgery. Although I do have left hip pain from the psoriatic arthritis. Anyways I hope you start feeling better soon. Hang in there.

Thank you i update u

One more questions did you.take.meds after surgery and which ones if any

Hi so abt the 3 month u begin to feel more like your old strong self? My mind is currently ahead of my body i just need nerves to be decompress more walked more today i am taking gab..2times per day i stopped pertacol may stop.the gab makes me feel.spaced out but i may take one night i think 800mg

Thank you

My dr says allow about 10-15 months. for nerve numbness to resolve in legs /foot toe/i can start rehab in 2 weeks i have to wear belt 12 weeks i am only week 10now i will.keep you posted week 16 thank you i am.taking no.meds but walking good now slowly building leg/body/mind strength - i know patience is key -thanks again for your support

Thanks for the update, glad things are looking up! Keep getting stronger and you will be better in no time, doing all the things you enjoy doing😊

Thanks again good to have your chat support i believe. About this time next year fully recovered

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