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Sciatica not a fashion statement !!


TRICK *******

If anyone battles sciatica pain as I do on both sides .... there’s a trick :

I have a back brace and then I put a tennis ball on each side of my back where the pressure or trigger point is and Wow!!!!!

it gives some relief big-time for a little while ... and it’s not a fashion statement by far , but if you’re like me and in such pain who gives a crap !!!!!

I’m telling you how it works !!

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Cool ..I'm all about relieving my pain..even if it helps a tiny bit..I'm gonna try it.


I'm in really bad pain where do you get a back brace from please....I will try anything thanks

Walgreens, cvs .. really any drug store..

it’s worth it

That's a great idea to try

I get multiple trigger points that are difficult to reach or use a tennis ball on without keep dropping it.

If I get a pink body brace and with all the yellow tennis balls on my trigger points I'll look like mr blobby 😊


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🤣😂❤️there ya go

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