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I need a blue badge

I need a blue badge!

I receive lower model payment for both DLA, and have done for several years. I was sent a letter about7yrs ago saying these payments would be paid forever, my condition has got worse and my mobility is worse but to get a blue badge ( which my gp would support) I would have to be reassessed to get pip but in worried that this would be turned down and I would be in an even worse position, can anyone help?

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hello suem

right a number of points in here.

i assume you mean lower rayes for both care and mobility. you also say you get it for life.

if you check back over your most recent dwp letter - probably last year wih your increase on it will say indefinitely. there are no longer lifetime awards.

dla is being phased out completely. the date is a little confused still. dwp say 2017, 2018 but then be ready to apply any time.

there will be only 2 rates for bh care and mobility - standard and enhance.. to be eligible for a bb you will need enhanced rate mobility. this will also allow you yo apply for a motability car.

the lower rate dla care which you are on now will no longer exists. you may move up to the tandard rate or you may get nowt.

dwp are calling forward selected areas to apply for pip. inless you live in one of these areas you can not apply yet.

if your condition has deteriorated to ay great significance i believe you may be able to apply for change in circumsyances. but be warned - the backlog for applicants is months and months with no end in sight.

it will not be automatic migration to pip - you will be invited to apply.

if wjem you do apply for pip and you do get the enhamced mobility rate tour gp can support your cliam but for noww there is nothing you can do.

sorry this sounds tough and it is. blame the tory savage wefare cuts.

might be easier to get yourself a rolator, not expensive and the do have seat to sit on.

pat x

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Thanks Pat,

I don't drive I only want to get a blue badge but the form asks about what pip payment you get not DLA? So do I answer it as though my DLA is pip?

I am so confused by all this it's driving me round the bend!!!


i dont drive either but had this one couple of years now.

join the rest of us confused.

is there a phone number for advice or help with the form.

that might be slightly less onfusing. might.

i have just had a google to find out latest info. ummm......

let me know if you can find a number. where do you live ny y way

pat x


It MIGHT be worth applying for blue badge with council. MY council will only give if you get high rate mobility. But some councils are more reasonable and the rules don't say you HAVE to get high rate mobility! The worse they can say is 'no'.


you have no choice reassessment or no blue badge

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Sorry Kevscar, but you can get a blue badge even without DLA higher rate mobility component (enhanced PiP) to do this you need a letter either from your consultant or Dr explaining your circumstances! So give it a try with your local council Suem1960 but go in person and get the advisor to fill the form in they know which parts you can skip etc etc and when you are there in front of them they can see for themselves how you are! most that they can say is no !


may be different in other counties but you are definitely wrong about Milton Keynes and Hampshire


hi Pat,

I'm in Elstree I think I've put off applying for a long time as I hate having a label,

But I've just been told I'll have to have a knee replacement. I now accept it would help me

Have a more normal existence if I was able to park closer to where I need to go.

I'm going to research it properly and decide next week. (🙏 and relax 🙏 )

Thanks guys



I do not have PIP or DLA but I am on support ESA and I put my case to my council for a blue badge and got one. The way it is written looks like you have to have high rate were in fact if you are struggling to walk 20 metres then you could be entitled to a BB. You may have to go to an assessment centre?

Good Luck


there are certain exemptions - registered blind, which is why i get one pkus war pension, and others.

so maybe get you gp to say you cant walk 20 metres, pply to your local authority.

there us a good page from the cab which i cant link.

if you google exemptions to bb or something that should come up.

but bitty bit hope that helps

pat x


The Motto is if in doubt claim, you have nothing to loose, you don't have to be on high rate mobility to get a blue badge but you may have to undergo an examination by your local council. Think your idea of thinking about it in a relaxed way is a good idea and if your GP will give you a backing letter then you are in with a good chance of getting one. Some things like high rate mobility and sight impairment just mean you get one easier and don't need doctors letters. Good luck, hope you do decide to go for it.


need a consultant istead of gp katie. and has to be recent too. 6 month or less.

pst x


thanks for up date info Pat x




I went for a medical assessment with my local council. A few weeks later I was awarded a Blue Badge. This was before my PIP award came through. That took about 8 months and although I was awarded the lower daily care element, I was only given 4 points for mobility which meant nothing at all. Whilst I did not agree with it, I did not appeal as I did not want to lose any of the award. However, 12 months later and my health has detiorated. I have just applied for a review of my PIP award in the hope that I will get some more support. I do agree with the "don't ask, don't get" approach. I hope that this helps.


There is a website which I swear by to help get through the minefields the government have put in place for our disability applications. I have been a member for 3 years and without their help I would not have known how to deal with the application forms, most of which is irrelevant to my conditions, and appeals process. Unfortunately it does cost money to be a full member but you can access so much.

Good luck.

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nodmeister - benefits and works site certainly is the best ever. worth joining if you have a fee pennies but as you say plenty of other good info. i knew the site when it was a mere baby, started by husband and wife, bit it has grown and frown. start

does it cover blue badhes = if not the cab on them gives all the info.

pat x


I applied for a blue badge and I'm on esa benefit, but I had to go for an assessment and prove that I was unable to walk a certain distance. I was then awarded a blue badge.

So I would apply and see how far you get.



hello georgie = being on esa acrially has nothing to do with getting blue badges.

it only applies when you are on dla/pip. if you arent then they will assess your ability to walk.

pat x


I am not on dla/pip and I have a Blue Badge.

I have had one for getting on for 20 years now, since I became disabled. I do not drive, but I cannot walk and my mobility is getting much worse.

I had to reapply in December, having filled my Atos forms in last June and am still waiting for the result, and it was reissued in January.

I was on Severe Disablement Allowance, still am until I suppose I lose it ! , so I have no idea why anyone has been told it has to be DLA or PIP to ensure the Badge.

All very confusing !!


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