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Back brace/ support

Hi all

I need to buy a back brace , I am using a real old one I have had for years and it is falling apart

It just fits around my waist and half way up my back , it has bones in the back ,it is Velcro and wraps around me and supports my back ,

I have tried to find one the same , but to no avail

Does any one out there wear a brace !' Where did you get it from ,

I want good support . But I want to breath as well , ha ha

I am uk , I have tried e bay , Amazon, boots ,

Thank you



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My husband got his from Lloyd's chemist.


Whalebone!!! Oh gosh I remember finding Mum's whalebone corset in the 50s - hadn't a clue what is was at the time!! Memories.

Try the OT. She will have an equipment catalogue and you may find one in there. OTs have everything in their cupboards! And it should be VAT free too

Pat x


Why don't you try seeing a physio and getting them to fit you for one on the NHS? A lot of places you can now self refer to physio.


I got mine from the chiropractor but its got no brand name on it. Boots have them


i got one from the fracture clinic when i fractured my spine .sorry dont now what your health problem is .


Hi Painwhyme,

My brother got his online from backpainhelp last year when he did his back in.

He swears by it and wears it whenever he has to do any gardening or heavy lifting.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.

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Mine was made free at the hospital,. Doctors referral and I got two so I can wash one etc. I also have shoes.


Go on Ebay they have got loads to choose from that is where i got mine from at a good price as well.


Got mine from a bike shop, Kevlar support, light too.


Hi, I use a back brace from time to time. I have a light weight one,and it supports well. I'm in the U.S., and I bought it from my local drugstore in the pharmacy area. I hope you are able to locate a nice one. Good luck to you and blessings.


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