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Pains in the head? Someone help! :(

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I've been getting very sharp pains in my head lately, and there starting too get worse, I keep getting sharp pains in my head (Mostly when I stand up) that only last for around 5-10 seconds but are very painful and come back around 20-30 minutes, Also the back of my neck aches alot and my left ear has shooting pains through it? I was wondering if anyone would know what it is? Thank you :)

P.s - I'm new on this website so don't know much about it so sorry if I've made any mistakes in my post :(

Thanks again :)

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Have you seen your GP yet ? That would be your first step. Hope it goes well. Keep us posted

Thank you! :)

And No I'll be going too see my GP soon x

See your Gp. The nsee an Alexander Teacher. Your posture may be the cause of the problem.

Hope this helps

Thank you! :)

You don't state where the head pains are located - is it at the front, back, side and if so, on the same side as the earache? Do you experience any dizziness with it? Is the pain so bad that you have to sit down again or causes momentary sight, hearing or scent problems? Have you had any colds or virus infections recently? It may be useful to enable the doctors to disregard any usual ENT issues.

It might be useful for you to make a note of all these things before heading off to the doctors as it's incredibly important. You might also be asked what medications you're currently taking and what you do to relieve the pain when it comes on.

I would recommend a visit to your GP at your earliest convenience.

Wishing you all the best going forward. Do let us know how you get on.

Thank you! It is on the left side of my head and sometimes I do feel dizzy. I am not taking any medication at the problem and have had a cold around 2 weeks ago? Sometimes my sight does go blurred when I have the headaches and I do have too close my eyes and sit down too try and get rid off the pain, thank you very much! I will keep you informed on what's happening! If you would all like to know lol! :) x

Sounds like trapped nerve or a cervical disc problem. See your GP and describe your symptoms as on here.Another problem could be related to yout ear- an infection perhaps.good luck

Thank you very much :) your all so helpful! :D

Do you have shoulder pain? Get bloods tested for inflammatory condition polymyalgia rheumatica, which produces the symptoms you mention

No I don't have any shoulder pain???

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